Platonic Hazard: ch 2

After my conversation with Haze three days ago, I now found myself standing in front of the very bar I had destroyed in two minutes flat. There was a clean up crew, but Haze had assured me the owner was expecting me. I peered down at the little paper with the name on it and squinted up at the sign, wondering if I could lie and say I had gone to the wrong place but by the time I had found it they were closed. I wrinkled my nose, hearing Haze in the back of my head. "Yea right Alina...take your Hybrid ass right back to the bar". With a scowl on my face, I sighed, and debated on using the front door or the window. "You going in or what?" Startled out of my thoughts, I whirled around, surprised to find a blonde woman with red nails standing behind me. She had a sour look on her face. " was...just..." "Alina?" I turned back around, and blinked up at the man who clearly towered above me. His red eyes surveyed me with mild annoyance, and I took this to be my guy. " must be..." He extended a hand stiffly. "Barak Kashman...nice to meet you..please...right this way".

He allowed me to go in ahead of him, pausing to speak to the woman behind me for a second. "This way to my office". He brushed past me and I shivered, then started to follow when I was stopped by a hand gripping my shoulder. I looked down at the carefully painted nails, then up to the piercing blue gaze. "Listen here girly girl...just fair warning...Barak is don't think you can come in here and pull nothing". I blinked, then looked down at her hand again, trying to keep my temper. After a minute she released me, and I hurried after my host, who had watched the exchange from the top of the stairs. "Thats Cherry...don't mind her..." I opened my mouth to inform him I wasn't, but thought about my boss and made a face, biting my tongue instead. I swear the bastard smiled., before he turned and led me into his office.

Barak sat down, motioning for the young female to do so to. He was a little ticked at knowing something so fragile looking had cost him an arm and a leg to fix his bar, but he had received funding from a group called A-International. He supposed that this was the young woman's insurance company, and had secretly wondered why they were willing to cover such a hazardous creature. He watched as she looked around with interest, then turned to his computer. She blinked when a little red light suddenly appeared to scan her quickly before disappearing. "What the hell..." He smiled. "Merely protocol for all my...ah...employees...I like to make sure I am employing only the best" She frowned at him, but said nothing. He glanced at his computer screen again, then frowned himself when ERROR appeared on the screen. He tapped a few buttons, but still nothing. His red eyes traveled over to her.

I was a little disturbed by the fact that the guy felt the need to scan his employees. Hadn't Haze told him everything he would need to know concerning me? I mean, I already knew any search on me wouldn't come up. It had been the agencies idea to keep me as secret as possible. Couldn't have to world knowing what I was, let alone my real gig. It wasn't uncommon for hybrids to occasionally be born into the world, but in my case...I was a special type. It had irked the hell out of Haze when we had first met. He had taken his time though, watching me intently for a year, until he had every little clue down and had finally put it all together. I had nearly killed him when he had told me he had figured me 'secret' out, slamming him against a desk and informing him that if he ever told anyone about me, I would personally kill him. Considering my strength greatly out weighed his...he had been a good boss and had kept his end of the bargain. If the world knew something like myself existed, it could mean a very nasty war. As added protection, Haze had basically used his connections to erase every trace that I ever existed, save for what he wanted people to know. I could see it irritated the demon in front of me, and after a minute of intently typing and staring at the screen, he made a noise of disgust and turned his attention to me. I offered my most dazzling smile. "So Mr. Kashman...we both know why Im is not of my own free will but more of my boss and his personal opinions." He examined one elegant hand for a minute then looked me over. "I am quiet aware of why you are here miss Alina. Your boss gave me strict instructions on how to handle you and also explained there are certain days you may not be available..." I nodded. "Yup...sounds about right". "However..." I glanced back at him.

He was leaning across the table, red eyes gleaming. "Considering the funds for my bars repair were...idly given to me by a private insurance company carrying you...I find I can accommodate his demands better. I will permit you these days...but should you ever not appear on a day you are needed...expect me to be in contact with him..." I stared at him, wondering if he was seriously trying to use haze as a threat against me. I quietly reminded myself that this man did not know I could wipe the floor with Haze in two seconds flat. Instead I merely gave a little nod. "Of course sir..."

Barak eyed the woman then smiled and leaned back. " you saw, we are not quiet open for business i will expect to see you in two days time...dressed for work in the uniform I sent to your boss and ready to do" She grimaced but nodded none the less and slowly stood. He stood as well, and extended his hand out to her.

As soon as I placed my palm in his I felt a slight pulling sensation. Almost immediately, a guard went up around my mind, shutting my thoughts off. The bastard was trying to read me! I yanked my hand out of his and scowled. "I would appreciate it if you would prevent yourself from doing that in the future Mr. Kashman. My boss provided all the needed information to you...anything you need to know can be directed to him or myself, and if we feel it is worth knowing..we will happily tell..." Without another word I turned, and stalked off down the stairs. I could feel his eyes on me as I retreated, but didn't look back. I could swear i felt the shit smiling.

Back in hazes office, I was fuming. For more reasons then just having that ignorant demonic shit try to pull a read on me. Haze had given me my new 'uniform'. The damn thing was hardly a uniform. " How the hell am i supposed to work in this?!" I demanded, holding the offensive cloth up. Haze was lounging at his desk, trying his best not to laugh. He shook his head, eyes glittering with hidden tears of mirth as he covered his mouth, pretending he was thinking. I scowled darkly. The 'uniform' consisted of a little black leather pleated skirt with tiny boy shorts, and a tiny top that I highly doubted would be able to contain my 40 DDD bust. But then again, maybe that had been the sick fucks plan. I bundled the whole thing up and chucked it into the corner of our small shared office. "Im not wearing it", I stated. Haze frowned. "You have to Alina...or else he's sticking your ass with a lawsuit". "What the hell for!?"I shouted, annoyed with both myself and my boss. "Im paying for the stupid damages! He's opening in two days! He'll get all his friggin customers back and he even gets to keep the blonde hussy Candy or Cherub or whatever the hell her name is!" Haze shook his head at me and sighed softly. "Oh Alina, Alina, Alina. Just go try it on". I stared at him, appalled. "No!" He was emitting pheromones that were supposed to calm me, and I was doing my best not to take them in. "Cut it out! Im not putting it on damn it! I don't wanna!" In seconds, he had crossed the distance between us and had my face cupped in his hands.

His mouth was on mine and I gasped softly. It was no secret Haze felt something for me. When he pulled back he was smiling. "Come on...for me". I blinked, mouth slightly open...then quickly scowled and kicked him hard. He gasped and fell like a ton of bricks, clutching his ball sack. "No...fuckin....way..." I stepped over his fallen form and walked out, intent on going home and going to bed. "See ya tomorrow Hazy love!" My only response was an agonized grunt and I smirked to myself before bidding the others goodnight and walking out.
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