My 18th Birthday as a Club Dancer

September 03, 2010. Friday. Its the date on which I turned a fully adult Eighteen. And you bet I had plans for that day.
I frequented my Mom’s Night Club with her since I was a k**. She had danced at various clubs as a stripper, but now for a few years worked in the finance department of Skin Gentlemen’s Lounge in Los Angeles. She was on the threshold of entering her forties and yet had the looks and figure to die for. During my visits with my Mom to her club, I got rather friendly with Tom, who was the son of one of the partners at the club. When we first met, I was just getting to be sixteen, and he was a lean but strong man of about 33. We began to date off and on. He was instantly attracted by my smooth as silk and white as milk skin and curls which cascaded around my shoulders prettily, my long-lashed blue eyes, my full strawberry-hued lips, and my high cheekbones,. My sense of makeup, my long dark red nails and equally dark red always freshly painted lips and copper blushed cheeks made him go weak in his knees. I always dress so sexy…I had read somewhere that there is no point in dressing up until it inspires someone else to want to take it off. I always wore tiny skirts and atleast three to four inch shiny heels, shiny belts and teeny weeny tops, that showed a lot of skin. He was one of my many boyfriends, and I was one of his girlfriends. A very special one, he always took care to point out. He was tall, had curly dark black hair with eyes to match.... he always smelled of some very exclusive cologne. And his expensive clothes and watches, and his silver BMW, apart from ofcourse me, gave one ample proof of exclusive tastes.
I had turned 17, and the thought of building a career was already haunting me. I had done some e****ting already, and just loved it. Tom told me time and again that if I wanted to join his club, I only needed to just tell him. Around July 2010 I mentioned to him if I could join his club as a dancer. It was a non alcohol serving nude dance club. Deep within I knew that I was born for it. It would give me a high. My Mom too encouraged me with this career choice. Tom suggested that I could practice whenever I was free and how about debuting on stage on my eighteenth birthday? I loved the idea.
To cut a long story short, the D Day came. I arrived at the club, and put on really dark make up. My lips are painted a very dark shade of Ruby. Dark foundation, Dark mascara, and My Wavy Hair bouncing around with sexy passion. The diamond earrings are real and lend their own sparkle. My ankle bracelets tinkle as I move. My arm bracelets jingle against each other on both arms. I wear a small silver bell in my navel. My translucent silver colored see through blouse holds my somewhat ample assets, atleast for an eighteen year old, in place. And if one lowers his gaze, one would meet a translucent silver colored g string, aching to get out from its confines. My eyes have been painted tonight to heighten the dark green, with a glittery pale orchid shadow that beckons the lights. And ofcourse the four and a half inch silver stilettos, for which I practiced so much. Making the last few adjustments to my make-up, and lighting up my fourth Marlboro for the evening, I called Tom.

"What do you think?" I asked doing a little twirl, Tom didn't say anything but I could tell by the way he choked on his drink that I had had the desired effect.

"Wow you look incredible" Tom managed to splutter as he brought his coughing under control.

He wrapped his arms around me reaching down and cupping the cheeks of my ass, his fingers explored, kneading my buttocks through the g string material as thin as a sheet of tissue. "You know, it feels an awful lot like some naughty girl has forgotten to wear panties and in the right light you won't leave much to the imagination," he whispered nibbling my ear.

"Does it bother you that some of the guys might check me out?" I asked.
He playfully brushed his hand over my breasts, and whispered, “You know pretty well that I almost enjoy that…”
Its about 930 pm. And there is an announcement on stage. “We would like you to join Angela Candy who celebrates her eighteenth birthday with us today”. The stage was totally dark. A giant cake prop was brought in and the lights focused on that. I jumped out of the cake and the patrons at the club just clapped and screamed.
My belly ring catches the light as I move my hips and belly in the age old tradition of tease and dip and sway, a circular motion that entices and invites. I was the centre of attraction for the next fifteen minutes and I had to make the most of it. There were another few girls dancing on stage now, but it was clear that they were almost props, it was I who was the focus. And I wanted to make myself their fantasy.

I do not hear the sounds of the patrons. I do not watch them. I am entranced at the moment by the music and the way it makes my body feel. Free. Alive. Exotic. Suspended.
I started shaking my hips, s-l-o-w-l-y, just as Tom and my instructors had instructed. I shot a confident smile to my onlookers, and s-l-o-w-l-y started to unfasten my silver see through blouse. It’s a small teeny weeny blouse, that’s tight enough to make my nipples straighten out. Its got five large buttons in the front. I carelessly undo the top button. After a while the bottom most button goes. Then a while later it’s the second button from the top and then a while later the fourth button. Now, its only the one middle button that’s holding my blouse sticking to my body. The crowd is busy encouraging me. And taking a little longer I very carelessly unfasten this last button, setting my boobs free…and the crowd in raptures. The blouse is now perfectly aligned on both sides of my breasts and soon enough I allow it to just drop off totally. I pushed my chest out to the max as I continued to s-l-o-w-l-y shake my hips. There was a loud smell of cheers and applause, which provided me a great deal of encouragement and boldness.
The spectators whoops and cheers grew louder, and I actually used one of my hands to cup my ear, encouraging more applause. The cheers grew louder. Once my entire breasts were exposed – everything changed. I became a Sexgirl and my inhibitions disappeared. Even my breasts changed, becoming 'tits'. A door opened to my innermost desires.
Okay, now I got on a sequin g-string. But now. . . . now I am center-stage. I play with the g string, shifting it a little this way and that and pulling it in tight and letting it loose and pushing it down and pull it back up and after a little while I let it slide down my legs to the floor. Now more lights block out what they're staring at except for the focal point, my focal point. I am hidden in glare except for the g-string. All they can see is the g. I flick it. I diddle it. I move it . . . . and suddenly I remove it. I take off the g. They gasp. They see it, nestled in a soft glow of light refraction from the surrounding halo of blinding brilliance. They see only perfection. I just stand there. Don't move. And the lights slowly dim all around until only the glisten of groin glows like an ember . . . . then fades . . then gone . . . .

"That's your act. You'll be a star!!" Tom exclaimed.
If taking the bills was part of the show, then I had to do it, right? I continued to sway my hips as I took the money out of the men's hands while looking at them, smiling, and saying "thank you". The song ended and it was time to go, but I kept snatching dollar bills out of people's hands. A couple of them asked if "they" were real, and I patiently replied that "they sure are".
One guy hands me a pen. I scribble my phone number on a piece of paper. I then hold the paper up to my lips and kiss it, leaving an imprint of my lips. I am already behaving like a professional….Tom is amazed…
The music ended and I dismounted the stage to a thunderous round of applause from the crowd. I light up another Marlboro, and take a huge gulp of my drink to regain my composure but smile proudly at my moment of glory. Tom and I left the club in short order, and walked to his silver BMW. As we strolled the sidewalk, Tom could hardly contain himself. He pulled me closer, kissed me, and ran his hands down my ass. We were in the car. It was so clear that Tom wanted me real real bad. He continuously fondled me in the car as I blushed crimson with his sweet touch, as lust raged between my own legs. He said that we would check into the Sofitel Hotel and continue my birthday celebrations. I too was aching for him.

Once at the hotel we basked in the moment with multiple orgasms as we made love and recalled the events of the evening and added details of more adventures I would like to pursue. We shared the wine of mutual passion and reveled in the lust that enthralled us. We made love again and again and again. Sunday night, I had told him that I loved him, with all my heart, as we looked out over the city, with its lights twinkling like multicolored gems on some black velvet cloth ... as far as the eye could see. For the first time, ... in a long time, I was at peace in my inner being. I clung to Tom that evening never far from his side, my eyes constantly attending his form with loving care. I fell asl**p in his arms that night among the cool satin sheets of our bed, and smiled through my dreams! We were at the hotel three nights, and when Tom dropped me home Monday morning, my Mom was delirious with joy…she had heard of the great act I had put up at the club. I had arrived !!!

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very good
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Great story.
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Very sexy story :)