Girl night out goes wild

Girl night out goes wild.

My husband Victor and I started dating during our last year in high school.
He was my first boyfriend and the first man I ever kissed.
Until the night before our wedding, he had been my only lover, and I haven’t been with another one since my marriage to Victor. First time we made love was when both were eighteen. It was really wonderful because we loved each other so much. But, physically, it was very painful.
Victor’s dick was the first thing ever inserted into my tight vagina. I had never even used a tampon, nor had never fingered myself or shoved a dildo deep inside. Victor had an average size dick, about seven inches.
I was very wet and excited when he pushed into me for the first time. But it really hurt. I cried and screamed a lot in pain.
The next couple of times making love to Victor hurt a bit.
But, since then it was quite fine.
Even though he asked, before marriage, I never gave him a blow job.
He also asked to have anal sex with me, but I always said no.
I could not even image how painful anal sex would be.

The night before our wedding day, several of my girlfriends surprised me by dragging me out to a bachelorette party. I had a real “nice girl” image from having stayed a virgin so long.
I think they wanted to embarrass me a little and have some fun with me.
I dressed up thinking we were just going out to dinner. A very short black strapless dress, a pair of shining black high heels and also black silk panties, of course no bra at all, being very small breasted.

We started the evening by going to a restaurant for dinner.
At the end of the night we went at a club that was featuring male strippers.

I was truly embarrassed when we went in, seeing at least a half dozen guys walking around totally naked and most of them had huge cocks.
I was worst when some of them paid attention to me since I was the bride.
After about an hour, two of the dancers came and took me by the hands.
They said that my friends had arranged a “private dance” for me.
I couldn’t believe it. I was dragged into a private room and sat in a chair; the two guys blindfolded me and said I had to wait for my private dancer to come in. Then I felt the blindfold being taken off of me.
I was shocked when I saw an enormous muscular black man standing in front of me wearing just a minuscule white slip covering barely what seemed to be a huge and hard penis.
His body was really perfect, not even an ounce of fat on him.
He looked like a professional athlete, an Olympic god.
In a deep voice, Cuban accent, he introduced himself as “Superman”.
He started to dance in a sexy way and his hand went down to his slip.
I was guessing he wouldn’t take them off. But then he turned around to face away from me and with one fast movement ripped off the small cloth.
I was staring at his muscular black buttocks swinging in front of me.
He turned around and I was shocked to see a huge black penis hanging half way down his thigh and about a thick as a big banana.
My eyes really could not believe it.
I heard him laugh and say “I bet you have never seen one like this before”.
I just shook my head “No”.

He started dancing again and his huge black penis was swinging back and forth, back and forth, close to my face. Then he got a hard erection.
It grew even bigger until it was pointing straight up to me.
Superman walked closer which made me very uncomfortable.
He stepped very close and his penis was at same level with my mouth.
He asked “Would you like to have a taste of it into your mouth, baby?”
I don’t know what happened to me, but I leaned forward and very, very carefully I touched that huge head of his dick with my soft lips.
I looked up and Superman was smiling.
He moved forward and I could feel his penis bang into the side of my face. His hand touched my chin.
I looked up and for some reason my mouth just fell open.
He slipped the swollen head of his black dick inside.
I felt the Superman’s thick firm cock exploring deeper into my mouth.
I started choking.
At this point and I got really scared. It was like I was outside of my body and standing back watching this stranger fuck me in the mouth.
I wanted to stop, but couldn’t.
I started to taste a thick salty liquid. It was Superman’s semen.
I had never tasted something like this before.
He started to moan, grabbed the back of my head with both hands, and then I felt his huge cock wildly pulsating inside my mouth and he began to pump mouthfuls of hot salty cum deep inside my throat.
I pulled back hard and my mouth began to fill and I swallowed his semen.
I pushed back again and his penis came out of my mouth.
He was still dripping that white milk.
He was massaging himself in front of me to make him cum more.
The final two shots landed on my strapless black dress, my face and my hair. I really was a mess.
I couldn’t believe what had just happened! I was getting married the next day and I had just sucked off this muscular and huge black stranger.
I had never even done this for Victor.

He stepped back and handed me a cloth napkin off; I whipped off my face and my dress.
He was just standing there staring at my full body. I stood up, in shock.
He stepped close again and lifted me by my hips onto a nearby table.
I couldn’t believe I was passively sitting there letting him do this.
He pushed on my shoulders to lay me down on the table. I saw his head disappear underneath my dress, felt my panties pulled aside, and felt his tongue probing my vagina. Electric currents shot through my body.
I involuntarily spread my legs wide for him and started to moan heavily.
He grabbed my black panties and pulled them off of me. He made me spread my thighs further apart and started to suck my clitoris very hard.
I screamed in pleasure and had a very messy orgasm, and another, and another, and another. It was an incredible sensation.
Superman spread my ass cheeks and licked my butthole with his tongue.
At one point, I knew his tongue was a couple of inches inside my asshole.
I had never been touched there before.

After many, many orgasms, I felt Superman stop and saw him stand up.
Then I noticed that he had a huge erection again. He reached down, grabbed my hips pulling my butt to the edge of the table.
He then positioned himself between my legs, taking my knees wide apart.
I watched as he positioned the round head of his huge black cock against my tiny, pink, wet vagina lips. As he leaned in I felt the pressure of that huge cock against my opening, I screamed “Nooooooo!”
A second later I felt a really giant thing was going into me.
I got scared when I felt his full size inside my body.
The pain was incredible. I knew I was being stretched like never before and I began to worry that he was tearing me down there.
After about ten thrusts I stretched enough to accommodate his giant size.
I screamed “No more, I can’t take any more, please!!!!”
He pulled his cock all the way out of my vagina, showed it to me, and put it all the way in again and again.
He did this about ten times. I said “No more, it hurts.”
But he smiled and said “I haven’t got the best part yet.”
He put about half of himself into me and began thrust slowing in and out.
I had several more orgasms, moaning and screaming in pleasure.
I heard him start to moan and then his huge cock exploded inside of me.
I felt it pump, pump, pump, pump, pump inside of my belly.
I said “Please, don’t cum inside me; I’m not on the pill.”
He pulled out and finished all over outside my pussy lips. He squirted on me about five more times.

I struggle to sit up. I was even messier than before. When I stood up, my dress fell back down around my thighs.
Suddenly some of Superman’s sperm came out of my vagina and run down my inner thighs. I bent over to pick up my panties from the floor.

When I was in that position, Superman pushed me forward and I ended up face down, lying on the table. I felt him lifting up my dress from behind.
I turned my head to say “Hey, what are you doing?”
He was hard again and moving toward me, grabbing my ass cheeks with both hands and making me spread wide apart.
He leaned in and I suddenly felt a burning pressure in my very tight anus.
I thought to myself “Oh no, he is going to sodomize me.”
I screamed “Stop, no more, please. I have never done anal”.

He replied, “What are you going to do, baby, tell your finance about me?
He was now angry and pushed his penis about an inch into my anus.
The pain was really unbearable. I couldn’t believe it.
I was being sodomized by a perfect stranger for the first time of my life.
“You can’t do this, I am getting married tomorrow.” I yelled to him, but he kept pushing even deeper and deeper inside my now sore asshole.

I felt myself tear more with each thrust. He buried himself deep in my anus.
I was crying in anger and pain at that point.
After about two minutes of hard pumping, he started grunting again.
I knew what was going to happen next. His penis exploded in me again.
The pain was worse while he was ejaculating his seed inside my asshole.
He shot deep into me and his sperm entered my bowels. I don’t know how much he came, but he was pumping inside of me for about thirty seconds.
I felt a final twinge of pain as he pulled the head of his penis out of my anus. I could see again his semen running down my thighs. He really hurt me!

I put my dress back on, picked my panties and ran into the ladies room.
Then I sat on the toilet for about then minutes, while my own juices and the black man sperm were dripping out of my swollen vagina and anus.
I cleaned myself up as best I could and finished getting dressed.
I definitely looked like I had been fucked. I went back into the bar to join my girlfriends. I had no idea that I had been in that room with Superman for about ninety minutes. The girls thought that “something” probably had happened. But, of course, I would never tell them the truth. I said I had fun, thanked them all, and told them I was going home because I was tired.

On the way home I began to get more and more ashamed of myself. I could never tell Victor what had happened. When I got back to my apartment I sat on the toilet, and tried to wash all of Superman’s sperm out from my body.
Later I put a hand mirror between my legs and see how badly I was hurt.
My pussy labia were like a beet red from the trauma of Superman being inside me. I really was very sore. I moved the mirror back some and spread my butt cheeks. My anus was still gaping open and I could felt a deep ardor.
I thought for myself, “Will I ever be the same again?”

The next morning I was so sore between my legs that I could barely walk. My mother came over and helped me dress for the wedding.
She wondered why I was acting so strange. I told her I had my period. My period had been last week and I felt she was a little suspicious.

Later I thought I had never let Victor enjoy my mouth or go into my ass. But this perfect black stranger guy had managed to get both things in less than a minute. It seemed unfair to my loving Victor.
Since our marriage, I had let him use my mouth and my ass whenever he wanted. And I enjoyed so much!!.

About two years later, Victor and I were shopping downtown in another city, when I saw Superman walking down the street.
He looked at me, smiled and passed close to me without saying a word.

I have ever felt like such a slut for what I did that night!

Every time I see a young bride, I wonder what Superman has done to her..

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7 months ago
True story?
8 months ago
Hahahahaha... NOOOOOOO, he just destroyed my asshole with his huge dick !!!
8 months ago
He taught you how to be a better lover!