On Losing My Virginity

Hey...This is not a story, but based on my actual experience. I have been absolutely truthful in the narration, and but for some minor errors that may have crept in due to the passage of time, this is a true record of what actually happened....:-)


It was November of 2005. I had celebrated my 13th birthday just two months before…and here I was, preparing for another celebration…a much bigger one. After all birthdays come every year but what I had in mind happens only once in a lifetime.
My thoughts on my 13th birthday were very clear. I wanted to gift my virginity to someone this year. That it would happen within two months is something that even I didn’t know. But I knew it would happen soon enough. I could already visualize myself thinking:
Hey..I am no longer a virgin. I've been....fucked. I got laid. I was ridden. I had sex. He went down on me. I came. Multiple times. He still wanted more. I was amazing (that's what he said!) I'm beautiful (he said that too!) I saw his...penis...I touched it...held it...it was inside me! It was huge...and bl**dy amazing! Omg...I've been tainted. What am I thinking…
I was raised in a very open environment. I grew up with my Mom and she is so open minded. The travails of being a single Mom and raising an only daughter….! Dad lived in New York, and would only very occasionally get in touch. Cant really blame him, he had a regular f****y to care for. My Mom ofcourse never cared too much about marriage and never got married, either to dad or for that matter anyone else. She was so happy in her job at a Nightclub in Los Angeles, where she was a dancer and a stripper. Even today, when I shall be 19 next week, and she turns 40 early next year, she has the looks and a figure to die for.
Later, my Mom worked in the finance department of the club she earlier danced at. Occasionally I too accompanied her. And it was ten days before my thirteenth birthday that I met Mark, at Mom’s club. He was tall, had curly dark brown hair with blue eyes and a crooked, self-deprecating smile... he always smelled clean, with the hint of some expensive perfume on him. And his expensive shoes, carelessly flung Rolex watch and designer clothes gave one hints of a luxuriant lifestyle. He had just turned 23. His father was a partner at the club. He really got to like me and we really hit it off. Soon enough we were meeting regularly, calling up each other and for the first time I wondered if this is what was called love. I initially didn’t know that Mark had such expensive cars, but I really enjoyed going out with him in his silver coloured BMW.
Soon enough we were kissing and fondling each other. But we were going slowly, and Mark was in absolutely no hurry at all. He took one step at a time, and I was therefore fully aware of all that was happening and all that was coming. I had heard from many of my friends, and my seniors in school about the joys of sex and what a big day losing your virginity or popping of the cherry was. By the beginning of November we were joking about having sex…and while I think it was all a joke, it yet got me wet, and kindled very confusing desires.
Its sort of unnatural, but I asked Mom about it. She has always stood for freedom and openness. She always taught me that if anything we did, did not hurt others, it could never be wrong or immoral. She was very forthright here too. She said that it was for me to decide. These urges and desires were only natural. And if I did not yield to them today, I would yield tomorrow. It was only a matter of time. So, it was for me to decide when was a good time. And that she would have no problems, whatever I decided.
We had gone on a long drive one Friday evening, and in between kisses and fondling, he half jokingly asked me if I wanted to go even further. I caught the hint and after some time said a yes. He knew the guys at Hotel Hilton Woodland Hills he said and added that he will make it an occasion we wont forget all our lives. He wanted to keep it for Saturday or Sunday, but I told him that I wanted some time and that we should keep it for the following Friday. He immediately agreed.
Next Friday he came home around 4 in the evening in his gleaming BMW. I was ready and waiting for him. I had spent days preparing for this moment...I wanted everything to be perfect. I had gone to the day spa the day before for a full-body massage. I wanted my skin to be as soft as silk. I had my nails done. French Manicure. I was sure he was going to like that. I had my hair done by my stylist. I loved the way it felt when she straightened it. It was so soft, and long. I'm always surprised how long my hair really is when it's straight, instead of curly; almost touching my waist. The outfit I selected was once again chosen with him in mind. I started with a black lace pair of panties; the style made my ass look phenomenal. Being crotchless didn't hurt either. Black lace matching bra, pushing the girls up. I decided to wear fishnet stocking with a garter belt. I topped the "outfit" with a very short black leather skirt, a very deep-v top, and four inch gold pointed heels that I specifically bought for the occasion. I clambered on to his car and soon enough we were at the hotel. When we went to our room on I think the fifteenth floor, I was totally out of my wits. I had never stepped into a hotel so luxurious or a room that seemed fit for nothing less than royalty.
We just sat for a while, fiddling with the TV remote, changing channels and admiring the view. But the purpose of the meeting was something that both of us were so excited about. And soon enough, we were both naked. We played with each other for a while. It was the first time I was seeing a boy naked or touching a guys penis. Soon enough, he entered me, with me lying at the bottom. I really loved him being in control. At that time I felt a little pain, but not a lot. At that moment, I couldn’t really believe that he was inside me…it felt so incredible. We continued like that, with me at the bottom, thrusting at times, until I had my orgasm. It was just unbelievable. It was the first time I had seen a boy fully naked or ever touched a penis. And the significance of this event, atleast for me, made me so happy.
We checked out from the hotel the next afternoon. Before that, after breakfast, we did it once more. Oh the joy, the ecstacy. I could see the satisfaction on Mark’s face, and that indeed made me so happy, satisfied and even proud. Mark dropped me home, and I then realized that Mom had taken the day off from work and was at home. She saw me, smiled, and asked if I was ok. I hugged her and kissed her and told her how much I loved her. She smiled back, and asked me to go to my room and rest for a while. I think Mom understood how happy and accomplished I felt.
That evening, I sat there in my bedroom, in front of my mirror, smiling at my figure, holding the dress I had worn the previous evening. The last time I wore this, Mark was peeling it off in the Hotel room. It was the first time I had had real sex with a real man. Yes, I did kiss and fondle while yet wearing this dress. But when it got taken off, that's when the real fun started. That's when my new life began. That's when I was set free.
"Mark, My Love" I whisper.
That it was just how things were meant to be.

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5 months ago
this was such a sensual story, I loved it.
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2 years ago
This was a great story of love.
3 years ago
Thanks so much for your sweet comments, craze47, phil1839 and smalltallboy. Love you, all. Thanks.
3 years ago
that was amazing
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3 years ago
Great story!