My First Time As An e****t

It was August 2009. My s*******nth birthday was just one month away. And apart from my Mom, my closest friend at that time was John. John was about 28, and worked at the same nightclub as my Mom. He was soooo handsome, and we loved to spend time with each other. The Club, at Los Angeles, was a nude dance club, and he was a sort of jack of all trades there. He filled various roles there, but mainly was incharge of auditions and recruiting fresh talent.

My harmones were playing havoc with me, and while John and my other friends were always there to satisfy my libido, and in fact thought of a session with me as a big favour, I had some other ideas too. The thoughts of a career had begun to indulge me. I had always heard from my Mom, also a club dancer earlier, that some of the nicest men she had ever met were her clients and that we must move beyond cartoonish depictions of villainous, lustful men victimizing vulnerable women. As I think I had mentioned earlier, I and Mom are the best of friends. Its just the two of us at home, and therefore we discuss almost everything. And knowing that My Mom is so broad minded and understands these things, it gives me an opportunity most other girls would sadly miss.

She has told me so many times that so often sex is just a front. It’s an entry point that allows men to make their real request (for affection, understanding, and connection) while still satisfying stereotypical ideas of masculinity. What most men want is a great romance or, at the very least, a great friendship. They want to feel like they’re falling in love. They want to feel loved in return.There’s always conversation, regardless of the other activities during a date: clients talk about their parents (especially their fathers) and about failing marriages or life after divorce. They often show pictures of their c***dren and, sometimes, spouses.
So, this was something that excited me. I liked both sex and money or would rather have sex for a living than do dishes or cook and rather be paid for sex than giving sex to guys for mere pleasure and validation. I would find sex more enjoyable than flipping burgers or doing phone sales for a living any day.
I discussed this with John. He was a little confused and said that he wanted some time to compose his thoughts. The next night, when we were together, he said that he had thought about it and that he would support me. He thought that it was a decision that I had to take, and if it excited me as a career prospect, he would help me. He also suggested that I rather discuss this with my Mom only later…ofcourse she knew of my making out with all the guys and always in a way encouraged me by saying that it was a natural development process and she was happy that I was keeping her in the know on everything.
So here I was, Angela, an extremely beautiful girl of a little less than s*******n. With curls which cascaded around my shoulders prettily, framing an oval, porcelain face with enormous, long-lashed blue eyes, a perky upturned nose, and full, strawberry-hued lips. My complexion was peaches and cream. And one week before my s*******nth birthday, early morning John called me. Someone he knew from the club, Paul, from New York, about 30, was looking for some company for two days. Starting that evening. He was checking into a suite at the Sofitel Hotel at 4 pm. Would I be game?
I told him that I would call him back. I thought about it a lot…wondered if it was worth talking out with my Mom. Then I remembered what John had told me…discuss with her, but don’t be in a hurry. And its I who has to take decisions for my life. Did I wanna do a normal boring office job? Oh no….never. And it was time I started looking for a career…did I like this kind of a job? I think I would. I wasn’t a hypocrite who would pretend that flipping burgers gave a lot of joy and something like sex, which I always found so pleasurable, was boring. I thought and thought…and called John. It was a Yes. He said that he would come at about 4 pm and pick me up and drop me at the hotel. And then, almost as an afterthought, said that he would rather come a little early and help me to dress up for the occasion.
I went in the morning to a Beauty Salon close to our place and had a luxurious manicure and pedicure, giving a bright dark red colour to my nails. Also got a facial and eyebrows done. And by 3 John was home. He chose my outfit for the evening, a skirt so short it just about covered my ass. It was a red plaid skirt, more punk than schoolgirl, paired with a black sheer translucent shirt. I was allowed black sheer panties and he pulled a black bra from my drawer. I blushed as I thought of how it would show through. I put on a touch of make-up, including the reddest lipstick I own and black eyeliner to accentuate my eyes, which tilt up just slightly at the corners, like a cats. My hair fell to my shoulders in slight waves. He casually chose a five inch golden heel I own, and told me that it would really make me look like a goddess.
And we were on our way in his black Toyota. And I could hear him, Welcome to your new life, Angela. You are just beginning a new wonderful life where you will live in pleasure and enjoyment. Your life will only get better from now on. Angela, you have been wonderfully reborn. A new world lies before you, a new facet is being added to your sexuality. All you need to do is to give your all to the job in hand: please Paul however you can. Making him happy is your only aim. Your only purpose. Your only Mission. For if your client is happy, you have got it made. And new doors would then open.
Soon enough, we were at the Sofitel Hotel. He parked his car, called up Paul, and soon enough we were in the lift. A small case of my belongings was left at the reception, for transfer to Pauls room. He pressed the floor button, and just told me the room number. The lift stopped, I disembarked, and he just waived at me and got back. And here I was, all alone. At that time, sex was the furthest from my mind. I just hoped that I didn’t get into a panic. I just kept repeating the room number to myself, and without even knowing, was in front of the room. I gave a mild knock, and instantaneously, the door opened, as if he was just waiting to open the door. Here was Paul. Looked about thirty five to me, neatly dressed in a white button up shirt and black slacks, and some expensive shoes. Smelled of a rich cologne that I couldn’t immediately identify. He gave me a broad smile, held my hand and took me inside. It was a really plush suite. A huge Sofa in what was the living room. Inside was obviously a bed room. We sat on the sofa, and while it had nothing to do with Paul, I was not at all comfortable. Paul soon realized that, and offered me some coke. I took it and started to sip. Paul appeared to be quite a gentleman. He smiled again, and offered me a refill…which I politely refused. He was a Ladies man…and seemed to have a good understanding of women. He told me that he was a bit nervous himself, and asked me if I was nervous. I said a mild yes, and told him that it was the first outcall I was making as an e****t. He immediately understood, and called up room service and got me some food. He put on some music channel on TV and we were just talking about all kinds of stuff. Soon enough I was feeling much better. He enquired of me if he could smoke, and then offered me a Camel Cigarette…which really helped me get back at ease. It was almost 730 pm…and more than two and a half hours since we had met. And we were sitting on two different sofas, and talking like old friends...without a hint of our relationship. He then suggested that we go to a restaurant in the hotel for dinner. We went to the Simon Restaurant, quite a nice place. We ordered some salads and some light food. Made some light talk, and soon he was explaining to me how much he liked his drinks. He wondered if I was a regular drinker. When I told him that I had just started, he promised to introduce me to some good scotch in the room.
It was about 930, and soon enough we were in the room. He headed in, pulled out a Benriach 21 year old peated Malt. I had ofcourse just started off on scotch a couple of weeks before, and it did taste very exquisite to me. By 1030, we were through and then Paul gave me one big smile, and wondered if I was in the mood…he was a real thorough gentleman. Not even a hint of any pressure. None at all. As if it all depended on me alone. I was really impressed. It had been about six hours since we had met, and there wasn’t the slightest hint of the purpose of our meeting. I had learnt that Paul worked for Coke in New York, was 37, had a gorgeous wife, and two daughters who were 15 and 16. I got up from the sofa, sat close to him, and kissed him. With my heart.
My hands were up, in his hair and around the back of his neck and his were around my arms and over my chest, feeling it's hardness. Our bodies pressed against each other, writhing slightly as our kissing becomes more aggressive. He pushed his tongue deep into my mouth and then gave a small playful bite hard down on my bottom lip. I'm suddenly aware that this fuck is going to be incredible.

My other hand comes up to Pauls neck and I kiss him again, hard on the mouth while his mouth gratefully accepts my tongue and sucks on it. Soon his hands are all over me, pulling up my shirt and lightly dragging his nails down my lean and hard stomach. I pull away from our embrace and hold eye contact, telling him how sexy he is and how I can't wait to fuck him. He gives me a devilish hungry smile.
He turned me to look in the mirror. "You are beautiful, and you are intelligent, and you are sexy, and you are mine,"
Oh, it was a night of joy and ecstacy…of sex and more sex.
I stretched and turned as the heavy layers of sl**p poured off my naked body. Both hands automatically caressed my silky soft and velvety smooth body as I rose up higher and higher shedding layers of sl**p like clothing. Lashes fringed my azure eyes that were still closed as I remembered pieces of the night...

It was about 10 in the morning, and Paul too was awaking from his slumber. I grabbed him, sucked and swallowed his cock wanting to have him cum, to feed my slutty mouth, to fill it with his seed. He grabbed my head and pressed it hard to his body forcing his cock down my throat, then face fucking me. An almost primal scream came from his throat as he continued to fuck my throat..screaming out, "yes whore, fuck yes”
My body shivered with arousal and excitement as I moved, spreading wide so both fuckholes could be seen. Paul pushed me, his little slut, up onto the pillow a bit higher, then moved down upon the bed and placed his head between my creamy thighs, his tongue licking the silky soft flesh and trailing around my sweet cunt. I moaned in pleasure and my legs widened even more. Paul thrust his tongue into my very wet cunt and lapped at its juices, swallowing and murmuring that his sweet whore was very sweet indeed. Slowly he licked and sucked as my clit became swollen and I began to writhe in pleasure at his ministering.

We went to the shower, and had a bath together. It was almost noon by the time we reached the restaurant for our breakfast. The breakfast was indeed very nice. We were through by about 130, went to the room and soon we were both asl**p. When I woke up it was about 430. I made some coffee for myself, and soon enough by 5 Paul was awake too. Then I made him some coffee. We sat next to each other on the sofa, fondled each other and had the coffee. We got some snacks from room service.
Paul told me that he had a flight to New York at 11am. But he wanted to postpone it if I was free. I told him I was game, and he called up some guys on the phone. Then he told me that he would have to leave by the 11 am flight. Which meant that he would be vacating the hotel by 830 or so. He wondered if we could go to some nightclub. I told him of the age restrictions, but he knew someone at the Score Gentlemen’s Lounge.
We had some food and soon headed to a beauty salon. He had got me to wear some real cool clothes…a small little black skirt that provoked more than the little it covered, and a teeny weeny little black top. And with it was a five inch black heels. And when we were at the Beauty Studio, before I could even say something…he was already giving instructions. I want her like a goddess…make the makeup dark…and sexy. And an hour later when I was ready, oh my…I was a real goddess. And when we entered Score, I was almost as much a sensation as the topless girls crowding the area. We saw some shows, danced a little and had some food. They ofcourse refused to serve me alcohol, but who cared.
By 11pm, we were back in the car. I turned and looked at him searchingly, my face flushed with romantic ardor. Gazing down at me, Paul was incredibly turned on. I was radiantly beautiful, and he saw clearly the invitation in my hot blue eyes. Bending down slowly, he brushed his lips against mine, and then, slid his arms about my waist, drawing me tightly against his body and kissing me hard. Our tongues dueled as our mouths strained against one another, and I gave a muffled moan of pleasure, throwing my arms about his strong neck and flattening my breasts against his chest. Paul needed no further encouragement. His huge hands ran over the front of my body, grabbing and pinching my full, throbbing breasts. I shuddered as I felt the strength in his big, ham like hands. A light squeeze sent darts of mingled pain and pleasure coursing through my body, and I knew he had the power to crush me to death in his powerful arms, if he so desired.
Soon we were at the hotel. As soon as we entered the suite, he lifted me in his arms and kissed me. I bent down and pressed my mouth against his hard lips, kissing him sensuously. My full, sweet lips feathering across his. I was soon in bed, reclining on the white sheets and gazing at him with voluptuous periwinkle blue eyes. He stripped quickly, tearing off his conservative clothes, leaving on a pair of boxer shorts which were tenting at the crotch conspicuously. Then, he sprinted over to the bed and dived in on top. I squealed with laughter as we tussled playfully. Then, Paul rolled on top of me, his muscular body bearing down on my slender, curvaceous figure, flattening my breasts against his powerful torso. He crushed his mouth to mine and wormed his hungry tongue inside, swabbing up my saliva. I gave a muffled groan of delight and ran my hands sensuously down his broad back and over the hard, compact buns of his ass cheeks. I could feel the outline of his rigid cock throbbing against my belly. He gripped me tightly about the hips and brought me down violently on top of his quivering pecker, lifting his hips and ramming as deeply into me as he could. Great spasms of lust wracked his powerfully built, masculine body, and I whimpered as I felt the huge shaft of his dick expand and convulse in orgasmic ecstasy. Thick spurts of hot, juicy jism sprayed from his piss-slit, blasting deep into my hungry, quaking womb, filling me up with his pungent, heavy seed. Paul groaned and shuddered, slowly, luxuriously, humping his hips back and forth, continuing to squirt blast after blast of semen into my belly. And he said: I tell you, it's very flattering to be admired by the prettiest young woman I've ever laid eyes on. You are an absolute angel!
It was almost 2 am. And both of us sank deep into the large tub filled with scented bubbles. After the bath, and washing my hair, we stepped out from the bath. Paul examined my fuckholes, making sure all cum had been cleaned out. "You have several hours now slut, to sl**p and refresh yourself, and then a light meal, now off to bed with you" ordered Paul.
I moaned and tried to turn over, not awake and not asl**p, then became more alert, "oh, I am not dreaming, there really are hands on my arm!" I opened both my eyes and saw that Paul was there, waking me up. "Come along Angela, it's time, now hurry!"
I woke up very slowly, stretching my legs and arms and feeling much like a kitten who had filled its belly with cream. I looked around and recognized the Suite. I loved this room with all its rose motif; it was very beautiful and at the same time serene and soothing.

It was eight already and Paul had to leave in half an hour. He smiled and wondered if I wanted a parting gift. I smiled, and pulled him close. He removed his boxers, and gave one huge thrust in between my dark red painted lips, and his hot seed spurted out into my mouth. He could feel me sucking and swallowing it when my own body shivered, and I arched myself back and sucked his cock back into my mouth. I continued to suck his cock, loving being his cocks sucking whore, and knew that finally, I was home. In time I would have more questions answered, but for now I was so very happy to be here, for him to be my Lover.
It was 845, and I and Paul were at the reception of the Sofitel Hotel. John had already come there to take me home. Paul handed me an envelope. It had 800 $. Pauls taxi was waiting. He came close to me, hugged me, then kissed me, and waived me goodbye. And soon I and John were in Johns black Toyota. And I had not uttered a word, and John already knew how much I had enjoyed myself. He told me that he had told my Mom too that I had wanted to do this as an experiment and that she had got somewhat upset about it. But cooled down somewhat when she was told that John knew Paul for many years and that Paul was a thorough gentleman.
Soon we were home. John kissed me goodbye, and I went inside. Mom was sitting there watching TV. On seeing me, she wondered if I had grown up enough not to seek her permission…I just smiled, hugged her and said…Mom…don’t be such a prude. And she hugged me back!

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