One afternoon, my neighbor told me he had bought the cable TV service, without imagining that I would be with my worst enemy, let me how how the retaliate.

I remembered one evening in January 2000, when he was invited to the home of Eduardo, who was right next to me on the occasion that he had subscribed to cable TV to not depend on the f****y, declined to its separate subscription. I liked the idea because there was living my worst enemy, the man who dared to mess with my nephew, and all for a spark that fell near a December and had nothing to do.

When I get home I explained that the connection can not televised because the plug was not equal to the cable, so I explained that if HSV had that connection no problem. As I understand achievement, took me to his room to explain it would be better as the connection; explain with luxuries and details how he would install, which quite understand.

Then he took me to the room to call the cable company and perform the installation of the service itself, but the things do not always work the way one expects salts, and even less if you are in the house of a person who I have much idea. At five minutes to call the cable company, was called to the work because the person who had to cover it did not show up to work, and told me if I could assist in this, I could only reply that there was no problem.

As there was no work I immediately went home to rest for a while, in the time I was there there were women who did not know, and both received me with some distance, perhaps because they were somewhat taken, including all my neighbors life had always been the very vixen, who declined to give the lady since she married, but something told me it was the same bitch forever. And while I was there, his father gave me three beers that could not miss, I take them as fast as I could and left. After being at home I went to the bathroom and took a good shower because the heat was unbearable.

Very little hard my break because cable TV unit I went looking for installation: to settle I joined the meeting of the two women in a while like a lifetime, I estimate that the unit came about as at half past four, and at five finish installation. I called for support for the final review and complete them, but before I call the fox from my neighbor and I wonder if you could also make an installation in her room, I answered yes, and stop talking to the technicians. We walked into his room to check that part going to install the point and at about half past five p.m. him inducted her too, just at that time my enemy comes to the house, the atmosphere is full of stress, but no problem, just sat in the room and began to drink beers and got stuck with beer.

Serian and six in the afternoon when I talk to the pope of the fox, because I could not stand the desire to go to the bathroom, and went to urinate. I spent some time thinking about the drawbacks of my presence and in the great beating that could generate besides adding phrases desperation of people to stop the fight, I try to avoid at all costs any mess. And then we like, but now I was the only sane man in the meeting because after six and everyone in the house had changed clothes to get a more comfortable.

From this I did not realize until several minutes of hearing the jodederas of them by the clothes they were each between cigarette and beer. Could not go to the bathroom and left the concern willing to seek the pope of the fox, when I felt a little noise from the room of the fox. For a moment I thought something had fallen, so either you stop and went on my way, but suddenly the noise was repeated as was in the kitchen and no one was there, I dove into the adventure of daring and peeked into the room to see what happened. When I look, I could not believe my eyes: carrying only a semi-transparent gown, no bra, no bra, no panties, no nothing, and also mounted on a ladder. It's chubby, but I always had said that the gorditas have a unique taste and is much richer catch them. I was not sure, but I was speechless when I saw that paradise, and as her husband was calling and did not hear the loud music, I decided to take advantage of the situation.

I put him just behind where one's cock always rubs buttocks, but said nothing, come silently and without a word, and just what happened had to happen. Coming down the stairs, her buttocks stumbled my cock was completely stopped and the main reaction was one of fear and negativity, but as I was also dizzy, not much resistance opposed. I just wonder:

- You can tell you're doing here? You gone crazy?

I could simply say:

- I thought I heard a noise and wanted to find out what happened, well, while you call your husband and you hear and did not hear you because the music is very high. And orita these needy and am I the only one who answered your call.

I could answer most anything and turned to climb the stairs. When I saw her jump and realized I did not have anything more than a coat, I decided to gamble and to see it on tiptoe vessels wanting to reach a ledge that was in her room, pushed her up to reach the utensils and rushed to help but in a very unique way: by putting my hands on the buttocks, and on the inside of his robe. Was taken seriously because they wanted to refuse my action but could not mumble a word, he realized what he did and what was done.

To propel upwards with my hand on her buttocks, I dared her ass repasarle freely, and as gown brought in a few seconds my hands were given a feast with her ass and her pussy. Claim me try again, but the situation had already heated to the point of no return, perhaps partly because of the d***kenness of her. A few steps from her husband, my worst enemy was practically across the window, the maximum risk that we could see just flip, I was stroking and fondling shamelessly, and she, far from help, I reward it moving to the rhythm of my fingers were already inside her pussy.

- Do you want a push? I asked.

- Please, just answer me.

- There you go, 'I said.

Already grabbing things from shelves under calmly, but she never expected so bold I did next. Without noticing me out to the yard and lead her buttocks in my package, I got the robe and it fell right pussy on my cock and into her head any more, so you do not have time to react. Then I felt like the head of my cock across the entrance to her pussy and discomfort she finished settling, and within seconds, the lower end of my cock felt he was in and complete.

Is this right? So you like a bitch? I asked as I buried my cock.

So you like a bitch? -I asked again, but now whispering in his ear.

Yes, he could only respond with head gestures.

And I started to fuck her, as he took the waist to pull me better. Then I wanted to do something unthinkable: remove the ladder and take to the window, watching her husband directly, so only the best and could take the position that I was giving enterrársela could well drive. Meanwhile, we heard the laughter and talk to those sitting in the courtyard. In the fourth, only heard our sighs, gasps and groans. Suddenly, I felt she was running because I bathed his cock with the juice that lubricates well the shell, and seconds later I also had my meche and went to the bottom of that b**stly hot and had finally cucota managed to eat.

When finished, I take the dick and get her out, large quantities of milk out of her pussy and she pressed for them not to leave but then we settled clothing and scope to say:

- He really liked you, anytime I want.

Fortunately no one noticed me, who thought that I was still in the bathroom, and I left the house as usual. Lo and behold, with the neighbor slut I met my lifetime, I was going to get even, and she liked my fuck. It was in 2000, and occasionally when I'm taking, and not at home, of course, but elsewhere. The second time was on the terrace of his house, where anyone can see, but that's another story.
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