Paying my husband debts

Paying my husband debts
We had came a little bit late to the party that night. Everyone was already there and I could feel all men eyes watching my body; some wives also looked at me in defiance, I could note they hated me.
I was wearing a long cocktail dress, backless and made out of soft black velvet; a slit up the side revealed a nice amount of my firmly shaped long legs. That was the reason why I felt every man present there wanted to fuck me… and some wives also wanted the same, I guess.
After two hours dancing and having some red wine glasses, my husband Victor told me to go upstairs and wait inside the last room on the left side.
The room was very nice and comfortable; a giant window gave a beautiful panorama of the back yard, now very dark, but still it was an amazing view.
The door was opened. For a brief moment, the sounds of the party downstairs came in; music and laughter ... then the door was closed again. Footsteps came slowly across the room towards me.

I did not even turn out from the window. I kept standing there, staring out into the night at the yard.
“Do you want it now?”I asked, feeling him close to me.

“It's not your loving Victor.” A deep unknown voice whispered into my ear.

“What?”I began to open my mouth, but he was already behind me, his strong hands on my round hips and shoulders, stopping me from turning around.

“What's going on?” I tried to struggle, “Where is Victor????”

“Hush, babe, your husband said I could borrow you for awhile” the man said “He also told me you should understand the nature of my agreement with him.”

I could feel now his growing hard erection pressing against my buttocks. I was almost naked; just wearing a light silk thong under my cocktail dress; my tanned legs did not need pantyhose at all.

“Where is my husband? I want to speak with him!!”I insisted, desperately. “I didn't agree to this.”

“But he already did” the unknown man said, now kissing my shoulders and exposed back.“Your husband said if you love him, you better keep quiet and do as I say.”

I tried to squirm, but he was too strong. I only could stare helpless as he continued to care along my body, up to my breasts, then down to my thighs through my dress. His hands found the slit in my long skirt and came back up again, until I felt cool air on my skin. The dress had been raised, exposing my small black thong to him. I felt his crotch pressing against my almost bare ass, while his hands came around the front and began to stroke my vaginal lips through the silky fabric of the thong.

“Please stop”I begged whispering to him, feeling my breath becoming a little bit shorter.

“Shut up, bitch” He said close to my ear, “Your stupid husband said I could do whatever I wanted with you. Take your slutty panties off. And don't turn over; I want you to look out the window.”

I hesitated for a few seconds, but then he swept my skirt to one side and grabbed my thong between his fingers, ragging it and taking down the pieces to my knees.
I heard the man unzipping his pants.

“Nice piece of ass, Ana, your husband is a lucky bastard” he whispered.
I swallowed some angry words, but kept silent, bracing myself for penetration.
“Want to be fucked in your pussy, or you would prefer to be buttfucked?” He asked.
Now I could feel my vagina was well lubricated. “Please, fuck my pussy” I begged softly.
It came in one stiff thrust, filling up my tight vagina and making me scream in pain. His cock was really hard and large, bigger than my husband Victor’s. I couldn’t turn to see him, but I imagined he was a black man… a well hung black man.
He made me bend over the window sill and rammed himself deep inside my body, slapping against my buttocks and reaching forward to grope my heavy boobs. I close my eyes, hearing him moaning and biting my neck, starting to fuck me faster and harder.
All I could do was to moan loudly, now my eyes wide open staring out the window, my mouth hanging open, not sure if I was enjoying it or not. I could feel pleasure and disgust at the same time, but the experience was absolutely erotic.
I was trying to imagine that the unknown man was to be strong and handsome, even if he was so impolite to me and was fucking me with no mercy. I clenched my pussy tightly on the invading cock and felt warmth spreading throughout my body as I got wetter and wetter.

“You are so fucking good, babe; I love your killer body.” He kept thrusting deep inside me until finally I felt him withdraw; making me to turn around very quickly. Before I could look at him in the eyes, he pushed me to my knees, having his large cock close to my face as he jerked himself. It was black.

“Suck me, bitch” he ordered. I barely had open my lips when I felt his hot semen exploding into my mouth, making me choke and swallow a large mouthful. The man grabbed my hair and pushed his cock further into my mouth, his body jerking. I feltI would drown if I had to swallow more semen. Finally he began to calm down and withdrew his messy cock, covered in my saliva and his cum.

The man put his still hard cock away and walked back to the door, as I remained on my knees, wiping his semen from my mouth with the back of my hand. He turned into the darkness and told me:

“He still has other assignments for you”. “He instructed me to tell you that.” Then he left me alone.

I rose from the floor and sat on the bed, taking my ragged thong off my legs. Then I lowered my black velvet dress, feeling my wet pussy still buzzing and sore from the brief sex session.
I took another sip of wine and went close to the window, staring out in the darkness and wondering when the door would be open again…

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A great story. I wish I could have watched this guy using my wife