Should I cont.

Alot of us have had lustful thoughts of kinky sex. We even act on it. This is my first encounter with cum. I have been to 2 to 3 bars that have shemales. But I found her on craiglist. Just came to town, Islandergirl and was want some company. I replied and we meet a day later.
She was so tall atleast 6"4 with heels on. we began our date and eding at my place. She brought a dress like wrap and changed. I brought the drinks and lil smoke. Then we kissed and nevered stop. I never had anyone kiss me, so f***efully. Clothes were off now and she pushed my head to her medium size cock I thought. I said" I'm not good at it, I dont want to mess up the mood" she said,"Remember this when you do it!!" She swallowed my dick for 10 mins just gagging, splittin, strokin, and keep massaging my asshole. It was great, she said," Not yet fucker!!" She stood up, and it was in my face. Well that lil cock, was not so lil, and I choked,spit,gagged, and she keep sayin,"thats it, no teeth baby, you want my cum?" I didnt answer, becuz I want to try, but I didnt want to admit it. Then she starts, and I, not sure I want her cum, so as soon as I pull away, she f***es it down my throat! She yellin OH FUCK, OH YEAH, GET IT BABY, suck it all.
I was so turned on by her use of f***e, and the cum was sweet! I never tasted any cum until that nite. I was so, in a daze, that she came 2 more times, and never spilled any as I sucked her to sl**p. Something we all want.
Now I have to say, my stomach was feeling funny the next few days, but everything was good. Should I cont. or what, is what I ask myself. I just cant get her out of my head, Forcing her cock down my throat,,and cummimg. It was Very Hot!!
91% (8/1)
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2 years ago
yes when you taste cum for the first time you can never go back its fantastic looking forward to more of your story