Watchin Anita fucking a BBC

Watching Anita fucking a BBC

I found out that my sweet wife Anita loved to be fucked by big black cocks, but still she hesitated to confess it to me.
When living in Miami, I had to go one time to New York on business and Ana asked me to come with me and pay a visit to some friends there.
We were resting in our seats during the flight and I could notice that she was looking in a persistent way at a black male flight attendant. He was a tall young man, handsome, but I thought he could be gay.
I asked Ana if she would like to have that man inside her.
She smiled and replied:
“Shut up, is just a good looking man”“I know what you are thinking… he is not gay” she whispered in my ear.
I smiled and challenged her to prove I was wrong. She did not even answer me; just closed her beautiful eyes and rested her head on my shoulder.
When we were about half an hour from landing, Ana woke up, telling me she was going to the toilette. I turned my head, watching and enjoying the soft movement of her round hips when she walked to the aft section of the plane.
Fifteen minutes later she came back, with an evil look in her eyes. Her hair was a mess and her face was red, but she looked relaxed. She sat down and kissed me with her sexy open lips. I could notice some strange taste in her mouth.
“I told you honey… he is not gay, you just tasted his thick black semen…”
I could not even believe it, but it was true. My sweet wife had been locked with the black man inside the toilette and she had sucked his cock until he had filled her mouth with his semen.
“I have still more things to tell you, honey, his name is Aaron and he will be until tomorrow staying at the same hotel we hired. I arranged everything for tonight; he will fuck me hard, never mind if you are there as a witness or not”, she said.
I answered that I would love to see her fucked by that black man and would enjoy it very much. I would be present there.
After checking at the hotel, Ana stayed there resting at our room and I made contact with some people from the company.
Later I joined Ana and we went out to enjoy a walk and a light dinner.
When we had finished, her cell phone rang. She answered smiling at me. It was Aaron, ready to get into action if Anita had not changed her mind. She told him to be at our room in fifteen minutes. After finishing the chat she grabbed my hand and put it behind the table, right inside between her legs. She was not wearing panties and her pussy lips were already open and really wet.
Ana smiled, telling me she was fucking horny and was wishing to have that black man’s cock deep inside her body.
“You cannot imagine the huge size of his penis, honey. I think he will tear me up with that monster black cock” she said
She asked me if I would agree to let Aaron fuck her in the ass; I said it was fine for me, but only just if he was careful…

We arrived back at the hotel. Ana locked up inside the bathroom and some minutes later came out. She was wearing only a black silk nightgown, very sexy indeed and just a pair of high heels. She showed me her pussy, already moist, her soft lips a little bit open, red and swollen.
“Bitch, the man has not arrived yet and you are dripping wet!!!” I yelled to my sexy wife. She just smiled and came closer to me.
“Do you want to be the first one???, just tell me, honey; we can make this black stallion wait for a long while, if you want”.
But then some knock at the door indicated the black man was there, ready to make my wife enjoy a deep nice fuck…
Ana opened the door and kissed him, introducing me. He was a little bit surprised finding me there, but Ana told him I would only be there watching at them during the fuck session, nothing else.
My wife got closer to him and kissed again, moaning in pleasure. I knew she was getting aroused.
"Oh my gawd” she squealed. She must have felt against her body the large black cock she would get soon deep inside her pussy and ass.
“I did not realize it would be such a monster size cock” she said.
Aaron smiled and told her: “You will love my huge hard cock, bitch”.
"Are you sure that you just watch, man"? He asked politely to me.

I nodded yes, sipping my scotch on the rocks.
"May I get rough with her, do you mind??"

"You may, but please, I don’t want to spend the night at the hospital" I told him.

Soon he pulled her to him and kissed her indeed passionately, pulling her sexy nightgown out of her firm nice body. Aaron then shoved his fingers inside Ana’s pussy, making her moan loudly.
He slapped my sweet wife buttocks and soon had her on her knees, with his huge monster nine inches cock inside her pretty mouth. She groaned loudly as she sucked him. He roughly pulled her face into his large cock, making her choking and gasping.
Aaron suddenly grabbed my wife’s hair with one hand and put her on her feet, making her swing until she rested on the sofa, with her beautiful legs spread wide open in the air. He got closer, put her ankles onto his strong shoulders and rammed his huge cock into Ana's slippery cunt with one hard shove of his hips.

"Aaaaahhhhhh"!!! My sweet wife moaned. I knew she had never had a big cock like that inside her. The bastard had a giant piece of meat really. Aaron reached around her waist and tugged her breasts back into her as he rammed her.

I enjoyed this so much; my own cock was hard as a rock.

Then the black man pulled his dick out of my wife's pussy, telling her to bend over on her hands and knees. He spat on his hand and rubbed her tight asshole. I was so fucking excited, he was going o fuck her in the ass, I just watched in silence.

He moved forward and began working the big head of his cock into Anita’s anus,

"Aaaaarrrrghh !!” she squealed out loud. She was sure now that it was a huge cock really; she cried in pain loudly, feeling every inch going deeper in her ass.

His rhythm got more in tune with her body, I could see her quivering as this black guy fucked her roughly in her ass, He held her round hips as he tore into her tight entrance.
I watched this black man working over my wife; he used her body for his own pleasure, not caring about the cries or screaming coming from Anita's mouth. He seemed to be a fucking machine, no sign of being tired after forty minutes shag.

He told her that he would cover her face in his hot cream.
"Not yet, nigger bastard, fuck my ass harder, harder!!!" She yelled at him.
Aaron then doubled his assault on her ass even harder and faster.
My sweet Anita was now crying in pain, not in pleasure; I saw the difference.

He fucked her harder as she moaned loudly. I could see his huge cock buried deep inside Ana's anus. His balls smacking her shaved wet oozing cunt.
Finally she screamed out in orgasm, while being assfucked.

"Aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!" Her entire body quivered as he used her.

Soon he also grunted in his own orgasm and some seconds later pulled his dick out from my wife's ass, still dropping semen. He told Ana she was the best white married bitch he had fucked in his whole life.
"You have my number, slut, I will come to fuck you hard whenever you want it"
Then Aaron put his clothes on, thanked me for letting him fuck my wife and left.
I picked Ana from the floor where she was lying and put her onto the bed. I couldn't control myself, I bent her over her stomach, removed my pants and fucked her swollen pussy until I came inside her. I grunted as I filled her.
Ana thanked me for being so good husband to her.
I promised that before coming back home, I would get some other black well hung men to fuck her in front of me...
She smiled and fainted into my arms.

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