Greetings to all readers who now enjoy a good read to excite their moments, whether fantasy or real. I already knew from my experience earlier in the square and there you will find more precisely like me. All my experiences are real life and little by little I will share with you.

This story occurred on January 1 10 years ago, I was at the time 24 years and worked at a movie rental store. The previous day was spent with my immediate f****y for the arrival of the new year. I was drinking whiskey early despite having taken an entire bottle practically alone, felt no discomfort, quite the contrary, I felt good and wanting to stay in the Christmas spirit, as everyone.

An hour after giving years of happy hugs to my f****y and my friends, I decided to go to the home of Clara, a co-worker at the time. She lived three blocks from my. Just in case, I took a glass full of whiskey and good travel the way up to his house in the street was the great feast of b*****rhood, rumba, dance, everything, everything that I saw on the way to her house. And Clara's house is no exception.

Once at home I took the first surprise of the night. They were drinking whiskey it took me (White Label)! Came the head of the house quite taken who first came out to greet and hug happy year. Not many people dancing and did so with half the lights off. I went into the house to keep giving good year in the following order: Jose Clara's younger b*****r, my co-worker who was in the room and her sweet mother Rosita who was in the back of the kitchen and he had not yet seen. However, little did I know the surprise that was to receive hours later.

Clara was astonished to see me so I asked:

- Hello. How are you spending the New Year?

- Pretty good. And you're going how?

- Great. And that you here?

I replied:

- I came to get the video camera. I called last minute to record something in the afternoon.

- Are you going to wear now?

- No. It would be risky. Remember that is not mine.

- Ah. I thought. Have you seen my dad and to mine?

- No. Your father got me out, but your mom have not seen.

- It's in the back of the kitchen. If you want to go over there and say hello.

- Ok. I will.

At that time there was a way to explain that something would happen, yet I did not listen to what I felt. Activity in the back of the kitchen and see Rosita highly sculptural, may not have a figure of miss, but had its charm (and still has it.

Rosita is a woman who takes me about fifteen years, with a husband out of work for the day, two c***dren (one he died years ago due to cancer) is brown, short hair, smile erotic, sensual and lascivious while as if to say that still gives the battle, always tight pants that make you tick the figure of his body and his heart, and a few tops that do not seem to support the volume of her tits. Also, something inside me told me that is a very hot woman barely turn on their bucket, but had no idea how calentársela if I had the chance. When I entered the kitchen, he was not there, and suddenly feel a noise in the backyard of the house, and when I look to see what happened, was Rosita. His back and I could see his slender body was taking a dump in the back door that leads directly to a plaza leading to a street. I proceeded to greet her.

- Rosita happy year.

She turns and greets me with happiness and twinkle in his eye:

- Holaaaa.

Finished dump the bag he had left to give me hug happy year. I also approached me to give her hug.

With much emotion gives me a big hug and kiss me digs deep into the mouth (second surprise of the night. Question while I hug:

- And why you're doing here?

Stunned by the kiss still just able to answer:

- I came to visit a while, and talk with your c***d to ask the camera.

- Well since you offered something to drink?

- No. I brought a glass full of whiskey and I ran.

- We'll see what I can give, he said.

- Ok, I replied.

He was also taken but not as much as was her husband. I finally let go and went to the kitchen where I prepared a nice salad that was delicious.

After a while we sat in the room: the husband, who could not stand or one more round, Rosita and I talked for a while hopefully project are met, working on your perspective, in a word, on the wishes are fulfilled for the year that is beginning. Joseph Rosita's husband asks me enough already taken and almost asl**p:

- So how's it going?

- Well head as always.

- Have you asked the new year wish?

- Always ask me one but not granted.

- And what is it?

- Bring me three women.

José and Rosita laughed.

- You're not asking for much

- Not at all. Rather, I would like a sunrise unexpected.

- How's that for unexpected

- Surprise. Incredible.

- Ok I see. I talked to Rosita for you to stay here today and go in the morning.

- Are you sure?

- Those who behave well with me, deserve the best of me.

- Thanks.

- Orita firing me because I sl**p. I can not anymore.

- Ok, until later.

- Ok.

I've always been involved with this f****y. The c***d died he studied with me in the primary. Now working with his daughter. And Rosita and kissed me I could not remove from the mind. I still thinking and feeling as if Rosita kiss just passed, would stand to get a glass of whiskey when suddenly a warm hand touched my back.

- Where are you going?

Rosita was. I said:

- I'm going to fill my glass of whiskey.

- Not sure if it was whiskey but if you go to the kitchen.

- Ok. I'll go.

I checked the fridge and a bottle fortune was still unopened. I uncapped the bottle and poured my glass and proceeded to take the first sip of that glass, I turn to the room, had put a meringue and as there was danced Rosita decided to pull. I invited her to dance and dance right in almost hugged me I felt like when we greet.

She then asked me:

- Are you Joseph spoke to sl**p you run today?

- Yes, and I was surprised that gesture on his part. The only thing is where I sl**p.

- On the couch.

- Sounds good.

We dance when the song ended and leave a bachata merengue was fashionable. She wanted to dance and I indulged. At the beginning of bachata noticed how she was hitting me love my body, hugged me, as if we were dating, and stuck with fury to my body, where I could feel for the first time his harsh and appetizing tits, which seemed to want to break blouse that contained. He could see the little kisses as she does not use bras or bras, and was rubbing against me at every moment, and rubbed while it was at that moment that my stick began to grow. As the lights were nearly extinguished and there were almost no people in the house, most had gone to spend Rosita d***kenness while feeling my spirit and grown, used the opportunity to further rub me. Only the kitchen lights were on, and not enough to illuminate the room, a cross wall prevented its goal. Then I realized what she really wanted but could not please her. While we were dancing in the dark I drove another kiss even longer than the last, as devouring love me alive.

Recalling the conversation she had with Jose asked me

- The desire of the three women was a game right?

I said:

- Of course. How am I going to fulfill that desire?

- Be careful what you wish for because you may realize.

I managed to say:

- I love the risk.

- Tell me something. If I could give something, What do you want me to give you?

I said whispering in his ear:

- What you leave the heart and that this gift has much love.

- Now. If I could ask you some gifts for me and that gift is eternal What would you give me?

- My heart, my life and my soul, in a word, my whole body - I replied.

It was an honest answer but I think friendship sparked more questions because I changed the subject. I returned to unseat when I said:

- What I did?

- What did you do. I do not understand the question.

- It really made me mad because I came back.

- Just be myself. Do not tell me you liked.

- To be honest, yes.

That left me speechless.

He finished the song and went to the couch to sit down and talk for a while there. The wand she felt when she danced subsided after be talking about other little things.

It would be around two in the morning when they decided to turn off equipment because they went to bed to sl**p. Joseph the son was given up and just sl**p, Clara was preparing one last thing before bed, the old Joseph had already long while sl**ping despite the noise did not wake up and Rosita got the room to bring me what would be my blanket. It was obvious that everyone was exhausted by fatigue, but not me. As I took the last glass of whiskey Rosita brings me a blanket and I prepared the couch to sl**p.

Already preparing for a nap Clara turned off the kitchen lights and went to sl**p, and in turn Rosita from the door of his room also dismissed. I wish them good morning to both and went to bed, I was going to fit when I see before me by the few lights that come from the street to Rosita, who wanted a long, deep kiss and grab my stick as a farewell. I told you to call me at six because I had to make a home early work, plus a reminder that my body belonged to him and whenever he wanted and could take the time he wanted.

I proceeded to take my clothes off because I sl**p naked, and made me cobijé trying to sl**p, but it was difficult because I still had the noise in the street. I set the alarm clock at six in the morning to watch the clock. As I thought about Rosita's kisses and things that happened in the spirit lifted me again and think about it much whiskey began to take effect on me, to the point that I do not know at what time I sl**p and wine I fell asl**p because I did not feel anything.

Suddenly I began to dream with Rosita who was making love and suddenly I woke up with my stick fully raised and the disappointment that was just a dream. However, as the average time to go back to sl**p, I feel a warm breeze crosses my lips, my tongue, down my chest slowly to my club that I felt I was hard, startled eyes opened to confirm that I was not dreaming and what I saw blew me away, and this time not dreaming. Rosita was!

I could distinguish by the lights of the posts coming from the street and the window of the room only allowed some tiny rays of light.

- Since you told me that your body was mine and I could take it whenever I wanted I wanted to come to eat at once.

Still with the shock and surprise I could hardly say

- I never imagined that you would like as soon devour.

He began to devour my cock furiously, swallowed it completely upside down, I licked and licked my balls while his hands roamed my chest first and then my body. I sat on the couch to make room for her and settled. Moments felt nerves because someone parase either to urinate or drink water, but I took the pleasure of being next to Rosita.

- You have a delicious cock. Wait for me suck my cucharota, 'he said.

- Oh yeah. I love to suck suck like no one has your heart.

Then laid her down on the couch to give your heart suck deserved. Saved me undress her work, because I was naked in the dark when he went to look for the room. I brushed the edges of her sweet bucket with my tongue reaching to put him and get my tongue and feel your clitoris, who had to make a huge effort not to moan, groan as any could arouse the curiosity of those who were sl**ping. Each lick and suck clitoris that gave me my hair clutched desperately moving well and frenzy, I kept holding on to her clit like a prize that was not about to give up, and kept giving my tongue until I sent him, and I felt her vaginal juice going to reward my mouth as I was swallowing me.

- What deliciaaaaa! Mmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhh! What did you do to end up so much?

I lifted my head into the air to grab a little air and said:

- I told you my love. Being myself. And if I am yours, then enjoy me.

Lying on the couch I knelt on the floor to have in front of me and Rosita and stab my sledgehammer, I began to give my first enviones, but I felt that the couch was noisy with the movements that gave Rosita and stopped him, asking it stopped or anywhere else where they would not feel or see anything. He took me to the backyard of the house where to the surprise of the lady of the house, the door was not locked and the place looked. Literally left the door open and we all took advantage of being in the back entrance that there was a lot of people on the street, just a few guys who were quite taken and distance, so they could not see us there because there is a tree cover to light, perhaps only they could see our shadows, if you could see anything.

Of all my experiences Rosita was the first woman to make love I swallowed all vaginal juice every time she had and also the first that took me to a level where lovemaking never thought I could get to do, beyond the rudimentary four walls of a house or a boring hotel.

For safety we left the house by the back to avoid the possibility of a noise. Then the cornered to the wall, he lifted his leg and as he placed the tip of my dick in the door of his cave, she grabbed my buttocks tightly and pushed me violently and with all his strength into it, making the sledgehammer you complete enter once and without anesthesia. I started with a enviones that later became glorious onslaught that drew groans of pain and pleasure end up making lots. My bathing suit is enough vaginal juice every time he came.

At that point I did not care for either if someone passed by, if we were in a nearby house or if the boys of the distance we saw though were the silhouettes of our bodies.

- This body next to you is all yours. It's my new year gift, and is fully available to you anytime, 'he said totally excited.

I said, pulling air from where it had:

- Mommy, my body is also yours for life because this is also my new year gift for you because you deserve this and more.

With phrases that we'd just say, we both knew that we'd won at each other forever.

Then pulled a chair behind the door and made me sit on it, it was pretty cold but no matter, the warmth of our bodies we feel cold prevented. After sitting perched on top of me, and got my cock in one stroke. I shuddered and almost made me scream but he covered my mouth with his fiery and hot kisses of passion and pleasure and rode me hard while I did the same giving it very hard for her, and was so long you could hear cabalgándome it cums to spoon gets women when quite damp and there stick wildly in and out, while I kept sucking and biting her tits rich. You bathe my balls felt that delicious nectar that left his sweet cucharota. Then he turned back to me without removing my sledgehammer that was in the depths of it. She was the one I rode, was commanding his ardent cucharota on my cock, my cock only received abuse and affection that cucharota proffered while his hands caressed me and massaged my balls completely wetted by the irrepressible juice Rosita was leaving, and my hands were not far behind massaging and squeezing her tits suck and I loved feeling his piquitos good standing .. After about five minutes I realized ride me had come again when pulled back by touching her back against my chest as I said that now I had to do the work myself.

Although we were both pretty sweaty that did not matter at all, and would not be an impediment to continue. I put her in doggy position and it was necessary to search your heart for it seemed that my cock had come alive and was alone and without guidance. I was giving as hard as if I want my balls in that heart also entered, and such was the lust and excitement that Rosita had your nails fit my thigh and I left marks. Then came another orgasm, orgasm and after that I felt I was coming too. She begged me to cast it all in, I wanted to feel my liquid out of your heart, and let my stick in because I wanted to feel like after finishing my stick is losing f***e and get out of that deep cucharota only ..

Eventually my end I gave a final thrust so violently that she stabbed me with great f***e her nails into my thigh, and did so with such f***e that inadvertently let out a scream that I could drown biting my lip. As he was releasing all my load of milk, I would strongly afincaba for my cargo remain at the bottom of the cave, and when I finished I left my dick deposited there until he left exhausted and powerless as she he asked. Today I have the scars still on my thighs product of its sharp and piercing nails, however the treasure and care as if it were yesterday.

We keep the chair and pulled her close the door carefully, and then we suggest doing metiéramos the bathroom as quietly as possible and without leaving any trace in the body of what happened. Already at that point was so sure that no product is going to wake up one night so hectic year end. Met to bathe together although the water was quite cold, while we enjabonábamos together all parts of our body, and restregarnos together until completely fill soap did not feel cold water, after I turned to swim lie down on the couch as usual, only this time it was not going to sl**p. I could not sl**p feeling in every part of my body that had just live and feel to it.

Once I looked at the clock lying: It was twenty minutes to six in the morning. Rosita came to the couch where he was lying and took me totally naked, which means that when bathed, instead of going to his room preferred to spend time with me, wanting to feel the warmth of my body a little longer. And lie to his lips sought mine grew back my wand, she felt and lay feeling my cock as he stood up. While we did a deep kiss, I gently caressed and squeezed her tits while she stroked my cock and clutched me, queriéndosela get back, wanting to feel again how my sledgehammer in and out of her sweet , exciting, tasty and juicy heart, wanting to feel again how my sledgehammer explodes inside her.

I dropped to the floor and Rosita got on top of me, which made me suspect being next to a female super hot and insatiable that was hungry for love and desire to feel loved and wanted. Stuck in one fell swoop my sledgehammer and I rode hard, dominating a wand which itself already belonged. After a few minutes, he came twice more until finally both arrived at the same time. We came back to get to the bathroom again to wash, and when I go to the room and the light of dawn began to slowly illuminate the dark room. At that moment I confessed:

- I can make a confession intimate?

I said:

- Of course. Total already have a part of me, and do I have a part of you. Tell me what you want.

He proceeded to hug me when I dropped a bomb unexpected and surprising.

- No one had ever made love to me like you did today, not even my husband. I thank you very much for this wonderful, beautiful and unforgettable New Year's gift you gave me. You filled all the emptiness in me.

It made me feel that I was right and that Rosita was in dire need of love. I felt a lump in my throat to hear his confession, so I could only say:

- Rosita not have to thank me anything.

On hearing my answer gave me the most beautiful smile of happiness ever seen.

- When will we meet again?

- When you want

- I'll take that into account.

- Wherever you just call me or send me to call your daughter, invéntale an excuse and I'll be there for you, because I tell you with all my heart, do not want you to go hungry for love and desire.

With tears in his eyes he replied:

- Thank you my love - and I nailed another long, deep kiss.

I proceeded to change me to go and do the diligence with the camera that was pending. It was almost seven in the morning of January 1, 97. Rosita looked me and we turned the camera to fire with another long, deep kiss.

During the day I worked with a f****y who hired me to record a birthday, and falling in the afternoon at about five and after recording, went home, took a shower, changed clothes and went to the house of Rosita, where was all the f****y and brought other bottles of whiskey which was plenty of food and the head of the house as things in life, I was waiting to serve me and my fill of whiskey which incidentally, I had booked a glass and also talked about everything that happened in the rumba (except as Rosita and I), and wishing that could be repeated.

There was never even the slightest suspicion of everything Rosita and I live that day that witnessed only unconditional surrender and the need for love sofa, chair, rear patio door of the house, the square behind his house, and of course the prevailing darkness that contributed much to that passion.

What better New Year's gift a person can receive it?

Eventually her husband sold the house to pay debts and left the city by having a long time without seeing Rosita, but I do see from time to time to Clara who is the only person in the f****y who did have a suspicion At least I liked her mother, which belied at every turn, and with the help of my serenity never gave it to demonstrate. Who removed, is likely to talk to Clara to extract information with great discretion about where they are living now, but the memory of our first time, so I have every time up in the pores of my skin as if it had happened finish because something tells me a super sexy and hot hembrota Rosita feels and enjoys once every hundred years.

Before her husband sold the house, I had two outings with her and her f****y. But that's the tell another time.

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