A pleasant surprise

A pleasant surprise

After a short period living in Boston, Victor and I moved again to Atlanta, a place where a hard big black cock could be found easily around the street corner.
My dear husband was still flying abroad every week, leaving me home alone for several days … and not only alone but horny also.
I started working for a lawyer firm downtown. One of my coworkers was a black young man called Aaron, he was newly married to a white pretty girl; so, I supposed he was enticed to white women.
I started to fantasize he fucked me wildly until my orgasm burst!!.

One weekend Victor had to travel away; we had had during those days a lousy sex time; I really was not in the mood and Victor was blaming his bad sexual performance to some heavy stress.

I was so fucking horny when he left, I really needed a cock, even better if it could be a big black one; so I decided it was time to play my cards in a risky game.

Several weeks ago I had started chatting with a man I had met on a sex web site. We had never met but had done a lot of dirty chat. He said he was black, well hung and loved to fuck white housewives.
Being home alone, I finally said “Fuck it, I'm going for it” and told him (his name was Julian) to meet me in a hotel room downtown.

I left the office early and rented a room in this nice Hotel where I waited for him to arrive. I sat there sipping some vodka shots, until some knocks at the door revealed my brand new lover was there.
I opened the door and had a pleasant surprise, finding that my coworker Aaron was standing there. So, I had met “Julian” finally.

He opened his mouth and tried to say some excuses, but I grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him into the room. He was also very surprised; he could not believe that his office next sitting desk boring lady could be the same horny dirty housewife chatter he had been teasing for so long through the net.
I poured him a glass of bourbon and we sat together on the sofa.
Although the whole situation seemed to be not comfortable for him, it didn't take long to have his heavy black hands on my legs. We started kissing; before I knew it my skirt was up around my waist, exposing my black panties and long legs. He unbuttoned my blouse and took off his shirt, showing me his huge muscular torso.
I was so aroused watching him getting naked. He then unbuckled his pants and slid them down with his sexy red underwear slip.

I gasped when I saw his massive black cock; it was about eleven inches long and thick as a pop can. I dropped down to the floor, grabbed it with both hands to put as much I could into my mouth. I managed to get the head and a couple inches more.
I started sucking, picking up the pace and before I knew it he was cumming into my mouth. He groaned as his sticky semen started shooting out of his dick into my throat. I swallowed what I could but the excess came out the sides of my mouth and flowed down my chin onto my chest.

Aaron got up off the sofa, pulled me up off the floor, ripped my black panties off in a single movement of his hand and pushed me onto the bed, where he lifted my legs spread open in the air. He then buried his face into my now wet shaved pussy; he licked the flowing juices coming out from my warm cunt. Soon I could feel my orgasm building at the same time Aaron was sticking a huge finger in my asshole, making my orgasm even flow faster like a rocket.

I was screaming, moaning, crying in pleasure and shaking. He kept licking me till I couldn't take it anymore. Aaron came up on top of me with his face covered in my juices: He kissed me deeply, making me taste my own juices with his tongue. His cock was getting hard again as I could feel it against my belly.

He looked into my eyes and asked: “Are you ready for this, babe?”.
“Of course I’m always ready for a big black cock, but you need to get a condom; no way are you going to fuck me without one.” I told him.
He answered that he never used condoms, because of the heavy size of his dick head, but then I found a very big one in my purse and made him somehow stretch it on his super sized black snake.
Then Aaron came back between my legs and went forward, trying to feed his cock into my wet aroused bitch cunt. I begged him to take it easy, because my pussy lips were a little bit tight that afternoon. He eased it in slowly; it hurt like hell at first but I was so fucking wet, I wanted it so bad … After a while the pain just disappeared, my whole body was shivering as he kept pushing into me his giant cock.

He looked down at me and smiled as I could feel he had the entire length inside me now. He started pumping his cock in and out of me now, short strokes to start; the pain was now gone and I could feel every inch of him inside me.
I looked up into his eyes and pleaded: “Fuck me hard with your huge black cock, make me yours and make me cum on your black snake”.

He smiled again and picked up the pace. I could feel now his full girth deep inside my vagina; feeling his pelvis hitting mine as he thrust harder and harder. Again a new orgasm took off as I was bucking to meet his thrusts. I could feel my juices flowing out of my pussy lips, covering his cock and going down to the bed sheets.
I wrapped my legs around his waist, that's when I could feel he was about to blow. He gave me a couple more of hard thrusts and then I could feel his cock stiffen inside me; suddenly I felt his cum flowing inside my womb; he continued pumping my cunt for a few more seconds then pulled out.
There was thick semen everywhere, on his hard cock, the sheets and worse of all, inside my swollen pussy lips.
I cried “What the fuck is going on”, the condom on his head had broken and only a rubber ring was around his girth.
He pulled what was left of the rubber off his cock and I went down to my knees to clean him up with my mouth. I was amazed how big that dick was even soft; it was hard to believe I had taken a cock this size inside my horny wet cunt.

We stayed in bed naked for a while. After another round of bourbon, I could see Aaron was getting hard again. I was lying on my stomach and he was rubbing my pussy lips between my ass cheeks; he then pulled me up onto my hands and knees, he wanted to fuck me doggie. I was now face down and ass up when I felt his huge head trying to enter between my swollen pussy lips. But now he did not take his time to stretch me; once he had the head into my opening, he slammed the rest of his rock hard piece deep inside me in just one single thrust.
I grunted and cried in pain as I felt the heavy girth hitting me.
Aaron was a different man now, he got rough as he grabbed me by my hips and slammed his cock hard and deep into my pussy.

I cried again and begged him: “Take it easy, you are killing me”
But he was not smiling when he answered: “You wanted to be treated like a real slut, my white married bitch, well, here you go.”
He continued fucking me so merciless I could hardly stay on my hands and knees as he continued plowing my pussy so hard.
I again pleaded with him to take it easy, but he grabbed me by the hair and redoubled his v******e, fucking me even harder and faster.
I started crying telling him he was hurting me but he didn't care; he just kept pumping and hammering my sore cunt with his cock.

I lost control and came harder than I came before. I could feel my pussy was on fire and my juices flowing more and more going down the inside of my legs. Aaron now started to slap my ass cheeks and I could feel his cock getting harder inside me, when he unloaded his warm semen inside me again; it felt so good !!!.

I collapsed onto the bed, but Aaron grabbed my waist, flipping me around and then slapped my face with his wet dripping hard cock.
“Clean it up, you bitch!!” he ordered me as I licked it like an ice cream cone.

I stayed there on my back, feeling his warm thick cum flowing out of my open sore pussy like a river. My black lover came out of the bathroom, asked me if I was OK and left the room after dressing, leaving me there alone with my cunt still on fire.

I had still one hour more to recover my breath, thinking the rudeness he had showed me during the fucking; no other man had ever fucked me like that before.

I went back home, my long legs a little bit weak and my sore pussy still dripping cum, thinking Victor would be still a few more days out of town…

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11 months ago
very good story
11 months ago
nice love it
11 months ago
Anita, the best you can do is continue with these stories. Up to the level where I don't care anymore. Perhaps I'll read your stories in the bath room so I can have a wank. Great way to relax at work.
11 months ago
Viste lo que lograste hacerle a Peter...y a mi casi casi lo mismo, aunque estoy en casa.. por suerte en un rato me desquito con mi esposa... pero me la voy a coger pensando en tu relato.
11 months ago
Sorry for causing this situation, Pete, what could I do ??????
11 months ago
11 months ago
Damn, Anita. That is a hot, slutty story. My pants are wet with precum. Now I have to stay at my desk to prevent the wet spot from showing to my co-workers.