Gang banged in bondage by shemale co-workers

I had just gotten back home after work when my phone called.
-That´s strange.
When I answered the phone I heard that it was my boss that called.
- Can you come over here please?
She said in a rather seducing tone.
I guessed that I didn´t have much of a choice so I said yes and drove to her house.
Just like the last time her secretary opened and asked me to come in.
-Ms Boss is waiting for you in the living room.
She also said that this might take some time.
Whe I entered the living room I realised that I was gonna get tied upp again. There was bondage stuff al around the room! Dildos, gags, cuffs, ropes, leather stuff and other things.
Then I saw my boss. This time she was dressed in a latex corset that exposed her breasts and of course her big dick. She said in a commanding tone:
-Take of your clothes and put your arms behind your back.
-Yes Ms.
After I had done that her secretary came up behind me and started to tie up my hands. When she had tied my hands tightly she made me spread my legs apart and go down on my knees. She then took a belt and brought my arms into a hogtie above my elbows. I said:
-Couldn´t you tie a bit less hard?
-But then you might get away: she answered.
I heard someone move to my left and knew that now I would be gagged. My boss turned my over so that I lay on my back and shoved me a familiar gag. It was the same ballgag that she had gagged me with the first time. As she started to press the large red ball into my small mouth she said:
-Slave, put yur cook in his ass and start to fuck him.
-Yes Ms Boss.
I could fel the secretarys cook enter my ass and started to open my mouth and the ballgag slipped in and my boss strapped it in there really tight.
-Now you look really sexy: My boss said with a tone of hornines in it.
I became aware of the fact hat I had a woman with a dick fucking my ass and I cried out into the ballgag.
After a litte moment my boss started to suck my cock. She was so good! first she teased me and liked it but then she started to suck it nice and slowly. She stopped just when I was about to cumm and repeated that meanwhile her secretary suddenly started to fuck me a lot faster and it astarted to hurt a bit.
-Im cumming soon Ms Boss! Can I cum inside his ass?
I came just after the secretary had shoot warm cum deep into my ass. I heard from my boss that the cum tasted good.
- Now slaves I think I will join you two.
As soon as the ballgag was removed my boss jammed her cock into my throat and made me choke on it.
- Yeah, thats it slaves.
The way she said really turned me on and I was instantly hard again. I vaguely felt it when the secretery put on a condom on her cock and one on mine.
Then they gang banged me. This was my second time giving a blowjob but i guess i was doing a good job as my boss soon started to moan and say:
-Yes slave, just like that. Mnnhhhhh!
First I came and filled the condom with cum. Then the secretary came and her cock felt as if it grew as the condom expanded, filled with her cum.
Last came my boss. And she shoved her dick deep into my throat and I could feel her shooting out fresh cum into the back of my throat.
- Now slaves, you will switch psoitions. Slave S, come her and bring me some leather restraints. And you, slave G, get that gag at the lamp and give it to slave S.
I realised that I was slave G since I had just been tied. I felt very relived as the restraints where taken of. I then did as I was ordered to by my Boss. The gag looked strange. It was al made of leather and had a sort of leather restraint in the front instead of a gag. I was drawn from my thoughts as my Boss said:
Come here slave G and I will show you what to do. I obeyed.
She then did something strange. She took my balls and put them into the restraint so that the restraint pushed by balls out. She then st****d it onto her secretary so that my balls where stuck in the secretarys mouth.
I now realised what it was used for. With it, the secretary had no choice but suck suck and lick my balls until released. I glanced at how she was tied and dressed. She was wearing nothing exept the ropes, a leather blindfold and the gag.
-Slave G. Stand still with your hands behind your back.
-Yes Ms Boss.
My boss put my hand in handcuffs and blindfolded me with a scarf from somewere. she then ordered me to open my mouth wide. As soon as I had done that she jammed a ballgag in betwen my teeth and buckled it tightly but something was also covering my lips. She said while teasing my cock with her tounge:
-Slave G, on the outside of that gag is a fake penis. When I fuck her you will bend forward and let me suck. Got it?
-MM,mm: Was all i could manage.
-Now then slave S, relax your ass and start pleasing his balls.
At he same time the secretary started to suck and lick my balls. I noticed that she was experiensed because I was soon on the breaking point of cumming. I felt as my boss took away the gag and guided my cock into her mouth.
-Slave G, fuck the back of her throat at your hearts delight and bend forward after I remove your blingfold. When she removed my blindfold I showwed my dick deep into the secretarys mouth and bended forward.
It was a strange but good experiance. My boss was playing with a dildo in her ass while fucking slave S and sucking on the penis gag. She didn´t seem to notics that I was there as she sucked it. The secretary suddenly started to suck even harder and I jammed my cock deep into her throat as I came.
Then after i stepped back my Boss and slave S cried out at the same time as they both came. When slave S was set free of her restraints my boss said:
-Now that was fun! Slave G, brign whatever gear you want home with you in this case so we can come to your place. Feel free to fuck slave S every day exept on thursdays, saturdays and mondays.
I got dressed and started putting things into the case. Dildos, gags, some rope, a blindfold and a leather harnes with a vibrating anal dildo where the ass should be. As i closed the large case I saw what was writen in the inside: "BDSM equipment". And on the outside it said: "Important stuff".
As I got home I realised that I had been there for almost 3 hours! Time really goes by when you are having fun. I fell asl**p with a jaw that hurt a little and my ass felt really used. But I was exhausted and soon fell asl**p dreaming back to this time and the experience.

I will write more as soon as I can if you want me to.
95% (9/1)
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2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
Wow fantastic story to bad we can't all have bosses like that
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
Must have been great to have all the attention my ass would have been sore too . thanks
3 years ago
I have made another story with the same name but with a few changes.
Pleas tell me whitch of them is your favorite