A wild sea voyage

A wild sea voyage

By the time we lived in Port Everglades, we had borrowed a nice sixty foot cruiser from our old friends Cecilia and Peter. They were going to be abroad during two weeks at least; so, we could enjoy the boat for a whole weekend. Anita and I had decided to sail away with another two couples of friends; not a long raid, just few miles close to the coast line.

While waiting for our guests, we had spent the night on board, of course having wild sex during most of the time.
At early morning, when we were still having breakfast, we heard a strange sound like footsteps coming from the deck.

I went outside and found two muscular huge black men standing at the bow. Both were young and even could be described as handsome, but something in their looks made me feel really a little bit nervous.

Both guys greeted me while looking over my shoulder, where Anita was coming to deck, dressed in a short summer dress and high sandals.

I asked them: "Can I help you?"

"Yeah, man, you have a beautiful boat and we need it" One of them said.

"Well, is not mine, really; I think the owner has no intention to sell it", was my very innocent answer.

Just then the biggest man pulled out a silver gun, pointing at my chest.

"Are you sure?" “You better would like to consider it!!”

Anita was still right behind me and she asked:"What's going on here?"

"Shut up, you bitch! Untie the lines, and let's get moving out of here!"

His friend grabbed Ana's arm with a gun pointing in her ribs and yelled:

"Now, babe, you don't want a bullet in your hot body, so get moving!
I understood then they were robbing the boat and of course, k**napping us.

As I pulled away from the dock I turned and looked at my wife. She looked terrified, as was I; being k**napped by these black stranger men.

After getting out of the harbor both men looked being easier, putting their guns away and telling us they wanted to reach the Mexican coast.

The biggest man was apparently in charge, introducing himself as George. His mate was named Jeffrey, but he liked to be known as “the Bull”.

Two hours after departure I noted that Ana was still a little bit nervous. She moved towards the head of the boat; as she walked away the Bull stared at her legs and ass and commented:

"You have a gorgeous body, babe, your husband is a lucky bastard."

After that remark I started to worry that they would try to **** her and my mind raced to wonder how we were going to get out of this situation.

Around three o’clock George said:"I'm hungry, anybody else?"

Ana then answered: “Think we could have some burgers and beer"

We all agreed and my sweet wife made her way down to cook. The Bull immediately got up, telling that he would help Ana at the kitchen.

About ten minutes later Ana came up; she hadher face red and flushed.

"What's the matter?" I asked her quietly.

"This disgusting man made a move on me; it was nothing, but please,honey, don't leave me alone with him again."

I was mad about this situation and I wanted to be sure it wouldn't happen again. So I called George out and asked him to control his friend. He just laughed and said that he already talked to the Bull; nothing serious, but he just was flirting with my wife.
I came back to watch Ana, but then found the Bull was behind her; had her bent over by the waist and I could see his hands under her light dress; he was rubbing her pussy and telling her that he wanted to fuck her in the ass right there, in front of her husband. He looked at me with an evil smile.
She finally got rid of his embrace and made her way to me.

At dawn I was getting tired. Anita came up from the bathroom; she had a look of terror on her face. Again she came up to me and said:

"We have to find a way to leave this boat! They are going to kill us!"

She told me she heard them talking that once we were in Mexico they would shoot me and throw me overboard and they were going to persuade Ana to join them. If she did not accept so she would suffer the same fate.

I told Ana that our chance was the flair gun, but I needed to have them both below deck, to have an opportunity to fire it. Ana then told me she would divert them somehow but also begged me not to leave her down there alone with them for too long.

Ana then told the Bull she had to use the restroom.
As she headed down, the disgusting black man followed her. Two minutes later I heard my wife yelling out loud:"What are you doing here?"

George made his way down, to see what was happening there.

I then reached for the flair gun, aimed it, and shot it into the dark sky.

As I did they both came up after the noise and started to beat my head. They then tied me up and dragged me down below, making me sit on a chair and gagging my mouth. I looked around and could not see Ana.

Just then I heard my wife entering the shower.

"Hey, Bull, come overhere!" called George.

The Bull then walked in behind me and said: “Oh yes, the bitch is awesome"

I understood they were watching at Ana, being naked having a shower.
George looked at me saying sadly:

"You shouldn't have done that flair thing; now I'm obliged to take the chains off my eager friend!" “I think you little slutty wife will understand why he is called “The Bull”, he said laughing heavily.

The Bull turned to me, smiling and yelling: "You know I had my hands all over her body every time and she loved it!” “Do you know why?”. Smell!".

He then put his fingers under my nose I couldn't help but smell, and it definitely smelled like pussy; it was my wife’s pussy for sure.

"It smells good, doesn't it?, She was soaking wet after I got done!"

As they were laughing, he told me he was going to fuck her all night long.

"Maybe we'll both fuck her!. George said. Does she like it in the ass??"

As they laughed I thought that Ana loved in the ass, but these two giant black men would be sure well hung and they would rip my sweet Ana pussy and ass, if they fucked her in a wild hard way.

The Bull insisted. "After we get done with her you are going home alone!"
“Before the end of the night, I'm going to bring her in here and have her suck my dick in front of you and after I will fuck her in the ass. Your slutty wife will love my black cock and will cry me for more and more”

And then the shower stopped.
Ana appeared with a towel wrapped around her firm body.She saw me and turned with a look of terror on her face:

"What did you guys do to my husband!"

“Shut up and go to the bedroom, you slut!”. George ordered her.

As she turned to walk away, the Bull followed her, smiling as he walked in. All I could do was to listen.I first heard Ana saying:"No! I said no!"
Then a loud knock, a little struggle moan, then quiet again. The door was open but from where I was sitting I could not see anything. After about ten minutes I could hear Ana breathing heavily and the Bull mumbling.
As this was going on, George laughed saying:"It's on now!"

The mumbling and breathing became clearer and I also could hear light high pitch moans and an occasional smack.He was fucking her for sure.

The more I listened the more obvious it had become. She had given in!.
Ana was becoming more vocal moaning out loud, the smacks were now becoming louder every time, also her breathing.

George laughed again: “Seems to be she is not missing you right now!"

The Bull called George; as I could I hear Ana saying:
"No please! I don't want to!" Then I heard another loud smack and moans.

George got up and went into the bathroom.
He came out holding a tube of Vaseline. He looked at me saying:
"Sorry man! I'll leave the door opened so you can watch the whore you married and how she deserves to be treated"

He then opened the door and there was my sweet Ana riding the huge black cock of the Bull; her round firm ass bobbing up and down. She was moaning and breathing heavily, as the black man lying on the bed pinched her hard nipples. His mate George dropped his pants and lubed up his giant hard cock; he then climbed on the bed behind Ana and stopped her ass from bobbing. He lined up and started easing his cock into my wife’s tight ass.

She resisted crying and screaming in pain:"No,please, not in my ass!!"

But George yelled at her: “Shut up, slut girl, you are going to love this!"

Over the next ten minutes, I watched Anita get double penetrated and humiliated by those two fucking brutes, shouting to her things like:

"You like this black cock in your ass, don't you, bitch?"

The sounds Ana was making seemed to be a mix of pain and pleasure, I really could not tell but all three of them were groaning.

Finally the Bull started slamming his cock into Ana’s pussy hard and fast.

“Oh yes, here it comes baby”. As he grabbed her and held them down, he let out a series of loud groans, and unloaded his seed into my wife's pussy.

The action didn't stop. The Bull took his still hard dick from Ana’s pussy and left her crawl down to the bed. He stood up, letting his mate keeping the assault on my wife ass, pounding her doggie style. She started moaning loud again, as George increased his pace and power in her round ass.

The Bull took a beer and looked at me smiling; he then put his cock by Ana’s mouth and she took her tongue out and started licking his piece.
He smiled at me, pushing his cock deep inside my wife’s mouth. All I could do was to watch her licking and sucking that hard huge black snake.

In the meantime, George was approaching his orgasm, and when he did he pushed it deep in her ass and let go all his semen inside Ana’s body with a loud grunt.

As he walked away I could see her ass was red and her pussy lips looked tightened up and swollen. She had been well fucked for sure and there was nothing I could do!

I could not believe what I was watching now; my sweet Ana seemed to be enjoying the sucking of that giant black dick.
I heard the Bull screaming: “Yes, bitch, you want it!!!”
As I looked up, Ana was gagging as that prick unloaded his semen deep inside her mouth. She continued to cough as the Bull grabbed her by her hair, telling her: "Here, bitch, swallow all my black cum!!"

She then rolled over on her back and kept painting heavily.
The Bull continued to rub her body and George left the cabin, closing the door and telling me: "Show is over for you! They need their privacy!"

He knocked me out with a hard punch on my neck. When I recovered myself, I still could hear Ana screaming in pain and moaning in pleasure through the closed door.

I fainted again because I was very tired and several hours later Ana was over me, still naked, trying to get me back. She was crying and sobbing. She told me that the black men had left us adrift and had escaped in a small inflatable boat. We were close to the Mexican coast and finally they had gone ashore.

I watched her as she leaned over me. Her hair was a mess with traces of fresh semen, same as her beautiful face and mouth. She had bite marks all over her nice body, on her nipples, neck and ass cheeks. Her pussy lips were red and swollen, still dropping some cum, same as her asshole, absolutely red and with some abnormal dilation.

She told me she was fine, although everything she had suffered.
The two black brutes had been fucking her during hours, sodomizing her and making her gag in their cocks.
They had destroyed her with their incredible huge black dicks.
“My asshole is very sore, I think the Bull has torn my anus off; I really need to see a Doctor” she told me sadly.

We could manage to sail back to the Glades.
Ana had her anus really hurt, but she quickly recovered from her wounds.

Still I think that every time she gives up her ass to me, she reminds about this hard black cock of the Bull inside her…

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