Gang banged in bondage by shemale co-workers

I had just got home when my cellphone started to ring. When I anwered I heard my boss on the other end of the line. And she told me to come to her house for some "Fun" in a very ¨seducing voice.
After I took the buss there and walked up her driveway I kept wondering if my great looking boss and her sexy secretary was gonna tie me up again. The first time had been a real suprise but I had still enjoyed it in the end.
When I knocked at the door her secretary opened it and beckoned me in.
When I came into the living I came to the conclussion that I would be tied up again. There was bondage equipment all over the place! Gags, dildos, ropes, leather restraints, harnesses, soft whips, condoms and lots of other stuff.
My boss was standing there and put stuff on the couch which I expected would be used. There were:
A one sleve
A ball gag
A penis gag
A leather corset
A pack of condoms
And a strange thing that looked like a leather handcuff with straps attached to it. I was taken from my inner thoughts as my boss said to me:
Tonight you are my slave. And your name when we are doing these games is Slave G and my secretarys name is Slave S. And I am Ms boss.
She said all that as if it was the eleventh commandment of god. And I and Slave S obeyed when she told us to take our clothes of. When we where standing there naked she told me to put my hands behind my back and when Slave S had tied my arms I was to lay down on the couch on my back. I obeyed.
As I lay down on my back I felt a strange sensation as I tested the ropes that tied my hands, But Slave S sure knew what she was doing because the ropes where tight and firm.
Ms boss picked something up and held it above me. I recognized it as the ball gag I had been wearing the first time. Ms boss said:
-Open your mouth now Slave G or Slave S is going to jam her hard cock fast into your ass.
As I opened my mouth Ms boss shoved the ball gag in betwen my teeth and buckled the straps tightly so that it was impossible for me to get it out. Ms boss then ordered Slave S to fuck my ass nicely. Slave S then eased her cock slowly into my ass until it was all inside and fucked me quite gently.
I felt my self get an erection. Slave S suddenly puled it out and put a condom on her dick and then continued to fuck me, but harder this time.
-His ass feels wery tense Ms boss.
-I think I can help him with that.
As I looked down on my cock Ms boss took ít in her hands and started to gently stroke it and lick the tip of it. Just when I was about to come she ordered that Slave S took her dick out of my ass. When I had eased down a Bit Ms boss said:
-Now slave S, fuck him hard while I suck him off.
Salve S shooved her dick into my ass fast and hard and I cried out into the ballgag as she started to fuck me really hard:
At the same time Ms boss tock my cock inside her pretty mouth and started to suck it hard. It was amasing being fucked and given a blowjob at the same time. I think I came two or three times before Ms boss was satisfied. She and slave S then helped me out of the restraints.
-Now slaves, slave S will be tied up and slave G to.
-Yes Ms boss.
-Yes MS boss.
As Ms boss got into that hot leather corset that showed her tits and her big dick she told me to get that weird gag and put my balls into the "handcuff".I obeyed and as she asked me to strap on the straps behind Slave S head I relised what the gag whas for. The straps held the gag onto slave S head and with my balls in the by me called "handcuff" my balls where in her mouth and slave S had nu choice but to please my balls until someone set her free. Slave S was on her knees with my balls st****d into her mouth, her arms in the tight one-sleeve.
-Open your mouth slave G.
As I did so Ms boss jammed a different ball gag that i hadn´t noticed before into my mouth. It was a regular ball gag but with straps to secure it under my jaw and behind my gag. The gag became tighter and tighter as the straps began to tighten as Ms boss buckled them into place. When that was complete I couldn´t move my jaw at all and the gag was securely in place.
-Now then, lets have some fun shall we?
Now Ms boss eased her bog hard dick into Slave S ass. I suddenly realised that my hands were handcuffed behind my back.
Slave S started to suck and lick my balls with great skill. We kept doing this for some time until Ms boss ordered us to stop. Shen then put on some sort of underwear with a medium sized dildo on me and herself and a condom on slave S dick.
-Let us have some hard fun, now shall we?
She then rammed her cock into slave S ass and began to suck my dick off. I now realised that those dildos in the latex underwear could vibrate.
It was so intense and orgasmic. A vibrating dilod in my ass, a hot shemale sucking me off while fucking another shemale hard in the as who was pleasuring my balls.
-Does it feel good slaves?
We all moaned in union.
As Ms boss became pleased she let us come one last time before releasing us from our restraints and giving us a short deep kiss each.
As i put on my shirt she gave me a large traveling case/bag. She told me that I could open it and take a look at it. It was aparently a gift.
Inside the case whas tons of bondage stuff, including some magazines that had artikels on how to tie people right and bondage positions.

This could come in handy if I wanted to fuck her secretary or be ready for her to come home to me.
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3 years ago
Nice writing
3 years ago
i wanna gangbanged me too
3 years ago
Except for the fact that you were tied up i love to do the same thanks
3 years ago
I hope you like it:)
I will write some more when I can!