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I´m baaack! Here´s another story for you!

I was at a BDSM clud with my wife in germany. We had bought ourselves (for a hefty fucking price) a couple of girls that worked at the club. One was a slim young woman with long thick black hair and piercing blue eyes. The second was a blonde secy MILF. The third was a voluptous redhead with a well trained body but a sexy ass a big breasts.
They took us down to "Verlies" (Dungeon in german). As we went down the staris we heard moaing through the walls and we got a bit aroused. We reached a door and the girls talked to the guard on the other side via speakers. The door opened and we were in a corridor lined with heavy steel doors. The girls went to one room each and said that they would wait for us.
My wife went after the slim blackhaired woman while I went after the MILF. As I opened the door I was surprised at the interior. I had expected a dank and gritty cell but instead it was a brightly lit bedroom with big drawers underneath the bed. The MILF had quickly switched into a pair of fishnet stockings and a small blouse that showed her black bra. Her hair was tied into pigtails and she walked up to me, radiating sex.
- What is your wish, Master?
I smiled and kissed her. She kissed back with great passion. As I stole a peek I realised something anybody should have realised before.
She was a shemale!
I reached down and squezed her crotch, she gasped and sank down onto the bed. Her feet pulled open one of the drawers, it held tons of gags, ropes, straps, harnesses, blindfold etc.
I pushed her down on the bed and picked up some straps and a big red ballgag from the drawer. She smiled and I strapped her legs together in a kneeling position. Then I picked up a one-sleeve and fastened it around her arms. This one had leather straps at the front that worked like a fairly good bra-tie.
Another belt brought her feet close to her secured hands and now the hogtie was complete. She protested about the presure her bady was making on her cock as she lay on her belly. I rolled her to the side and held up the ballgag. She opened wide but I teased her by slowly putting it in and sometimes withdrawing it, making her reach out for it with her tongue. When I decided to finally put it in her mouth it fit snugly behind her teeth and her chins bulged slightly as I secured the strap behind her head.
I ripped open her fishnet stocking to let out her cock. It wasn´t big, about four and a half inches long. But I stil wrapped my hand around it and started to slowly jerk her off. She moaned through the ballgag and her cock glistened with precum. I moved my hand behind her and gently teased her ass with my fingers. Her ass seemed to kiss my finger, pleading to be fucked.
I undid the belt holding her in a hogtie and tore up more of her fishnet stockings to gain access to her asshole. It was clear she had been fucked in the ass quite a lot. I removed the ball gag and held out my throbbing six inches long thick cock. She took it down her throat like a champ in one suck. Soon my dick was glistening with spit and I put the ballgag back in. Her ass wasn´t extremely tight when I pushed my cock into it. She breathed deeply until she moaned as I got it all in. I started moving slow but hard and soon picked up some speed. After a short while she was moaning and screaming into the gag as she neared her orgasm. I was far from mine.
As she came she blew sperm al over her stomach and some on the bed. I pulled out my dick out of her ass, now with a new plan in mind.
I took out the ballgag but let it hang around her neck. She looked up at me and congratulated me on being the first not to cum in her ass. I seised her head and rammed my cock into her throat. Her eyes bulged at the sudden intrusion but she managed to relax. As I let go a little she got the cock out of her throat but kept it in her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the tip and she started sucking it passionetely. After a while I felt the need to cum and started deepthroating her repeatedly. She almost gagged on it but held back when I came down her throat.
I pulled out my cock that she lovingly sucked and shoot a bit of cum around her mouth and breasts. Finally I smeared of a bit of cum on the ballgag and then strapped it in tightly into her big mouth again. She squirmed around at being treated like this but I didn´t care. I got dressed and nearly left the room. I had a final idea.
I searhed the drawers and found what I was looking for, a long vibrating dildo and some strong tape. I showed it up her ass and taped it in place. As she protested I turned the vibration on maximum and the protests increased in intensity. Altough her eyes said she wanted to get free, the way her body moved, her cock stod as proud as her erect nipples said something else.
I left the room and moved over too another one. With the redhead...

To be continued if you like it!
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keep going!
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Mmmmm yes love it