A sexy card game with my girlfriend

Note: None of the names of the pesrons in this story are real and if you happen to have the same name as one of the characters in my story then Im sorry.

Me and my girlfriend Johanna had come up with a fun game that went like this. All of the players roll a dice and the one with the lowest number gets to pick up a card. That player shall then be tied acording to the specifications on the card.
Right now I rolled a 5 and my girlfriend rolled a 2 so when she picked up her card it said:
Cleave gag
Only underwear
Tight hogtie
Crotch tie
Vibrator in on hole

-Do I have to wear the crotch rope Mike?
-Well you got this card and it says so.
I said that we could tie her up in the bedroom this time. She lied down on the bed and put her hands on her back. I went to my wardrobe and took out some ropes and then took some scarfs from her handbag.
-Ready Johanna?
-Ofcourse Mike!
I first reminded her to take of her underwear. It always exited me when I saw her take of her chlothes and reveal her breasts to me. Her breasts might not be big but they are Very well shaped.
I then made the Crotch tie, and as always she said:
-Does it have to be so tight?
-Yes darling, you wouldn´t want the vibrator to sneak out of you?

She had picked a medium sized vibrator and to have it in her pussy. I pushed it in there gently as she moaned. The crotch tie to keep it here.
Now I ordered her to lie down on her back as before and then I started to tie her hands with rope. I then looped some rope over and beneath her tits and tied the ropes together on her back to keep her arms tight.
-Ow, thats a little bit to tight Mike.
-Well I guess its about time to shut you up.
I took one of the scarfs and puushed it im her mouth and then put a second one with a knot on it over it and knotted it up tightly.
-God youre pretty whenyoure gagged.

I then continued to tie her legs together and and her hands with her feet.
When I was finished she could barely move in pleasure as I turned on the vibrator.
I started masturbathe witha condom on my dick after five minutes.
It was so hot watching her struggle against her bonds as she moaned in pleasure. After about half an hour I was satisfied and untied her and removed the vibrator.

A few minutes later the dices where roling again. And this time I lost.
50% (1/1)
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unteresting story line