MILF taught bondage

I had been helping a MILF next door named Hellen. She had a curvy body, long thick brown hair and a feminine face with hazel eyes. Although she didn´t dress to show of her body her body language told a different story.
She would swing her ass and bow down just a little revealing.
Anyway I helped her with her computer one da. Her computer had gotten a virus due to porn surfing. I had to check through her entire pornstash and analyse all the files. She turned out to be into bondage and being taken and vibrated while being watched.
I got a bag of bondage gear at home and went over to her house. She was sitting at the table in the kitchen. She had her back towards me.
I rushed up and before she could rise up and clamped my hand over her mouth to muffle her screams and held her arms down. She struggled but I was stronger. I whispered into her ear:
- Not a word if your clever.
I removed my hand and thankfully she remained quiet. I pulled out a roll of tape and taped her vrists together:
- What are you doing Mike?
Her voice was a bit scared but deep in her eyes I saw her need for his. She wanted it, she craved it:
- I´m going to tie you up, fuck you and then leave you for a while with vibrators in you.
- Please, don´t.
I clamped my hand over Hellens full lips and she tried to protest but all I heard was grunts and muffled noises. I pulled away my hand and stuffed in a pair of her panties(clean ones) into her mouth. I held them there and then pulled out the roll of tape again. I pulled out a piece of it and put it over her fine lips. I then procceded to roll the tape in layers around her head, and for each lap she made less noise. Finally I taped her legs together, she was all mine now:
- Do you want this.
She remained still:
- If you want this I can give it to you. My wife can give it to you. We will be your masters. You will obey our every desire and do whatever we ask. You will dress as we ewant you to, do what we want you to. You will be our slave. Got it? You can have that or I untie you and leave it to be a fantasy of yours. Your choice.
I could see her inner battle through her eyes. After five minutes she carefully nodded and I felt all over her with my hands.
I massaged her breasts with one hand and her pussy with the other. I stroked my handon against her tighs, I kissed her neck and whispered how good she was. She started sweating and moaned through the gag. I felt my urge grow and cut of the tape. As I freed her she jumped ontp of me and kissed me fanatically. I fell to the ground and she clamped her hand over my mouth.
She then slowly kissed her way down to my zipper and opened it. She exposed the huge bulge in my pants and then pulled down my underwear. My thick six inch dick stood up proud with pulsing veins. Hellen grasped its head and started jerking it off. I pulled away her hand and placed my hands on her head. I grabbed her hands and put them behind her back. I pulled out a pair of metal handcuffs and clamped them shut around her vrists. I then grabbed her head again and placed my dick against her lips. She resisted at first but gave in to the pressure and horniness inside her. She opened her mouth and took all my six inches without blinking. She moaned around my cock and sealed her lips on it. She then started bobbing her head up and down with amazzing speed. Almost everytime she took it all.
I felt glorious and an orgasm drew near. I finally grabbed her head and held her down so my cum spurted down her throat. She tried to pull back but again I was stronger. When the last spurt left my dick I let go of her head and she pulled back coughing and trying to breathe.
She looked up at me with passion in her eyes. I got her to her feet and then pulled out a few ballgags. She had a suprisingly big mouth and could take my biggest ballgag. It was a red ballgag with black harnes straps. The balls size was enough to keep it in there but I still strapped it in tightly. She moaned through it and was in a trance. I got her hands loose and she took her clothes of.
I then took her to her bad room and put a slave collar around her neck. She carefully touched it as if thinking this was a dream. But it wasn´t.
I attached a leash to the collar and then pulled out some other stuff. I cuffed her hands to the bedposts and then tied her legs spread. She was in a bent over position on her knees with her good stuff visible to the whole world. Before letting her slump down on the bed I taped small vibrators to her nipples but diddn´t turn them on. I now got out some lubricant and put a little on my dick. She had probably expected me to fuck her pussy. But that´s for later.
She went stiff and started struggling against the bonds when she felt my dick push against her asshole. She stopped protesting when she felt that he tip of my dick had entered her ass. I pushed it in balls deep and let her adjust to the new sensation for a few seconds. I then started to fuck her easily since I don´t want people to think of their fuck with me as a bad thing. But I quickly built up the pace until I was ramming my cock into her ass and my balls smacked her pussy with each shove.
She must have come at leats four times from that alone. I pulled out my dick and took of her gag. She was gasping for air and she had shed a tear. I held my dick to her mouth and she sucked it dry. I pulled her away just before cumming and went back again to her pussy and ass. I pressed my cock against her dripping wet pussy:
- Will you submit to my every desire?
- Yes! God yes!
I shoved it in with full f***e and caught her ofguard. She yelped but then started panting, groaning, moaning as I fucked her pussy really good. I came and shoot a big load of cum into her pussy.
She collapsed as her body still clung to the waves of exctasy that besieged her mind.
I got a bit more presentable, then I called Johanna:
- Hello?
- Hi honey it´s Mike. Look, sorry if I disrurbed you but I´ve got you a really nice toy over her.
- What is it?
She sounded excited!:
- It´s just below my length, firm ass, nice tits, a wonderful mouth and not to far away from home.
- What is it called?
- It starts with Ha and ends with N
- Hellen!?
- Clever girl.
Johanna hung up and then came storming over the Hellens house and opened the door. I beckoned her to lokk into the bedroom. She saw an exhausted Hellen collecting her thought from an exreme orgasm. Johanna smiled and then asked to be left alone with Hellen and the toys.
Before I closed the door I heard Johanna yelp through a gag.
(May be continued)
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Defintely would like part 2 please
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Great story...
2 years ago
very good