My old neighbor, the plumber

My old neighbor, the plumber

When living in Atlanta, we had several good neighbors. One of them was Jack O’, a giant black man in his mid fifties, a widower, who lived alone in a nice house around the street corner.
One morning I was arriving home when he passed along and I invited him in for a beer.

We were sitting at the kitchen counter joking and telling some stories when my sweet Ana walked in wearing nothing but a short transparent black night gown, tight high stockings, stiletto heels and no panties; her shaved pubis was perfectly visible under the light fabric.

"Oh, I’m so sorry, darling!", she exclaimed. "I didn't know you were here with Jack O’!"

Even though she turned away and headed back to our bedroom, I knew my neighbor had got a good look of her pretty naked body under the gown. Her round ass was really beautiful when she moved away. I saw the lust rising in Jack O’ eyes… I also felt my dick growing in my pants.
The fact that other man had seen my wife almost naked was turning me on.

Later that night in bed, I reached over and rubbed Anita's pussy.

She curled like a cat, saying me: “That feels good, are you telling me you are horny?"

"Always, you know that", I answered, "I'll bet old Jack O’ would like to have this hot pussy."

I expected anger from her but instead she pulled my head down between her open legs and whispered softly into my ear. "I'll bet he would, too."
We fucked long and hard during hours that night.

With the image of her walking in almost naked to the delight of my neighbor, I was these days in a constant state of arousal. Some days later I had an opportunity I had not expected.
The bathroom sink was flooding and I had no idea about how to deal with the situation.
But Jack O’ was a construction worker and I knew he could accept a task as plumber.

"I will call Jack O’ to come over and take a look", I said to her, thinking that it was a good chance my old neighbor could fuck my sweet wife.
I called him and he agreed to come over next day morning and take a look at the matter. I told Ana the schedule time and I found myself secretly wishing he would be "coming" in her hot pussy.
I just wanted to get Anita fucked by another man.

The next morning after breakfast, I wanted to fuck her so bad but I didn't, thinking that she would be horny when Jack O’ would come. When I got to my office, I called him to be sure he was coming over.

"You better be careful, man", I joked with him, "My wife loves big black dicks!" When I hung up, I thought...why did I say that? But I knew why. I wanted him to fuck Anita really hard.

My dick stayed hard that morning thinking about what might be taking place. That evening at home, during supper, I asked Ana about the matter of the bathroom sink.

"Oh, Jack O’ already fixed it." she answered me smiling.
"But, please don't ever hire him again. He made passes at me all morning."

All the mental images of her getting fucked went up in the air. But I pressed a little harder.

"What kind of 'passes, " I asked her seriously.

"You know, telling me how pretty my legs are and trying to run his hand under my robe. I didn't have time to get dressed so I was almost naked. I wasn't about to let him run his hand up my leg."

That night in bed as we were fucking, I asked her if she thought old Jack O’ would like to fuck her. She sighed, "I think he would like to shove his giant black cock in me."

When she woke up after fucking and went to the bathroom, I thought how did she know Jack O’ had a “giant black cock”?. I mentally envisioned her sucking and jacking his cock all day.

During the next weekend, the bathroom sink stopped up again. When I suggested getting someone else, Ana surprised me by saying, "Just call Jack O’, he probably will not charge us."

Monday morning Jack O’ came to our home before I left for work. And I knew Ana was wearing a black silk gown and a small thong. Her round tits were seen through. I knew my old neighbor would try again because I had told him how much Anita loved big black dicks. My plan was set.

That night, as we were lying in bed, I asked her about Jack O’ and if he had fixed the sink.

"Oh yes, he fixed it," she replied. "And this time he had the chance to fuck me not one, but twice. Is that what you wanted to hear, darling?, his stamina is unbelievable for a man of his age".
“He also tried to fuck me in the ass, but his cock is so huge I could not stand it, not even the head”

My cock jumped hard to the upright position and I begged her to let me fuck that filled pussy, but she refused, telling me that her vagina was very sore; Jack O` had fucked her wildly. She showed me her pussy lips, really red and swollen. Her asshole was still a little bit stretched also.
She had been really used and abused so badly.

I spent several days later trying to stop the kitchen sink.
My old neighbor would “come” during the weekend, when I would be flying abroad…

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6 months ago
mmm Fuck that is HOT!! Would love to read more about old Jack fucking your wife...