Rookie introduced to bondage

Well, a few days ago this happened.

Johanna came over to my house with her friend stephanie and al of a sudden they both asked me to tie them:
-You weren´t supposed to tell anyone!
-Well now iv´e told steph so will you tie us up?
-Ok,fine. How do you want to get tied.
Stephanie said that she wanted to start out soft and johanna wanted a really tight hogtie. So I got the ropes and then started to tie up Johanna. I tied her up really tight and then used a harnes ballgag. this harnes gag had a ring that conected the straps and there i made a knot so now Johanna was really tightly tied up. She now had the usual hogtie tie, and a bra tie and a crotch tie. Now it was Stephanies turn. She wanted to be tied up in my couch(Johanna was tied up on my bed). So I desided to just tie her arms behind her back and tie her legs together. As I started to bind her she asked:
-Does it really have to be so tight?
-Yes, othervise you could escape right.
-I thought that was part of the point.
Not really, now how do you want to be gagged, I used a harnes ballgag on johanna.
-Why did you gag her!
-Because she wanted to.
-I think I want a tape gag.
-Ok, do you want a cloth in your mouth?
-No thanks.
So I got the ducttape and tore of a big piece and placed it tightly over her mouth. I then said:
-The point now I basicly to try to get out.
-I guess that means ok, If anything doesn´t fell right then make some noise and I wil come and untie you ok.
So now I went into Johanna and watched her struggle against the tight hogtie. She locked so sexy and she knew it. Afer half an hour i untied them both and they left.
I wonder if that will happen again.
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