Kinky Dream of Sex Slave!!!

I was young and in high school still. There was this gang of guys that was mean to me a little. But, they always picked on my guy friend a lot more. They always chased him around trying to beat him up, but they would never catch him. Sometimes they would catch his other guy friend that was slower. They ended up catching me after a while and r****g me... My guy friend said he felt bad that he wasn’t around when they did. They had him distracted away at that time.
Then I jumped fast forwarded several months. I guess it was just a bit after we all graduated high school. They had captured me a second time not long after grad and made me stay at this mansion that the gang lived in. But it was some sort of secret society for their group they were always a part of. They also captured my guy friend and his slower buddy. They made us all work for them. I could walk the building but not leave it.
I had come into this bigger room that they hanged out in. There was one of them sitting in the chair and he was masturbating. One other guy was there but on a computer and no paying attentions. The masturbating guy told me he was a hard working warrior and needs some fun… So I jumped on his lap and fucked him silly.
Sometime a little later than that, the mansion interior was getting repainted. Original decor of the building’s glory days was of a brown paneling deal with crystal chandeliers, but the walls now were being painted an off white. It was getting almost done but I wanted to help the painting lady finish. So I got a brush and started working but I got stopped by the leader of the gang. He took me by the arm and told me “this is not you job! Your job is to service my men when they are in need.” I was dumbfounded cuz I didn’t know I had any job at all. But he followed up by saying, “You are my warrior’s sex slave”. He hauled me to his bedroom and well… We had some ruff hardcore sex.
Fast forward to after the sex, but yet somehow I know we did. As well as in the next 5 years I had sex with every one of them on many occasions. I also found out something else. I found out that these men were not good guys. Warrior they were called but to serve what exactly I did not know. But it seems it was something to obtain power and money. Over the 5 years the mansion became a “palace”.
It was a typical days as a sex slave, 5 years after it all started. I was in the throne room. And of course the leader of the gang was sitting in his elaborate (lazy boy) chair, but watching TV with his friends. I came up to him and he made me strip… Also he had like 2 other young girls there already naked. We formed a line. But something happened after that…, but the dream flashed ahead again.
After that sex act, I was walking down the hall still naked and heading to clean up. My guy friend caught my arm and pulled me aside. He started kissing me so passionately and I realized that we were lovers in this whole mess of things. I asked him to run away with me but he said he can’t and told me that nobody can ever know about us or there could be a lot of violent problems. He said he always hated what he had to do as one of these warriors and it is wrong what they do, but he had no way out. He felt bad for me too being a sex slave and wishes he could have changed the way things were for us all.
A couple of days later the leader called me to the throne-room (aka “the over glorified man cave”). The leader allowed me to approach his throne–lazy boy. He grabbed me, fondled me and gave me a big heated kiss. He told me that he would like to take me as his wife but he couldn’t, as I made too good of a slutty sex slave. Beside who else will make his men so happy? But he said he couldn’t help it. He was in love with me. So I asked him, “I didn’t know evil men had the ability to love another enough to marry.” He just growled at me and pulled my hair hard. Pushed me to the floor and f***efully ****d me again.
Note: I don’t think of it as a scary dream but yet seemed pretty bad and maybe violent. But kinky none the less I guess.

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keep them coming.
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Awesome ;-)
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i like