More poker debts to pay

More poker debts to pay

When living in New Jersey, my loving hubby Victor confessed to me that he was involved in some poker debts. He swore to me that it would be the last one, but he needed now my cooperation to get rid of this matter.
I asked how much money was the debt, but he cried in tears and told me that the amount was huge, really huge. The worst thing was, the man who Victor owed did not want any cash: he wanted to have me, the trophy wife, as his sex toy…
“Do you want use me for paying your fucking poker debts??? I yelled at him.
“Would you let a complete stranger to fuck me at his own will???. I insisted.
He nodded yes, still sobbing and crying desperately.
I found that we had no other option tan accept my faith as a whore for that stranger.
Victor finally arranged everything. I wanted he could be present there to witness how her loving wife was used as a fuck doll and ravaged by a perfect stranger; but it was no possible, according the instructions the man sent back.
I was supposed to be at the indicated address by midnight, wearing nothing but a long coat, nylon hose and high heels. I rebelled; it was so ridiculous, not even a street hooker deserves that. So I wore a full complement of clothes, including a silk blouse, a mid-leg skirt, a nice brassiere and silk panties and of course, high heels.

Victor brought me in his car; he would wait outside whatever it takes.
I approached the old house; it was dark and very quiet. I knocked at the door, hoping no one would answer and I could go home. I turned my back to the door watching the street, but then I could hear some footsteps inside.
The door swung open and a large black man stared at me. His hand reached out grabbing me and pulling me into the house. He slammed the door shut.
Shoved me up against the door, his hand around my throat, I was terrified, gasping and shaking. He ripped open my coat, looking me up and down.

"I told your husband you should wear only your coat, bitch". He took out a knife and ripped open my silk blouse and cut my bra. He traced his knife around my nipple. My body betrayed me, my nipple was getting hard. He noticed it and smiled.
“Fucking whore, you are so horny already. I did not even touch you” he said.
He grabbed my tits with his rude hands, bent down and bit my nipples very hard.
I couldn't help it. I moaned in pleasure, feeling his lips sucking my hard nipples. Before I knew it, he was whispering in my ear, "Good whore; strip now."
I slipped my coat off, dropping it to the floor. Then I hesitated; but he raised the knife and cut the waistband of my skirt, which fell into a bunch to my feet. Then was the turn of my silk panties, ripped off in a second. He smiled again watching my shaved pubis. I stood up there, naked and trembling. Slowly I raised my head.

He pushed me against the wall. Then he reached down and unzipped his pants. I felt his hard cock touching my pussy lips. By this time I was so fucking wet !!
He put his hands on my waist, lifted me and before I knew it his hard cock was thrusting in me. I gasped. His dick was so huge. I felt as if he were going to rip me apart. His monster cock was so much bigger than all the black lovers I ever had.
I grunted and screamed in pleasure with each of his thrusts. I must admit he didn't have much difficulty entering me. I was so wet, so fucking aroused. He fucked me up against the wall, in the darkness, hard and fast, making me cry in pleasure.

"Well, bitch, how does it feel to be fucked by a huge black cock? Cum for me".
I couldn't even answer. I was ashamed and screaming in pleasure; my whole body was betraying my thoughts. He came down and fingered my clit. I felt a wild orgasm filling my body. I cried out. He pulled out. He hadn't cum. My knees were so weak, my body trembling and shaking with the orgasm. I wanted to fall to the floor but he did not let me. He made me down on my knees.

"Your stupid husband said you were a hot slut whore. Now suck me, bitch."
I could not even react; before I knew it, he grabbed the back of my head and shoved his giant cock in my mouth. He was so long. I couldn't take it. I gagged.

"Open your slut mouth up, bitch. Take it all." I looked up at him, staring into his eyes. I relaxed my throat, and finally we had a rhythm where he was fucking my mouth. He pumped faster and faster. "Bitch, I didn't think you could take it”
He fucked my aching mouth during a long time; then he pulled out and quickly stroked his cock in my face. He shot his load on my face and inside my mouth.
I tried to swallow it all but it was too much. His hot cum dripped down my face.
"That was very good, bitch. But the night has just started; you're mine until dawn”. "

He helped me up and dragged me to a bedroom, but the only furniture there was a mattress on the floor. He pushed me down on the sheets covering the mattress.

“Get on all fours, slut; I want to see your round white ass” he yelled at me.
“Please, you have fucked me with no mercy, no more please!! I begged sobbing.
"Shut up, bitch. You are mine for the rest of the night. I will fuck you in that round nice ass”. I shook my head. I was trembling.

He laughed and reached up between my spread legs. I screamed in pain when I felt his huge cock being shoved brutally in my asshole. My anus was on fire.

"You are the best slut white wife I ever fucked”. He said slapping my ass cheeks.
“Your stupid husband is a lucky bastard having this cunt most of the time for him”.
He fucked my ass very hard. I could tell he enjoyed sodomizing me and watching me crying in pain. Finally he came inside my body, filling my anus with his hot seed.
He pulled out from me and everything was quiet for a while. I was very tired and I passed away, curled up on the soaked cum sheets of the mattress.

Then, a few hours before dawn, I felt the black man coming again over me.
I opened my eyes and saw another black man standing there, naked, a full hard cock erected, pointing to the ceiling. I gasped. He was big; too much big. He was stroking his hard cock, which was at least twelve inches long. I started sobbing.
He walked up to my face, whipped his hard black cock across my face. Then walked behind me and inspected my ass. He slapped it hard a couple times; then he rammed his hard cock in my anus. He was merciless; fast and hard. I wanted him to stop. I squirmed. "Noooo, please. Noooo. I don't want this." I struggled.
But it was useless: his huge cock pounded my tight ass. He was bigger than the first man; longer and thicker. He was like a fucking machine. Never ceasing.
He made me have several anal orgasms. I don’t know how many.

I felt so humiliated, by enjoying that black monster fucking my anus. He finally came. I could feel him squirt his hot cum in me. He pulled his giant dick out of my ass and disappeared in the dark without a word.
The first man came to me for the last time.
"You did it very well this evening, bitch; you really was worth it. Well worth it."

He let me made my way to the door. He gave my ragged clothes and held my coat open as a real gentleman. He bent down and kissed my cheek. Then he opened the door and let me out, telling me we would meet again.
I rushed to our car, where Victor was waiting anxiously.
I just smiled to him, asking ironically: “When can I pay your next poker debt???”.

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