Fucking my boss´s shemale secretary

I had found her house when I followed her home. When I knocked at the door she didn´t seem suprised at all. As she turned her back on me and bent over her desk to pick up some papers I zipped up my pants and started rubbing her wonderful ass with my dick.
She said-What are you trying to do? Do oyu want to fuck me hmm?
Under her arousing moaning I took of her clothes and saw that her huge dick was really hard.
I said-Now I will fuck you.
Then I got out the bondage equipment that I had borowed from my boss at her house.It included a:
a ball gag
a one sleeve
a leather blindfold
a huge vibrating dildo
a flesh light
I said that her and my boss had said that I could fuck her and that she should not resist.
She said-I will be a good sex slave to you.
I put the one sleeve on her first. It was a bit tight but fitted quite nicely. I then put on the leather blindfold so she was blinded.
I then shoved the hoge vibrating dildo up her ass and ordered her to lay one her back on her bed.
When that was done I put her dick in the flesh light and started to move it. But before she could start to REALLY moan when i turned on the dildo I shoved my dick into her mouth and ordered her to suck on it.
When I came in her mouth she swalloved the cum greedily. I the put the ball gag in her mouth and took out the dildo to fuck her in the ass myself.
I took of the flesh light and put a condom on her dick to se when she came.
It took about fifteen minutes of intense sex to make her cum. Hearing her scream into the ball gag out of pleasure made me fuck her even more.
When we where done she said that I could come any time I wanted to fuck or be fucked.
I wonder what my boss will do to me next time she calls me?
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3 years ago
This is great need more thanks
3 years ago
I´ll see what I can do about that.
3 years ago
very hot, be better if it was longer xx