Black man at the gym

Black man at the gym

I tried to keep my body fit during the last years; I have been going three times a week to a near gym, making some workout routines, ride bicycle and machines.
One Tuesday I found the gym was almost empty during morning time. After a hard session of running and cycling, I decided to do some work with weight.

I scanned the weight room and saw that my favorite machine, located on a sunny corner, had been vacated by a black man, a giant muscled guy.I adjusted the machine and sat down; the seat was still warm and moist from its previous occupant.

I caught my eye on the huge black guy sitting now at my right. He was really tall and muscular, his skin dark as coal. I noticed his shaped calves and his thick, ripped thighs.
My eyes were drawn to a particular spot; he was really well endowed…

I became aware that I had caught staring and, embarrassed, I looked away. Smiling, the black man stood up and walked towards the men`s locker room.
He passed close by me, announcing to nobody; "Time for me to hit the shower,"

When I saw him walking, I could not help to stare his well hung crotch.
After a minute, I got up and followed him through the same door.

I saw nobody was around. Rounding a corner I saw him. He had already removed his top to reveal his incredible strong and shaped torso. He was staring at me.

"Well, baby, I saw you checking me out. You see anything you like?"

Absolutely lost in my lust, I walked straight up to this black stranger and touched his muscular bare chest, sliding down my hands until I reached out the base of his still flaccid cock.

I gasped feeling how thick it was; I moved my hands away, but the black giant grabbed me by the waist, whispering into my ear:
"What do you think we could do with that?"

Very slowly and looking him in the eyes, I slowed again my hands to feel the thick head between my fingers. I stroked it, feeling how it was stiffening.
"Oooh.... I don't know.... What do you want?". I said, biting my lower lip.

He pushed his pants down and a massive black cock flopped out. Still biting my lip and looking up at him, I dropped to my knees and sucked on the thick head.
I could feel it growing in my mouth. It might be at least eleven inches long.

"That feels good, babe, why don't you stand up and turn that ass around?"

I got up and turned around. I slipped my pants down over my round ass and down to my ankles. The black guy walked over, making me bend over, putting my hands against the wall. He fondled my ass cheeks with his rough hand and inserted a large finger between my pussy lips. I was dripping wet already.

He pulled his lubricated finger out and pushed it against my asshole, at the same time he was rubbing his dick against my now open and swollen pussy.

He finally shoved his monstrous cock deep inside my pussy at the same time as his thick finger penetrated my anus. I gasped in pleasure. Never before had I felt something so huge and hard inside me.
The black stranger fucked me hard, with a slow pace and I quickly reached at a crashing orgasm. My pleasure screams filled around the empty locker room.

"Oh, babe. I want to cum inside that nice ass of you"

He popped his finger out of my ass and took his huge dick out from my dripping wet pussy. I felt him positioning the tip of his wet dick at my asshole entrance.

"Oh, yes. I love it in my ass, but you're too big. Just go slow, okay?"

He pushed just the tip of his dick into my ass cheeks, he withdrawn from, then re-entered my ass several times, easing the opening. As my asshole relaxed, he moved further and further in with each stroke. Soon he began fucking me in the ass deeply with long, deliberate slow thrusts.

I could feel from his urgency that he was getting close. He pushed himself into my anus further than I thought imaginable; it hurt a little.

I came again as he continued to pound away at my ass.
Panting, he pulled out and moved around. He put his dick into my mouth and fucked my face as he spilled his thick, copious load into my throat.
I swallowed it down, not dripping a single drop out.

I reclined my back over a near bench and closed my eyes for a second.
Just as I wake up again, the black guy had disappeared, leaving me alone there, naked, covered in sweat and full of cum…
Was just a dream?? Was my imagination only??
My swollen pussy and sore ass said it was not for sure…

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2 months ago
wow .. that was a great story
6 months ago
This sounds fake as shit though..
6 months ago
Amazing story but would of been better if the load was in the ass xx
6 months ago
6 months ago
Well done! I loved the "his skin dark as coal" line

xoxo from Canada
6 months ago
Great story :)
6 months ago