The Work Colleague (Part 2 - Her P.O.V.)

The same storyline/situation as 'The Work Colleague', but from her perspective this time. Feel free to read them side-by-side!

I was still pretty new to the place, but I'd been there long enough to know that there was a cute guy working in the office adjacent to mine. I'd caught the odd glimpse of him through the window, and I thought I'd seen him looking at me too but couldn't be sure. From where I was he seemed like a fairly handsome guy, about 6ft tall and slim, not overly muscular or anything. But now I was about to see him close up for the first time and actually started to feel the butterflies as I approached the door and entered the office he worked in. I'd been asked to give him some paperwork and thus gave me us a first real opportunity to connect. As it happened, it was all too brief, and we didn't really talk much - he thanked me and smiled at me and I saw that he had kind eyes, which made me smile back at him warmly. I noticed that he smelled really nice also, a mixture of some sort of fruity aftershave and a fresh just-had-a-shower smell, which is always a bonus. As I walked away I could feel his eyes watching me the whole time, and I liked it.

After a couple of weeks of random encounters I happened to bump into him in the car park - not literally, that would have to wait a while - as he was unlocking his bike. I started to approach him whilst he was bent over and saw that he had firm, toned thighs and a cute ass that I wanted to pinch. He'd seen me walk over and I decided to take the bull by the horns and start a conversation with him, as the bicycle had given us some common ground on which to do so. I explained that I regularly rode at weekends (with innuendo abound of course) and that I was happy for him to join me if he wanted to. He was more than willing to accept my invitation, and we made our arrangements there and then before I watched him ride away. I took a lingering look at his thighs once more and imagined to myself what they would be like to hold. By the time I'd got into my car I felt a trickle of moisture slowly working its way out of my pussy, and I ended up driving just a little bit faster than usual, as I planned on having a play with myself and relieving my frustration one I'd gotten home.

I knew I had a good body, I mean, I wasn't stupid. But I wasn't one of those people who normally went out my way to highlight the fact. Most of my clothes were fairly conservative, but if I wanted to wear tighter jeans to make my ass look better and curvier, or low-cut tops to emphasize my breasts, then I would do. Today was looking like being a beautiful spring day and I was, after all, going to riding a bike so I figured a pair of shorts would do the job. I did a lot of dancing and cycling and I just knew he'd enjoy looking at my smooth legs and pert ass, even more than he'd done with the odd glimpse at work before now. I'd put on my favourite lacy panties, too, and pulled them up slightly so that he'd see them peeping over my red shorts, with any luck.

I got there before him, which was understandable considering I'd invited him to an area that was closer to where I lived than he. I only had to wait about 10 minutes, though, before he arrived. He too was wearing shorts, which I was happy about as I got to see his lovely thighs again. He had a T-shirt on also, which looked good on him as although he didn't have rippling muscles or anything, like I'd said before, it only served to accentuate his torso and arms nevertheless. We chatted for a while and I told him I'd lead the way as I knew some nice country lanes and paths that we could navigate. I also knew that there would be very few people, if any, about at this time in the morning which would leave certain areas all to ourselves, although I didn't mention this last part to him.

As we rode, he stayed by my side most of the time unless the paths got too narrow, in which case he would follow me closely. I knew I was giving him a major eyeful of my ass and lower back, and once again I was relishing the effect it was probably having on him. After a while I led him into a small area that was surrounded by trees on three sides, with the open side leading into a field and exposed to the sun. It was a place I'd come to many times as a young girl and throughout my teens, sometimes with friends but sometimes just because I wanted to be alone and appreciate the tranquility of the setting. We both got off our bikes and laid them to rest, whilst I laid a blanket down for us both to sit down and have drinks.

We talked for a while about various things, and he seemed to take an interest in the fact that I was a part-time dancer. I'd told him how I'd taken up dancing as a somewhat outlandish dare to myself to help conquer my shyness. It had certainly helped, I can't deny that, and so much so that I decided that I wanted to make the first real move in our new friendship. He'd just made a rather forward comment that complimented my physique, which I was keen to show my appreciation for, so I made out that I was leaning over for a drink from his water bottle but instead moved in for a kiss. I could tell he was initially surprised by my actions as for the first couple of seconds he didn't really react, but his surprise quickly turned into desire and he began to kiss me tenderly, using one of his hands to push my hair back behind my ear. At this point I was still on all fours, but he gradually fell back onto the blanket as I lied on top of him and we continued to kiss hungrily. I could feel his hard cock pressed against my crotch as I moved my legs either side of his as if to straddle, and I was certainly enjoying the feeling of it. I didn't stay in that position long before he was rolling me over onto my back so that he was now on top. I ran my fingers through his hair and worked them down via his shoulders onto his waist, where I started to pull up his T-shirt. He leant back slightly so that I could pull the T-shirt all the way over his head, and threw it to the side of us, whilst I admired his broad chest and smooth arms. I gently stroked the light hair on his chest and then clasped his waist, pulling him in for another passionate kiss. I then found his hand with mine and moved it up towards the bottom of my short sleeveless shirt, which he eagerly started to unbutton. I leant forward slightly so that he could pull my top off, and he brushed my hair behind my neck so that he could see my perky young breasts in all their glory. He then started to lick and suck my nipples, which were hardening by the second, as I fell back slowly towards the ground, all the time clutching his head. He worked on them for a good few minutes, every now and then moving back up to kiss me again. Oh, this was the wonderful life, and we'd only just got started.

I think he could've sucked on my titties for some while yet, and I certainly wouldn't have complained if he had done, but he decided that he wanted to work his way down my slender body instead, kissing my waist and then started to pull gently at my shorts. I instinctively arched my body slightly to help him pull them all the way off as he admired my curves and soft skin. I was loving the way he was controlling things at the moment, and only too happy to succumb to his every need. He then took my shoes off and sucked gently on my big toe for a few seconds - quite why this is such an erogenous zone I have no idea, but it was definitely something I was pleased he was doing, I know that much! He then started to kiss my newly-exposed upper thighs and didn't wait too much longer before bringing my panties off all the way also. He took a few seconds to just admire the view that I was presenting him with, before moving in to lick me out. And oh, how he licked me. You'd think he hadn't eaten for a month the way he licked and tongued and nuzzled whilst all the time spreading my wet juices around for maximium lubrication. He moved his mouth back up towards mine, eager to share my wetness with me, and we again kissed with hungry tongues. I was starting to crave his cock by now, so ran my hands into the back of his shorts and started to pull them off. My hands were now on his ass and I couldn't believe what a cute ass it was. I knew already that it had looked good when he had his shorts on, but feeling it for myself took me by surprise a little. Not only was it firm and smooth, but also had a wonderful squidginess about it that made you want to knead and caress it, which I did for a good minute. He had gradually worked his shorts all the way off while I was doing this, and he rolled onto his back so I could now take over.

I kissed his chest and waist lightly before working my way down to his cock, which I got hold of with my right hand. It was probably just over 6 inches long, but a lot thicker than average and very hard indeed. I was absolutely desperate to get this piece of rock solid meat inside me, but first I wanted to make sure I returned the oral favour he had given me, so I started to lick his glistening helmet and then with long, deliberate strokes I took more and more of his length inside my hungry mouth. He let out some soft moans whilst I proceeded to work on his member, looking up at him now and again with wide puppy-dog eyes. I figured that it was now time to get to the main course, and moved myself up into the straddling position before easing my way onto his hard shaft. I had really been looking forward to this moment and it was certainly exceeding my expectations at this point. My pussy walls were immediately stretched by his thickness, and I gently took more and more of his length inside me before starting to move up and down on it, gradually increasing my pace. I pushed myself into a more upright position, consciously pushing my breasts out a little more to maximise their perkiness. He then put each of his hands on my bottom and pulled me in slightly closer so that my boobs were bouncing closer and closer to his face. I felt his tongue flick at my nipples as they did so, so desperate was he to get a taste. I instinctively started to ride him a little harder, but then I sensed we were perhaps going at it a little too aggressively as he moved to flip me over onto my back and slowed things down a little. He probably hadn't fucked a pussy as tight as mine before and didn't want to cum too soon or anything, so I appreciated where he was coming from, so to speak.

Now he was on top of me, and we kissed passionately for a short while, before he started to rock his hips and sank his cock inside me once again. I brought my legs up and wrapped them around his, and put my hands onto his ass cheeks so I could feel them clenching and unclenching as he thrusted. I knew I was close now, and sure enough within a few more thrusts I came for the first time. As I did so, I dug my fingernails into his ass and he let out a moan, which was probably half pain/half pleasure but I'm sure he wasn't complaining! For me though, it was all pleasure, and my pussy convulsed with orgasm as the feeling spread throughout my body. As this was happening, he briefly paused with his rocking of hips, and instead focussed on kissing me tenderly whilst I enjoyed the moment. Fuck me, this guy really was turning out to be my dream lover!

After my convulsions had subsided, he manouevred me onto all fours so that we could fuck doggystyle. I'd always been happy with my ass, and with the way he nuzzled and caressed my ass cheeks, I knew he was too. Since I'd cum, my juices had flowed out liberally, and he was doing his best to lap them all up before sliding his cock inside me once again. He buried himself to the hilt and started to fuck me at a gentle pace, as I felt his balls bouncing against my upper thighs rhythmically. I turned my head to watch him as he thrusted, and he immediately leant over to meet mouths, all the time drilling me with increasing vigour. I didn't think it would be long at this rate before he came, too and, right on cue, he slowed things down, sliding himself out of my wet pussy and lying back down on the blanket. I took it as a hint that he wanted me to ride him to orgasm instead, and so I eagerly climbed aboard his hard shaft and pushed my boobs out once more, which I knew were driving him wild in their own irresistible way. By now the combination of the sun's rays and our uninhibited lovemaking had caused both of our bodies to have a glistening coat of sweat, and it was just turning us on even more to see each other looking shinier and smoother than ever. He stroked and cupped my boobs as I again started to bounce on his cock. I increased the pace, bouncing faster and faster, whilst he started to thrust his hips in sync in anticipation of our impending orgasms. He pulled me in closer and stared into my eyes as he pumped harder. This was all too much for me and I couldn't hold it in any longer, cumming for a second time and letting out a loud shriek as my pussy juices flowed once more, this time all over his shaft. Within a matter of seconds, it was his turn too, shooting his cum up inside me with frequent bursts as the countryside air absorbed his moans of pleasure. He kept his cock inside my still-sensitive pussy until he'd given me every last drop of his warm cum. As we started to kiss again, I could feel it slowly trickling out of my pussy lips and onto the base of his shaft, but still we held the position, lovingly staring into each other's eyes as if nothing at all was going to spoil this perfect moment.
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phew,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was hot............ thanks...