Anita Slut at the party

Anita Slut at the party

One Saturday evening I was home alone, bored, absolutely bored because Victor was flying abroad for three days at least. Bored but… horny; I started to touch myself through my wet panties while watching a porno movie. I finally came, screaming out in a wild orgasm.

I had a shower and rested again on the sofa just naked, touching my swollen wet pussy lips very softly, as I watched now a romantic movie. My cell phone rang. My best girlfriend Cecilia was also home alone, her loving hubby Peter had gone to visit his parents for the rest of the weekend.
Cecilia called me up to invite me to go with her at some of her friend`s party. I really was not in the mood, but hearing Cecilia`s voice, I started again to feel a little bit horny, rubbing my pussy lips.
I accepted the invite finally. I fantasized I could be fucked wildly that night by a perfect stranger.

I opened my wardrobe and picked up my sexiest outfit; a very short mini black dress, a small black thong, no nylon hose but a pair of nice black high stiletto heels. My make up was almost like a street hooker one. Watching my reflection in the mirror I said to myself: “Why not, you bitch?”
Cecilia picked me up on time and we got at the party. There were more men than women there; hot men!!!, some of them dark skin huge men as I like. Of course the other women were not dressed as sluts; so, I got on the attention of every man as soon I walked into the main salon.

After a while Cecilia asked if I minded if she left with one of her “intimate” friends; and old one that had been fucking her for years during Peter´s absence. I said of course "go ahead but be careful". She smiled, kissed my lips and left me alone in the middle of those hot looking men.

A little bit later a muscular huge black guy introduced himself as Samuel and started talking to me. I had been enjoying many margarita shots and was really starting to get a little bit tipsy. Before I knew it we were slow dancing in a dark corner, feeling his strong hands caressing my ass cheeks through my mini dress. He grabbed my waist firmly, making me rest against his crotch. I could feel a hard erection of something really huge through his pants. I was so fucking aroused when he finally asked me if I wanted to go to a bedroom upstairs. I really couldn't even believe myself when I said "yes", biting my lips and looking at him in his eyes with lust in mine.
We found an empty room upstairs and I lied on my back onto the bed. Samuel did not say even a word, just lifted up my black dress and pulled my thong aside. I was looking at the ceiling through some alcohol clouds, when I felt his mouth on my shaved pubis, eating my wet pussy.
I heard my own pleasure moans as he licked my pussy lips, his rude hands taking care of my ass cheeks very softly. I closed my eyes still moaning; then I heard a zipper getting undone and before I knew it his huge monster cock was pushing its way between my open swollen pussy lips. I did not resist and opened my legs wider to get his body closer to mine. He pushed all the way inside my vagina and started fucking me really fast and hard, with a magnificent pace. Within some minutes I felt my first orgasm growing inside my body. I opened my mouth wide and screamed in pleasure out loud.

Samuel smiled watching me shouting and moaning, pushing his hard cock even deeper into my pussy. I was getting sore now and asked him to pull it out, but he said: "No way, bitch, I will fuck you until you are filled up". He redoubled his assault on my cunt and after a few minutes he finally came in me, filling my pussy with his hot seed. I had another silent orgasm before he pulled out.

Samuel rested on my boobs, recovering his breath, then kissed my lips very sweetly and whispered on my ear. “Let me try my huge dick in your ass… I know you will like it, slutty babe”.
I had noticed his cock was enough thick to tear my asshole up to pieces and begged him to fuck my pussy again, telling him that his size was too much for my tight ass.
But then he laughed and flipped me over, making me lay on my hands and knees. I begged him to stop, but he insisted that I would love his monster dick inside my ass. He lubed my tight entrance with his saliva and I closed my eyes, embracing for what I was going to suffer. He pushed his giant mushroom head against my ass and soon my anus was opened enough to bear the pain that he was causing me. The pain was really unbearable at the very beginning, but soon I felt some pleasure when he shoved his cock deep inside my anus. I screamed in pleasure as he butt fucked me with no mercy. He was a real fucking machine.

I could not experience any anal orgasm while he sodomized me. I yelled at him to fuck me even harder and harder. He laughed, telling me I was a perfect fucking bitch. Soon he grunted, arched his back screaming wildly and filled my anus with his warm load of semen.

He dressed in silence, while I was still resting with my head down on the bed sheets. He slapped my ass cheeks, thanking me for a good time he had with my body. I kissed him and he left.

Cecilia came back to me before dawn. She had lost her panties and showed me her red swollen pussy, dripping a mix of her own juices and sticky semen from her lover. We laughed together and came back home, to share a warm shower and later to share also the bed until morning time.

Bud luck, dear hubbies, you missed it, unfortunately…keep flying away from home…

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6 months ago
Fucking Right! Get all the cock U can when Hubby's away!