Ana and a stranger guy at the party

Ana and a stranger guy at the party

Our friends Cecilia and Peter had invited us to a house party, but that night I was arriving late to the airport from a flight abroad. My sweet wife Ana could be there. In the meantime I would go home, take a nice shower and then could head over to the party and meet her there.
The original schedule had changed: the first flight was cancelled due to bad weather and the second one was very delayed also due to dense fog on arrival. So, I could get home past midnight and soon was on my way to the party. But again I found some pretty bad traffic and texted Anita I was really late. She texted back saying that she loved me and not to worry. Finally the traffic was cleared and I made up some good time and could get to the party before two o’clock.
I was surprised it was still in good flow. The door was open and I walked straight in and set about finding my wife. I bumped into Peter and he said he had seen Ana dancing with some friends.
I couldn't see Ana anywhere so I headed into the kitchen to grab a beer. Just then I noticed my wife dancing with a black guy amongst the crowd. It looked innocent enough as they danced and laughed so I waited for her to finish before going over.

She looked stunning as I watched her dancing. She had chosen a tight dark green silk dress, a little bit short, which revealed her beautiful smooth long legs. Her cleavage was also visible and she was standing on a pair of sexy high heels. I could see why this black guy had chosen her.
Suddenly the music started to go slow dancing and the black guy quickly placed his arms onto Ana’s waist. This didn't really bother me as I trusted Ana and had seen a few men dance with her in the past. She always pushed them away if they go too far. But this time my stomach turned upside down as I watched my wife throw her head back laughing as she placed her arms around the guy's neck.

Still I tried to remain calm as everybody else was pretty much dancing the same way. I went to the kitchen for another beer and when I returned a few seconds later the black guy was behind Ana, grinding his groin into my wife's ass cheeks, as she just bent forward slightly encouraging him.
His hands were still on her waist but they soon started moving up the sides of her body. As I watched expecting my wife to move away or slap his hands, my heart almost had a stoppage as he cupped both her breasts through the dress.

I stood there speechless, watching as I found myself becoming aroused on the situation.

The guy pulled my wife up straight using his hands on her breasts and she closed her eyes smiling as he started to kiss her neck. His hands slowly made their way back down her body until they rested on the tops of her thighs. In a very seductive way, he began pulling the dress up her legs. They continued dancing to the next song until the guy pushed Ana to go outside.

They both made their way outside closing the sliding doors behind them. I waited a few moments before following. When I entered the garden I couldn't see anybody. I could just hear some light laughter in the darkness. As I scanned the garden I could see a set of steps between two bushes. As I approached there, I noticed my wife sat on a wooden table with the black guy standing between her spread open legs.
I stepped behind the bushes and found a gap that still gave me a good view.

Ana was leaning back with her eyes closed, smiling as this guy held her face and kissed her neck. As the guy continued kissing her neck and shoulders he brought his hands up to the straps of her dress and slowly slid them off her shoulders and down her arms, exposing her sweet nipples. My wife just moaned and wrapped her arms around the guy's neck as they kissed passionately.
He kissed and sucked on her nipples as his hand was up her dress, taking care of her sweet pussy lips for sure. Then he put both of his hands up her dress and took down her panties to the floor.

With her panties gone the black guy pushed the dress up to her waist revealing her shaved pussy.
He did not waste time in more seduction. He took out his black cock and started rubbing it up and down her pussy lips. My wife just collapsed flat onto the table and moaned softly as she moved her hips slowly. He finally entered her pussy, moving his hips back and forth slightly with short thrusts. Judging Ana’s reaction and movements he was obviously fucking her very well. He then began to thrust deeper but keeping at the same speed as my wife began to arch her back wildly.

He grabbed her heels and spread her legs up high and wide. This was the perfect position to assault her body and very soon he was ploughing into her pussy with a brutal speed and pace. She must have been soaking as I could hear the sloppy sounds of his cock fucking her pussy every time their bodies met. Ana gave out a loud moan as she panted for breath and I knew she was having her first orgasm on that black cock. The guy continued with his pace showing no mercy as he used her body. She came again within seconds after her first orgasm. He then put her legs onto his shoulders and pulled her closer to him. Her arse was slightly over the edge of the table and he reached forward for her breasts. Once he got her into position he began to fuck her hard once more. After a few minutes I heard him tell Ana he was going to cum. Then both bucked wildly as she reached her third orgasm and he pumped her pussy full of hot semen.

He rested his head over her breast and then pulled out his long black cock from my wife´s pussy. Then I could him telling her that he was still hard and asked my sweet Ana if she would let him fuck her ass. “No way” She answered quickly, claiming his cock was too much big for her tight ass.
They got dressed as I went back to the house, not bumping into anyone I knew on my way.
I just drove home and texted Ana, telling I still was in the highway, with the car`s engine out of order; I would wait her at home. She texted back; “What a pity, party is so fun”. Yes, I know it !!
She came home about three hours later, almost at dawn. I was pretty sure she had finally surrounded her asshole to that huge round black cock, but I pretended to be already tired and down. She fell close to me trying to make no loud sounds, to avoid waking me up.
I confirmed my suspicious mind in the morning, when I found her lying naked close to me; through her smooth nice spread open legs I could see her tight asshole a little bit stretched and swollen, still dripping cum…, some black guy’s cum…

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