Anita gets the kitchen's sink fixed

Anita gets the kitchen’s sink fixed

When we moved to Boston we were very young and just married, still living in an “eternal honeymoon” status; so, I never thought that Ana could cheat on me. But I was wrong.

On the first years of our marriage she stayed as a housewife; my job was good enough and it was not necessary for her to get one.
One day I was getting ready to leave my office after a hard day, when she sent me a text message, telling me that the plumber she had called to fix some leaks on the kitchen sink had arrived. He was now solving the matter. All she said was that she was happy that this man had come early in the afternoon and she could cook some dinner right in time.

After taking off from the highway, my car sustained some electrical failure; I saw some sparks in the dashboard and finally the damned thing stopped with no more ignitions. I found I was only ten blocks from home; so, I left the car parked on the empty street and started to walk.

It was early dawn when I arrived home, finding a van parked in the driveway, showing a plumber company logo on the sides. So, the man was still there fixing and solving some matters.

I looked for my keys, but then I recalled that I had left them in the car glove compartment. I turned around and went directly to the door at the back yard.
Suddenly I heard some moaning coming from the living room. I stepped at the door and then could not believe my eyes about what was happening there.
On the couch was a young man on his back with his pants around his ankles. I could see Anita’s ass on top of him. She was lifting herself up as she rode his cock. His piece was really huge.

My sweet and faithful wife was fucking the plumber on our couch! It was so fucking unbelievable.
She had talked sometimes about wanting to feel a truly huge cock and it was obvious that she had taken the chance when she got it. The guy was Hispanic type, dark skin, but not a black man.

Ana's gorgeous firm round ass rode this cock so good from my point of view. I was hidden in the kitchen, trying they would not notice my presence. I had no clue how long she had been fucking this big cock; I could see on the guy’s face that he was struggling with not cum yet. His face was showing the pleasure she was giving him. I could not see Anita’s face, but I could imagine she was enjoying this monster cock for sure.
The plumber grabbed my wife's hips and drove her down on his cock so that every little inch was buried in her pussy. It must be so deep inside of her and she was so stretched now.
Ana was riding the guy wildly, screaming and moaning in pleasure like crazy.

I could see how his fingers were now digging into her skin, so I figured that he had lost the battle for holding his cum. When she rose up over half way of his huge long shaft, I could see how his cum was sliding down her tights. Then she lowered herself again and cried, enjoying the fuck.
Again she moved up and down, starting to wiggle her ass with his huge cock fully buried in her pussy as the plumber thrust his hips upwards to drive his cock even deeper.
It only lasted for less than a minute and then she collapsed on him. He kept moving his hips so he slowly kept fucking her with long slow strokes. She stayed on top of him for several minutes.

Then she rolled off him and I could see how fucking huge this cock was for the first time. It was almost eleven inches long and the thickness was also incredible. I could not believe my eyes when she grabbed that piece and started to stroke it to get him hard again. Ana was now lying on the couch and I had a view of her pussy, which was leaking out cum and it looked messy and gooey. He had deposited a big load into her. I knew that she loved feeling a man filling her pussy.
The plumber's cock had grown again rock hard and Ana tried to put that massive piece into her mouth; she licked around the head before she got it deep inside her throat.
The plumber reached down and started to play with my wife's clit. I could see she enjoyed that.
The Hispanic guy was rock hard again and then he turned Ana on her back and started to fuck her. I could not see her face, but I knew she was enjoying so much; she was sobbing, screaming and crying in pleasure. My cock was hard while I was watching her fucking like crazy.
I could see Ana's hands grabbing the edge of the couch and how her fingers turned white as she was fucked. Then I noticed the huge cock expanding and once again I saw his semen going down through his huge piston machine and filling my sweet wife’s pussy.

They rested together for a few minutes, recovering their breath; then both got dressed. Ana kissed him and he grabbed his tool box and left. Luckily for me, he had not fucked her in the ass.

She went directly into the bathroom and I could hear the noise of the water running in the shower..
After a while she called me, telling that the plumber had solved all the things and everything was in working order. She did not mention anything about having been fucked during all the afternoon by a monster cock or having reached several orgasms, while she was filled with other man’s semen..

But she told me she had something to tell me later and did not want to say that over the phone.
I did not ask any more, just because I suspected that my sweet loving Ana was still horny and she was going to describe me how she had been fucking all the afternoon the plumber while she would make me fuck her that night !!!

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