Night surprise

Night surprise

I climbed into bed with Victor and I cuddled up tightly to him. It always makes me feel safe knowing that he is close to me. I began to drift into a happy dream. Suddenly I felt Victor being pulled from my side. I could sense that something was going wrong. I heard voices but could see no one in the darkness.

A strong pair of hands reached down and held me onto the bed, one hand covering my mouth. I realized that there were three men in the bedroom.

The bedroom lights came on; I was obliged to watch as two of them pulled Victor from the bed and tied him to the chair across the bedroom. He fought them but they were too strong. They secured his legs and arms to the chair.
Then they turned towards me. I wanted to scream but I couldn’t.
Neither could I run or even cry. I realized that to resist was pointless.

The one holding me down told me to be quite. He released his hand from over my mouth, letting me out a gasp of air.
I suddenly sat upright and tried to struggle. But then they grabbed me by my ankles and wrists, knocking me back onto the bed.

I felt naked in front of them even though I had a cotton shirt still on.
As the others held me down I watched as the largest man began to touch me. He ran his hands over my chest. I tried to struggle again, but they hold me tighter. He moved forward and ripped my shirt from me, leaving almost naked, just my panties on.
He leaned over me, hands on my breasts, turned to Victor and smiled.
"What a beautiful pair of tits your slut wife has!"
He inclined his head and I felt his tongue licking my nipples.
Every fiber in my body wanted to struggle but I knew it was pointless.
The other man holding my wrists pushed his face into mine, making me to open my mouth and pushing his tongue deep inside my throat.
I felt a hand travelling roughly up my inner thigh towards my panties.

"Spread your legs!" they ordered and I obeyed but reluctantly.

I laid there waiting for them to do something. One reached down between my legs and began to touch my pussy through my panties.
"The bitch has her sweet pussy shaved!". They continued touching me.
My panties finally were ripped off me and some fingers began to probe my sex. I felt so ashamed and helpless as they ravaged my body. I felt worried and more ashamed as I realized that I my pussy was becoming wet.

I turned my head and looked towards Victor. He looked back at me.
My eyes pleaded with him but I knew that he was powerless to help me.
Somebody pressed a cock into my face as I realized with a sickening feeling that I was expected to suck it.

My hair was pulled from behind and my mouth was guided towards this large cock. The rude man placed it in my mouth and had to fight every instinct in my body not to bite it.
I resisted as my hair was pulled and I was obliged to take it as far back as my throat could allow.
Faster and faster it was rammed into my mouth, I felt it beginning to twitch and I knew that he was about to come.
I tried to pull away but I was held there. I could feel his sperm pumping from his cock. I felt it trickling down my throat and had to swallow it all.
He turned again to Victor "Your wife gives good head, she is such a whore".

I felt hands all over my body. Some fingers began to probe my pussy. One large finger, then two, slipped inside me. I felt mouths clamping onto my hard nipples. Part of me wanted them to stop, but the other one did not want it.
The large man stood over me. I realized that he was who had his fingers buried inside me. He pushed my legs wide apart as the others plundered my body.
He pushed his cock towards my pussy entrance.

"Oh, no, please no" I heard myself pleading with him.
"Shut your nice mouth up and take it, bitch".

I knew my resistance was useless as he opened my legs further apart and pushed his cock deep inside me. He pumped my pussy mercilessly, faster and harder than I had ever been drilled before.
Again another cock was now into my mouth. As I sucked, I realized that I was actually enjoying the sensations that were beginning within me.
I tried to resist them but as this huge and hard cock pumped deep into my pussy I found these feelings harder to fight.
I finally relaxed my body, feeling myself beginning to orgasm.

I just could not help as I lost myself in the feeling of my orgasm as his cock pumped harder and faster as he was also reaching to his own one.
I felt his cock pumping his seed deep inside me. At the same time, my mouth was filled with spunk. The large man climbed off when he was finished.
I was turned over and told to stay on all fours. A finger probed my pussy once again. It travelled towards my asshole and it pushed deep into it.
I squirmed as it entered, in pain and shame.

It made my asshole smart. I wanted them to stop but at the same time did not. Two men got up and went closer over Victor.
They untied his bonds and made him come closer to our marital bed.
"You would like to get a good view as I plunder your wife's ass" he was told.
I felt a huge dick rubbing against my wet clit and then began to slide towards my tight virgin ass. I cried out in agony pain as the rude man began to get his hard erection deeper into my tight asshole.
He held me face down onto the pillows as he slipped into me.
I felt he was filling me completely with his hard dick.
I managed to raise my head to look at Victor. He was looking at me and I felt strange as I began to realize that he appeared to be enjoying the view.
I had seen that look in his eyes before, the look of lust.
As the guy behind me penetrated deeper into my asshole I screamed out.
I was really in a state of confusion as I looked again at Victor. I could see the excitement in his eyes as he was watching this rude man destroying my ass.
I noted his cock was starting to bulge. I wanted him to shag me, not these men.

As the third intruder began to drill my now very sore asshole, Victor was ordered to remove his clothes and obliged to stand in front of me.
I realized just how much this situation was turning him on.
His cock was harder than I had ever seen it before.
He was pushed over me and ordered to shove his hard cock in my mouth.
I greedily took it and could not believe how horny was beginning to feel as I had my husband cock deep inside my throat, while my ass was being drilled by a complete stranger.
Without any warning the guy abusing my ass began to come. I could feel his warm seed pumping deep inside my body as I sucked Victor's cock.

My hair was pulled again and I was yanked away from Victor.
One of the guys ordered my husband to lie on the bed and then they told me to ride on his hard cock. I looked at him; I had never seen Victor so excited.
I moved onto the bed and straddled him. As I began to lower myself onto his cock, another man helped me guiding Victor’s cock into my wet pussy.
I gasped as I felt it swelling deep inside me.
"Seems to be your slut wife is beginning to enjoy this!" They laughed.
"Has this bitch ever had her ass drilled while you were inside her?"
"No." answered Victor.
"I think it's time she did, don't you think so?"
No answer was given; just one look at my husband’s face said it all.

I was pushed forward onto Victor’s chest and a finger was slipped into my tight but wet asshole.
"I am going to enjoy this bitch", somebody said.
Without any warning this guy kneeled on the bed, thrusting his large cock deep inside my tight asshole in one movement. I let out a small scream as he did.

"Keep the bitch quiet!" A cock was close to my face. I did not have to be told to suck it this time around. As I was drilled in every orifice I felt my body respond.
I had stopped fighting and began to really enjoy the sensations that were washing over me. My body began to tense as I neared my own orgasm.
When I felt this, I totally relaxed my body and enjoyed it.
If they were going to use my body I was going to use theirs as well.
I pushed myself deeper onto Victor`s cock as I felt him begin to come.
The guy ravaging my ass also started to pump his sperm inside me.
The cock that I was swallowing began to twitch and I greedily licked it eager to taste the sperm from it. As he came he splashed my face with his spunk.

I kissed Victor and made him taste the come in my mouth. He raised his head, smiled and whispered to my ear, "Guess you enjoyed my surprise in the end".

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omg that sooo hot my cock sooo hard right now
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Fucking hot!!