My friend from Pakistan

I am a real nudist. At home I am always naked, and when possible also outside. One day I was online chatting and I started talking to someone from Pakistan. After a while he asked if he could see my webcam, so I warned him: It's fine with me, but I am naked. He said that was no problem but he did ask why I was naked. I explained him I liked being naked. It gives me a sense of freedom, but I have to be honest, I also find it a turn-on when people see me naked.
For weeks we saw eachother regularly online, and he always had to laugh at me being naked. He explained that his religion didn't allow him a lot. He was 27 but never had a girlfriend.
One day he asked if it would be easy for him to find a girlfriend in Holland, where I lived. Over the next couple of chats he kept going on about this, and what he actually wanted to ask is if he could stay at my place when he was in Holland. I laughed and said: If you don't mind being around a naked guy, be my guest. I guess the thought of having a guest around while I was naked excited me.
Anyway, almost 2 months later he arrived in Amsterdam and stayed with me as my guest. He said he didn't mind me being naked, but he would keep his clothes on all the time.
When he was in Amsterdam for about 2 weeks we talked about his search for a girlfriend. It wasn't very successful yet. He didn't understand why, because he thought of himself as a good catch. Never been married. Actually he had never even kissed or made love to a woman. I told him that wasn't good. Here in the west the women prefer someone with enough experience to know what he's doing. He asked, with a bit of desperation in his voice how he could learn to kiss. I joked and said "no way I'm going to kiss a guy with a moustache".
5 minutes later he came back in the living room, and I noticed imediately he had shaved off his moustache! And I must say: He looked so much better without!

So, now I had no choice and offered to teach him how to kiss a woman. For both of us this was the first time we had kissed a man, but it felt surprisingly good! He noticed I was getting a hard-on. Being naked that was impossible to hide. I explained it was a natural reaction because it felt really good to kiss him. So, we rehearsed his first date, his second date... and then came the 3rd date, where he was invited to "her" apartment. Before we knew it we were on the couch kissing passionately and soon he was naked as well.
He had a hard-on and it was quite big. I had always thought asians were smaller than europeans but he sure wasn't. I touched his cock and man, was it rock-hard! I got up and lead him to my bedroom and we continued on my bed. I took his cock in my mouth and he came almost instantly. But he remained hard, I guess he had many years of catching up to do. So I kept sucking him and turned my body so that his face was positioned for my cock. He hesitated, but then I felt his mouth on my cock and he started sucking. Mmmmmm it felt good. Soon we both came in eachother's mouth.

4 weeks later his visa had expired and it was time for him to return to Pakistan. He never found a girlfriend. I'm not even sure if he was still looking, but we had sex with every opportunity. And it felt real good!
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