The Work Colleague

She'd only been working there for about a couple of weeks, and I'd only really been restricted to the odd glimpse through the window separating our offices. But even that was enough to know that she was something way above average. One person had told me that she was a dancer in her spare time, and it wasn't hard to imagine why. She'd got that sort of a body - slim, with a great ass that looked like it had reaped the benefits of many toned workouts.

But it was only when she first came into the office I worked in that I realised just how stunning she was. She'd come to give me some paperwork that I needed and I saw up close her amazingly smooth skin, and beautiful curves. Even though she wasn't drop-dead gorgeous, she was still pretty, with the kind of smile that made you think she was only thinking of you at that moment. I guessed that she was around 19 or 20, tops, quite a bit younger than myself, but the kind of urges I was feeling were making me feel younger anyway, perhaps reminiscent of a horny teenage boy who'd just discovered that he was into girls, so to speak. It's a cliche, I know, but she had the kind of body which would have looked good in anything, the sort of figure that would make it impossible for any heterosexual man not to think about sex just by looking at her, unless he were some Tibetan monk, or something, and even then he'd probably be considering a career change. The fact that she was wearing a sleeveless summer dress, with her bra straps quite visible, just added to my increasing heart rate, and minor sweating - something I hoped she wouldn't notice too easily. So, having accepted said paperwork, I gave her a smile, which she returned, and I subtlely watched her as she walked out of the office. Jesus, that ass really was spectacular - I could only imagine what it would look like bouncing up and down my cock, but hopefully it wouldn't be locked to my imagination for too long.

For the next couple of weeks we had random encounters, whether it be in the corridors or kitchen, and I kept noticing that she would give me that warm smile before looking away shyly for a moment, which puzzled me slightly. First of all, I was curious as to how a pretty girl with such an obviously tight and fit body could possibly be shy or lacking confidence in any way, but then I started to wonder whether she was in fact sending me subtle signs that she was interested in me. Surely not? I mean, I'm supposed to be the shy one, and she was clearly way out my league! But what if she was interested? I wouldn't want to miss a potential opportunity like this so I quickly decided that I would have to try and find out somehow.

That 'somehow' manifested itself in the form of another encounter, this time outside in the car park just as I was going home. I was unlocking my bicycle when she walked past me, wearing a pair of jeans that made her hips and ass look even more amazing than they usually did. She was actually the first one to start the conversation, saying that she liked my bike, and that she had wondered whose it was before now. It turned out that she regularly went for weekend bike rides, sometimes with groups, sometimes on her own and that she loved the liberating feeling that cycling gave her. Someone in my head was saying that she'd probably enjoy the liberating feeling of riding my hard cock also, but I tried to push these thoughts to one side as I kept my composure somehow. And so she asked me (yes, she asked me!) whether I would like to accompany her this coming weekend for a ride into the countryside near where she lived. I said that I'd love to, and we made arrangements to meet on the upcoming Saturday morning. We said our goodbyes as I struggled to come to terms with the reality that was engulfing me - 'A REALLY HOT GIRL HAS BASICALLY JUST ASKED ME TO COME OUT WITH HER!'

On the way to the meeting point that Saturday I was torn between trying to be as emotionally mature as possible, whilst at the same time wrestling with the bombardment of images my brain was throwing at me. I already knew she was as fit as fuck, but thinking about her toned, sun-kissed legs and perky breasts bobbing up and down during her dancing and cycling exploits was causing me to get a semi which lasted pretty much all the way there, until I f***ed myself to think of other, less appealing things in the interests of not completely embarrassing myself on arrival.

She was already there when I reached the destination, which I took to be a good sign. She'd decided to wear some red shorts that, sure enough, only served to accentuate her beautiful lower half. Before now, I'd only seen her legs up until just above the knee, but now I was getting a major eyeful and was worried that I would be 'on show' again before long, through my own cycling shorts. She looked spectacular, with the look of her silky-smooth skin only enhanced further by its glistening in the sun. She was wearing a sleeveless top, and this time I couldn't help noticing there were no bra straps visible, with her tits nestled snugly under the tightness of the fabric. I'd never been a fan of big boobs, personally, and instead these were just the size I liked - smallish but perky and prominent.

We chatted for a while before we set off and, because the area we were about to cycle to was more familiar to her than me, she suggested that I follow her once the paths narrowed, which I was only too happy to do. As we rode down a countryside pathway, I was once again getting more than a glimpse of her from behind, and I tried to tell myself to stay alert to the surroundings rather than stare at the small of her back, which was exposed due to the shortness of her top. Not only did her ass look more pert than ever, but her panties were marginally showing also, almost as if she'd purposely pulled them up to tease me, even though I knew it was purely because riding a bike increases the chances of that happening accidentally. I certainly wasn't going to complain about the view at this stage, and it wasn't the countryside I was looking at.

We'd been riding for about 45 minutes when she signalled that we should take a break for drinks, which we'd both brought along with us. I didn't really know where we were exactly, but all did know is that I hadn't seen any other people around for a good while. We'd broken off from yet another pathway into a small grassy area, that overlooked a small lake. In short, it seemed like the middle of nowhere, yet it was clearly a beautiful setting nevertheless. She spread out a blanket onto the grass and we sat down facing each other whilst taking long swigs from our bottles. We chatted about work for a few minutes, and then moved onto the topic of dancing which was of course one of her extra-curricular activities. It turned out that she had been dancing for about 7 years, and practised mainly with other female backing dancers for singers at a local theatre. She told me how it kept her fit and gave her a huge confidence boost despite being an otherwise relatively shy person at heart. I decided that now was as good a time as any to compliment her on her physique, slightly worried at how she might take it, as there was a danger that she might see it as me being pervy, or something. Thankfully, she gratefully accepted it, and at the same time brushed my leg with her hand, as if to consolidate the appreciation. After she'd told me that she thought I was a nice, kind guy, and was glad that she'd asked me to come along, she made a sort of playful gesture at my water bottle, wondering if I had any left for her seeing as she'd run out. I tried to ignore the innuendo in my head of her wanting more fluids, but there was to be no need as to my surprise she reached over for the bottle anyway, and stopped at the same time whilst almost on all fours. This was when she made the first move. Not me, her! She leant into me, and kissed me tenderly, still supporting herself with her hands. I moved my hands onto her waist and took some of the weight off for her, as she now lied on top of me, still kissing only now more passionately. She moved her legs to either side of me so she could straddle, and my cock was now starting to get hard as her crotch pressed against mine. Lots of thoughts were racing through my head, not least the fact that an extremely hot girl had made a move on me, which is something that had never happened before, and I was a touch worried that I might not be good enough for her. I decided to boost my confidence by rolling her over onto her back whilst I lied on top of her, taking control of proceedings.

She started to pull at my T-shirt and gradually worked it up over my head. I was no Greek God or anything but I was fairly happy with my body, and she seemed to like what she saw so far, running her hands over my torso and pulling me back down on top of her for another passionate kiss. She clasped one of my hands and brought it towards her top and I gladly accepted the invitation to help pull it off her. As she eased her way out of it, her gorgeous, long light brown hair dropped around her shoulders and partially covered her now naked boobs. Instinctively I used a hand to brush the hair away so I could get a good look at them. Even more instinctively, I leant in to kiss her perky nipples as she let her head fall back slowly towards the ground again. She clutched at my head as I softly ran my tongue around her areolae, watching them harden by the second. She let out an audible moan, which caused me momentarily to think about whether there was a possibility anyone could have heard it other than me. But we hadn't seen anyone else for a good while now, and I certainly wasn't going to let this worry me for more than a split second, I mean, it was going to take a lot to stop us from fucking ourselves silly now.

After I'd licked and sucked on her beautiful young breasts for a good few minutes, I worked my way down her body, kissing her softly on her stomach and curvy waist. I pulled gently at her shorts, and she arched her body slightly to make it easier for me to drag them all the way off. Now it was just her shoes and panties left, so I quickly pulled off her shoes and saved the best for last as I took a moment to kiss her silky-smooth thighs before I worked on bringing her panties off too. Now completely naked, she really was a thing of beauty. Her pussy wasn't completely bald, but instead there was a thin line of hair just above which for some reason I found made it look even more desirable. Again she put her hands on the back of my head as I kissed her gently on her inner thighs and moved my mouth slowly towards her snatch. She was already slightly moist, I noticed, and so I used my tongue to help spread her wetness around as much as possible, whilst using my own saliva to make sure she was well lubricated. Now I'd not had that many lovers up until this point, but this was clearly the prettiest pussy I'd ever seen, and I didn't want to stop eating it out.

But I eventually worked my mouth back up towards hers, and she ran her hands down my back and into my shorts. She seemed to be momentarily transfixed by my ass, grabbing and kneading it for a good minute before gradually starting to pull down my shorts. By now my cock was as big and as hard as it was ever going to get. I hadn't got the longest one in the world by any means, probably just above average, but I'd always been fairly happy with how hard it became when aroused, and its thickness more than made up for it in length. I rolled over onto my back to make it easier for the shorts to come off, and she moved herself on top of me, now doing the same to me as I had done before by kissing my body all the way down to the lower reaches. I watched her eyes as she got hold of my cock for the first time, and it seemed like they widened slightly as she discovered just how rock solid it was. I knew she couldn't wait to get it inside her, but first she wanted to return the oral favour I'd given her, proceeding to lick and suck with similar enthusiasm. She was circling her tongue around my helmet in just the same way I had gone to work on her nipples, and then she would move her head up and down with long, gentle strokes. Every now and then she would look back up at me with those smiling eyes of hers, and I kept telling myself that it couldn't possibly get any better than this. But it was about too, however, as she moved back up to kiss me and once again got into the straddling position. She got into the upright pose and pushed out her delicious breasts so that they would look as perky as possible, not that they needed any help. She got a hold of my cock and gently eased herself down on top of it, letting out a little sigh as it went further inside her. Despite her being a dancer and more than used to stretching her supple body on a regular basis, she had a surprisingly tight pussy, the walls of which fit snugly around my thick penis. I quickly decided that I just had to get a hold of that wonderful ass of hers, and so put one hand on each cheek as she moved up and down slowly on top of me. I'd always preferred slow and gentle sex to a rougher approach, and it seemed she did too, for now at least.

However, she gradually quickened the pace of her movements into more of a bouncing action, which caused her boobs to bounce too. They really were beautiful to watch, and I had the best seat in the house, with my eyes watching them from about a foot away. I leant in towards them to catch her hardened nipples with my tongue, as she moved herself towards it to assist me. My hands had moved around her slender waist whilst I felt her bouncing more and more vigorously. But I didn't want this to end yet, so I decided to slow things down slightly and switched her over so that I was on top and thus able to control the pace myself. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in tight for another kiss, whilst I slowly began to thrust inside her from above. A few seconds after she'd opened her legs to give me maximum entrance room, and had made sure I was all the way inside, she then wrapped her legs around mine as if to clamp me in. I had to take it slowly from here otherwise I was danger of blowing my load, and I think we were both enjoying ourselves far too much for that to happen just yet. She'd put both of her hands on my firm ass as I rocked my hips with hers, locked into this wonderful position. She gradually began to dig her fingernails into my buttcheeks and that's when I realised she was coming for the first time. Her panting became more audible until she let out a loud moan - if there were people around then she didn't care at that stage. I felt her pussy walls convulse around my shaft for a few seconds, followed by a small release of fluid that gradually started to trickle out. Quite how I didn't come myself at that point I'll never know, such was the tightness of her pussy at that point. Somehow I kept it together though and, after another passionate kiss, I eased my way out of our embrace and turned her over onto all fours. I'd dreamt of this moment since I first saw her walking out of the office at work - to get that sweet little ass of hers facing me and to fuck her doggystyle, and she was only too willing to oblige judging by the way she pushed her bottom out to get closer to me. But before I was going to sink my cock inside of her, I wanted to again get a taste of that juicy pussy, now even juicier since she came. So I used my hands on her ass cheeks to pull her twat open just that little bit more, and proceeded to work my tongue inside her once again, licking up the last of the fluids still coating her since her orgasm. I flicked my tongue in and out in rapid movements, all the time admiring the curvature and smoothness of her gorgeous ass. This was all buying me a bit more time of course so, when I'd decided that I was ready to go again, I brought her peachy butt into the ideal position and slowly buried my still-hard cock inside of her. At this point I was in dreamland, fucking a beautiful young woman from behind in the countryside on a lovely spring morning. There really wasn't much you could have offered me to make this day any better.

As I started to thrust with longer, slightly more f***eful strokes, she turned her head and did that cute little smile thing that had helped to make me so attracted to her in the first place. Whilst I was still pumping away, I leant forward over her and met her lips with mine as we kissed hungrily. I knew she wanted to use her hands to caress me at the same time but because she was using them to support herself she had to just be content for now with the drilling she was receiving. I could've quite easily ended it there and then but I'd decided that I wanted to save myself for when she was on top of me, so that I could stare into her eyes whilst we both came - that would be the ideal finish. So I pulled myself out and laid back down on the blanket, as she took the hint and clambered aboard me yet again. This time I fondled her breasts lovingly, which were now glistening with sweat caused by both the sun and our increasingly passionate lovemaking. As she got hold of my cock and guided herself down onto it, we both seemed to have the same thing in mind - that we would step up the pace a little. She started ride me once again whilst I synchronised my thrusting to coincide with her bounces, harder and faster than the first time she straddled me. Her boobs were now bobbing up and down beautifully, but then she leant over towards me a little more and pushed them onto my chest instead, in turn raising her ass slightly more. My hands clasped her ass cheeks as I thrusted inside her with increased vigour, which caused her to come once again as she let out a cry of ecstasy. I knew that it wouldn't be too long now before it was my turn and, sure enough, within a few more thrusts I was shooting my load up inside her already-soaking pussy. I spurted several times, seemingly more than usual, and didn't want to pull out as I made sure she got every last drop of my cum. As it happened, my cum didn't stay in there very long anyway, as it started to ooze out and down her thigh, all the time my cock still inside her as it gradually softened. We did indeed stare into each other's eyes and kissed for a little while longer, holding each other tightly and savouring the moment, oblivious to the world around us.
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Great Storey, are we going to have part 2 ?
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just lovely ...