I've always wanted to meet a gurl!

First of all I would like to apologize for my English.
Hello there! I live in a small country's biggest city and here people are strange. If they are crossdressers, shemales, trannies, tgirls, gurls (actually we have only 2 words for a shemale, so I don't know which one is NOT offending please excuse me I do not want to offend you or what so ever) usually do everything for money, or they lack good health, hygiene or I haven't met the right one. This is was a bit new for me. I've always wanted to date a gurl. Not just the sex part, but actually get to know the person, to fall in love and things like that. SO on the last new year I was working (I work as a personal driver) so I was driving people around the country so they can celebrate and around 23:30 I was going through some small village. There was a place something like a small village pub. Not many people. So I had to go to the bathroom and they invited me to celebrate the new year with them. Great people average age was around 40. And there was one gorgeous girl. Long black hair, very beautiful face. Fantastic forest green eyes. Delicious red lips. Little beautiful tits, awesome body. So we began to chit chat and drink (i was drinking non alchoholic stuff cause I was driving) and she was drinking wine. We had much in common, we laugh a lot and shared lots of things. It was just magnificent. So people began to count from 10 to 0. And we stood up waiting for the 00:00 and she hugged me. So when the clock hit 00:00 we kissed. Oh those lips I just cant forget them. SO soft, so red, a little strawberry-chocolate flavor, her gentle tongue. I gently touched her waist, start touching her back, she touched my back and kissed me more invasive. It was like we were kissing for hours. So while kissing moving a step by step we went to the other room. We were alone. We began to kiss near a fireplace while the outside was bad snowstorm. I began to touch her everywhere so did she. I was kissing her neck her ears, hands, beautiful GOSH THOSE WERE BEAUTIFUL breasts, they were perfectly natural, a bit small but so damn good. She had so soft skin like a silk. Her touching made me so hard I couldn't control my self. I began to undress her and then she said I shouldn't do that because there is something that she just cant show me. I told her that there is nothing that can frighten me but she didn't believe me. So we continue kissing I was naked and she was still almost fully dressed. She pressed me to the wall gently touching my pulsatory penis, gently rubbing it with hand and on her hips. She began to kiss me on chests and stomach continuing to go down. When suddenly i felt her tongue on my penis's head. Holy mother of God that was so amazing. Her mouth was so hot, her lips were so gentle and so hard in the same time. She began to suck me so damn hard i was almost screaming because of the awesome feeling. I lay down on the sofa there and she continue her masterpiece. Few minutes later when i was so hard that I could penetrate a wall she told me to relax my self and just let all the cum in her mouth. (Sadly I have a problem and so far there was nobody else that could made me cum, for some damn reason only I and nobody else can make me cum which is extremely disappointing and stupid but its just something I have and I cant fix it) So I told her that I would like to taste her and to be with her. She keep saying that she just cant get naked because I would run if i see her naked. I told her there was nothing that could surprise me. AFter few minutes she agreed. So I began to undress her. When I get to her panties she told me to close my eyes. So I did. After a second she told me open them and there is the door so you can run. I opened my eyes and i saw this small, hard and INCREDIBLE beautiful penis, hard as a rock pointing at me, waiting me to suck it. She was watching the wall waiting for me to run (maybe because the other people did that). It was a magical penis. Had a small very red head, few veins i could see about 4-5 inches long and the smell.... oh the smell was so good something between roses and chocolate. Gosh that was just so eatable. So she muttered that she knew I would be disappointed and exactly in that moment I took it all in my mouth. She almost screamed out of joy and came in my mouth... Few good sprays, and a lot of cum. My mouth was full of cum... That was the first time i tasted cum but it was so delicious, so eatable, so GOOD ! I swallowed it all without a doubt and continue sucking that beautiful penis. It was hard even harder than before. Few moments later she came second time. This time it wasn't that much but was also delicious. Her penis began to get softer and very sensitive so she told me to stop. She began to suck me while i was licking my fingers cause there were still cum on them and she gently put some lubricant on my penis and a condom. Slowly sat on me and put only the head inside her little butt. It was so tight. I have between 6-7 inches penis so its not that big or something. She took it whole inside her. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD it was tight and slippery. I was slowly moving my self watching her every face she made so there was no pain. From slow all went to very fast, very hard penetrations. 20 maybe 30 minutes later i was laying on the sofa she was laying over me we were very sweaty and satisfied. I felt her penis was hard so i told her to lay down. I removed the condom, began to stroke because she wanted to taste my cum. While i was sucking her I felt that i was a bit tired and it would take some time. She pushed me and went over me (on 69) I felt her hard penis in my mouth and I felt her tongue on my penis's head. From time to time she sucked it all and then let me stroke it again. I told her i'm about to cum she moved my hand and sucked it all the way. I began to scream and moan and she putted her penis in my mouth it was such a strong feeling that I grabbed her penis stroke it hard and she came 3rd time in my mouth while i was cumming in hers. She emptied my balls and I hers. We were laying there smiling, very happy joyful and completely emptied. We were cuddling and kissing. She told me she never felt this way before... I thought i was inlove and in that moment a police officer knocked on my car door and waked me up... I was fallen a sl**p because i was tired and i was in the middle of nowhere in the car. EVERYTHING WAS A DAMN DREAM ! Of course i found the village and the pub (i have been there few years ago) but sadly there was no such girl... I just cant tell you how much i want this to happened. I'm so disappointed all this was a dream... I have never ever been with a gurl but its my dream to be ! I hope you will enjoy my story, or fantasy or dream whatever you want to call it. Leave a comment I would like to read it :)
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1 year ago
wow what a fasanating dream did you cumwhile you were dreaming I sure did thanks
2 years ago
lovely Act - if only it would have been true...