Short skirt in a crowded bus

Short skirt on a crowded bus

I was on a real hurry that morning. It was too late for the office and I cursed my poor car that had left me in the middle of downtown, the engine could not be started anymore for that day.
So, I had to wait for a crowded bus, where there was nowhere to sit.
I wasn’t really dressed propperly for a bus ride. I was wearing a very short velvet skirt and high heels, with only a white cotton thong underneath. I liked to keep cool in summer time. In fact, I really liked going with no underwear, but some days that just wasn’t advisable.
Today was one of those days, since I had an important meeting to attend.

It was very close quarters on the bus, which was not comfortable in all the heat. I moved to the back of the bus, since I was going off at the last stop on the line. I watched from time to time through the windows, not paying attention to a man who was standing right behind me, very close.
At first I thought it was just because of a bump in the road. The man behind me pressed up against my buttocks, then he was off of me again. The road was a little bit bumpy, and he brushed against me again. This time it was a little longer. I couldn’t be sure, but maybe his movement was on purpose, not so accidental.

A minute later, he bumped against me again. And this time he stayed up against my back. I knew now it was on purpose, because I could feel his full erect dick pressing between my ass cheeks. “OMG, he really must be huge,’ I thought. It was starting to penetrate and separate my ass cheeks like a knife. I thought moving move away from his contact, but there was really nowhere to move to. That fucking huge cock pressing between my buttocks started to get me arousal.
I started thinking about that huge cock. I imagined how big it could be. I wondered what it looked like, if it belonged to a black man, because I could not even to turn my head to look at his face.
Absolutely lost in my thoughts, I didn’t realize that I was pushing back my ass on that dick. And the man was soundlessly humping between my cheeks. Suddenly I felt my cunt had become wet.

I consciously started pushing back, in rhythm to his thrusting. It felt so good! The bus stopped. Passengers got on and off. But all I was aware of was the man behind me.
I started to moan not so loud and I was deeply ashamed, because some people around had noticed my arousal.
The man finally lifted my skirt, but I did not move away. Would he actually fuck me right here on the bus? In front of everyone? I bit my lips trying to stop from moaning.

I felt the fabric of the man’s pants now against my nearly bare ass. He was humping softly and I was pushing back with every thrust. I felt my skirt was lifted up to my waist, his hand was squeezing my ass cheeks.

Then he pulled away from me, but just briefly.

I gasped and almost screamed aloud when I felt him opening his zipper. Then his hard hot cockhead was between my ass cheeks. I could feel my cotton thong drenched in my own warm juices. He shifted his cock lower, and I felt it sliding between my legs, then, rubbing my pussy.
My legs nearly buckled at that. And then, feeling like a whore, I spread my tighs for him. Giving him full access and welcoming his cock. Like a real bitch in heat. i wanted his cock inside me.

He pushed between my legs a few times, bringing me some warm pleasure to my pussy. Then his fingers pulled aside my white thong. I bent forward slightly, feeling his cockhead against my dripping wet cunt. His hands gripped my hips, and slowly he penetrated me, slowly, but deep.
I nearly came when the huge round tip of his cock slid inside of me. I had now my head pointing to the ceiling, my eyes rolling back in pleasure. Anyone around who looked would know what we were doing. But I did not care about it, just only wanting to be fucked. I pushed back on his cock, helping him impale me on his huge tool. It was bigger than my loving Victor`s.

I was gasping and could not control myself. The man behind began to pump me now, fucking me. This was a wild fucking. I came silently on his cock, and was ashamed somewhere inside, fucking a total stranger on a bus. But it was the hottest situation I had experienced in many days.

The man was breathing hard behind me. I knew he was close. Would he cum inside my pussy? I really wanted him to cum in me. The thought made me cum once again, nearly fainting on him.

That was all he could take. Suddenly I felt his cock shooting warm semen into my vagina.

After a minute, I felt that his cock was softening. He slipped it out of my pussy and slipped my thong back in place. I felt him putting his cock back in his pants. The bus stopped again, and he got off. I never saw his face, not even his skin, but I think he could be a black man.

Everybody at the office told me I had a nice smile on my face that morning. Nobody had a suspect about my pussy full of cum…
Later that night I described in detail my loving Victor what had happened on the bus.
He blindfolded me and tied me up to a bar fitted on the wall, telling me we were on the bus again. Then he bumped on me, squeezed me, touched me, ripped my thong off and fucked me wildly in the ass, making me recalling the pleasant morning bus ride.

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2 months ago
Very hot & sexy reading, thanks for sharing that experience.
5 months ago
luv the crowded buses and sluts...
5 months ago
it must be great if someone caught both of you and join
5 months ago
Hope he knocked you up you fucking whore, you should have gave him your panties as a thank you. Well done though, you know your place in life and behaved exactly the way whores are supposed to behave. Bet your evening session with your husband wasn't half as exciting.
5 months ago
That was so freaking sexy. Proper dirty lil whore lol. Love it thanks for sharing x
5 months ago
realy hot loved the read of this one
6 months ago
very hot, wish I was there