Out of the highway

Out of the highway

I left the party at our friend’s home by midnight. My loving hubby Victor was arriving at the airport at the same time and we would meet at home two hours later.
I pulled away from friend’s old chalet in my Mercedes convertible. While I was driving, my head was filled with the thoughts about the wild sex session I was going to share at home with Victor after his four days trip to Baltimore. I was already damp underneath my short black cocktail dress and couldn't suppress a smile when I recalled going to the ladies room during the party to take my wet thong off.
I tried to call Victor to tell him to hurry and then realized that the battery was about dead.

"Vic, honey, hurry up… I’m so fucking horny, I need you!" I barely could say to him.

Then I decided to jump on the freeway to save time. I had made it several miles, when from nowhere an object appeared in the middle of the lane. It was too late to avoid it and I ran over it.
I felt fear and worry, hearing that my nice car was now making squealing sounds. I decided to take the exit ramp and find a place to call for help. Immediately, I regretted my decision as the neighborhood was a dark area filled with old warehouses and lonely streets.
But the Mercedes was now becoming hard to steer, so I pulled to the curb in front of a low building that seemed to be in a bit better shape than most around. Even though the street was quiet with apparently nobody at sight, it took me several minutes to summon the courage to step outside and survey the damage. One front tire was blown and the front rim was bent. There was no way to drive it.
I hit the auto lock and walked towards the front door of the building. The door was heavy with only one small dark glass window. I started banging on the glass, but nobody came to my call.

Suddenly I heard a buzzing sound to the right, which was indicating me that the door had been opened. I jumped for the handle and stepped into a dark room closing the door quickly behind me.
"What do you want?" A deep voice called behind some dark blinds.

"Sir, my car has been damaged and I need to use your phone to call for help, please." I replied.
Suddenly, the blinds were pulled up and a black man, a giant black man in his mid forties appeared.
The black man looked at me from my head to my high heels in silence and then spoke again as he stared directly at my cleavage. "Show me your big boobs, if you want to use my phone, bitch."

"Excuse me? I'm just asking to use the phone." I said angrily.

"If you want to use the phone, you have to show me your boobs, or get the fuck out of here."
I turned back and threw open the door, stepping outside; finding myself back where I started.
I decided to walk to the right, but after a few yards I heard footsteps and voices. Across an open lot were six young boys; apparently were black ones, walking and moving in my direction.

I was sure they would **** me when they saw me in my black cocktail dress, so then I turned and moved as quickly and quietly as I could. Finally I came back to the same door and the buzzing sound was a relief. I stepped inside, where the huge black stared at me; his long arms crossing his chest.

“Well, well, well, bitch… you have changed your mind??”
"Please, you must help me. There is a black men gang coming this way!" I exclaimed breathlessly.

“You have a problem with niggers, baby… cause I’m one of them”, he yelled angrily."You missed the chance of showing me your nice boobs if you wanted to stay here, bitch; now the price is different… I will fuck your round tight asshole instead”
"No, please, you can't", I sobbed.

"Then get the fuck out." He commanded. “May be you are a lucky girlie and have only to blow some black dicks outside there” He smiled ironically.

The voices could now be heard coming down the street; I commenced to shake in fear and cry.
"You want me to turn the lights on out there? Those boys won't be nice like me." He threatened.

“Take your nice dress off, bitch, I want to see your naked body” He said in his deep voice.

"Please." I begged sobbing, “I just need a phone”.

"Lose that dress, bitch, or you'll be the center of a black gang party tonight." He answered.
My trembling hands reached behind my back and lowered the zipper on my dress. Humiliation made me go slow which had the effect of further arousing the black bastard. The dress slipped to my feet and suddenly I found myself fully naked, just on my high heels, in front of this rude black giant.
"I knew it, bitch, only whores don't wear panties." He said staring at my shaved pussy.

He then took his clothes off and came closer to me. I gasped when I saw his black dick. It was a real monster cock, more than ten inches long at least. He surely would tear my asshole apart if he tried to put this thing inside my anus.
I made my final attempt to protect myself, fighting like a tigress, scratching his face and chest with my nails, but all was useless. He punched me in my stomach and I fell to the floor in defeat, where I stayed on my hands and knees panting and sobbing.
The black giant grabbed a handful of lubricating lotion from a nearer cupboard and unceremoniously rubbed it into my tight asshole. I gasped when I felt his rude finger probing my rear entrance.

"No, please don't do this." I begged him while trying to catch my breath.

He did not even answer me. Just lined himself behind me, making my legs apart and with his long arm wrapped around my waist, he used the other hand to position his dick close to my asshole.
Then I could feel his mushroom head touching my very tight back opening and tried to avoid its probing but the lotion made it easy for him and with a grunt he shoved this hard piece of meat deep inside my poor anus in just one thrust.

"Noooo!" I screamed in pain, trying to pull away buy he had a firm grip on my waist.

I fell forward on my hands and cried in pain. The monster cock was ripping my ass apart.
Seconds turned to minutes and the black man just kept going and enjoying. I had caught my breath and had stopped crying. I was resigned to be ****d in my ass, but wanting it over quickly. The bastard could seem to be a fucking machine, no signs of tiredness after half an hour pumping.

The truth was I had never been with a man with such stamina. My regular lovers had been always close to the point of premature ejaculation and my husband Victor rarely made it past five minutes.

Suddenly I commenced to feel a pleasant heat coming from my body. I was being sodomized by ****, but my pussy was betraying me, commencing to generate a warm wave of orgasm. I tried to think it away making myself to accept the humiliation of the ****. But the harder I tried the closer an orgasm seemed to come upon me. I bit hard my finger. I would not give this bastard the satisfaction.

"Hurry up and finish, you bastard." I yelled at him, but it was more a plea than a command.

A sound of pleasure escaped from my mouth. It was supposed to be silent. The man heard it.

“Please don't let this happen” I thought, crying in silence and pleasure.
The feeling finally started between my open legs and radiated outward. I fought it in my legs, but it wouldn't back away. My mouth was open and my eyes closed.
Then it was gone.

"Umm...ohhh...ohhh...oh no....oh no...nooooooo!!!!" I cried. “Please....don't stop." I demanded.
I lay face down on the floor, my arms too exhausted to hold me up. The bastard kept up his assault on my ass and finally tensed his back, filling my anus with his warm semen.
He rested on my back during a few seconds; then he took his giant cock off from my sore asshole and grabbed his clothes, going to watch outside the dark street.
"Bad news about your car, baby… the gang took it away from the street” he spoke in a sad way.
“Are you ready to use the phone?" He asked me. “You have earned it with your nice ass”
I did not answer him, just went back down on the table and spread my long legs, offering myself.
“You have not tasted my sweet pussy yet, you nigger bastard” I told him, closing my eyes…

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