After Work Fun

I'm in the kitchen fixing dinner when you get home from work. You walk up behind me, surprising me as you pull me back against you in a tight hold, kissing my neck, and then my cheek, as I twist my head around towards you for a kiss. As our lips meet, I feel your right hand slipping under my shirt and moving up my body to slip under my bra, your finger running back and forth over the nipple, teasing it til it's hard and protruding. Your left hand slides underneath my pants and panties, sliding down to cup my mound. You suck on my earlobe as you slide your middle finger over my slit, already starting to get wet with arousal. I inhale sharply as you suddenly dip your finger inside.

Withdrawing your finger, you turn me around to face you and give me a deep kiss, enveloping me in your arms. I sigh into your lips, feeling your love and warmth all the way to my soul. "Smells good in here.. What're you making?", you ask, your lips still just inches from mine. "Spaghetti with Meat Sauce. The sauce is simmering, want a taste?" I ask, as I move to the stove and get a spoonful of sauce for you, blowing on it to cool it before bringing the spoon up to your lips. "Mmmm.... that's good", you say, as you kiss me again.

"I couldn't wait for you to get home today. I missed you so much", I whisper against your lips. "I couldn't wait to do this", I whisper as I slide my hand down your chest, slipping just my fingers inside your waistband, barely brushing my fingernails over the head of your cock. Sucking your breath in sharply, I feel you squirm and almost u*********sly thrust your hips towards my fingers, wanting more. Your increasing arousal, as always, turns me on even more.... I immediately feel an overwhelming need to feel your lips and tongue on my nipples. My nipples are suddenly like tight little buds burning for the touch of your mouth and hands. I pull back from you and pull my blouse over my head, tossing it on a chair. Reaching behind, I unclasp my bra, purposely arching my back to give you a better view of my breasts.. I slowly pull my bra off, letting my breasts fall naturally, watching your eyes darken with desire.

"Are you hungry? Want more?" I grin, flipping the stove burner off, and spooning some sauce out of the pan, blowing on it gently as I watch you, watching me. You reach out to fondle my left nipple, rubbing your thumb pad over the tip, back and forth, tweaking it, drawing it out even more. "I'm starved", you say, almost moaning your words. "Ready for your next taste?", I ask as I watch you. I pour the still warm sauce over my right nipple, rubbing it in with my finger. "Oh baby" you groan, as you quickly move to my right nipple, taking a large part of the breast into your mouth and sucking eagerly, flicking your tongue all over the sensitive nipple and surrounding areas....My head falls back and I close my eyes as I savor the sensations.

"You must be pretty hungry too", you murmur huskily, as you quickly scoop some sauce into a bowl and pull me by my hand over to the table. Setting the sauce on the table, you lean me back on the table, my butt resting on the edge, still facing you. You lower your head to my tits, pulling me close as you kiss between them, rubbing both nipples at the same time. I can feel the press of your hard shaft through our clothes and the sensations of the nipple play and knowing how hard and turned on you are, push me forward. "I want you so badly..", I plead. I start playing with your belt buckle, trying to open it. "Oh no... Not yet", you whisper as you lift me onto the table.

Gently you urge me to lay on top of the table as you unbutton and unzip my jeans and briefly slip a hand inside my panties, teasing my slit with your middle finger, sliding it back and forth in a quick moisture check, but never penetrating inside. Sliding your hands back up to my waist, you hook your thumbs in the belt loops of my jeans to pull them off... peeling them down past my hips, then pulling them from the bottom, first the right then the left leg to pull the jeans completely off. Tossing the jeans on a chair, my panties quickly join them, then you lean over to kiss me passionately as your hand wanders... first to my cheek, then brushing my hair off my face, before moving down to settle on my breast. You break off the kiss and begin to trail kisses down my ear, then my neck, then down my chest to my left nipple. Again, you take me in your mouth, flicking the hard nipple with your tongue, scr****g it with your teeth. With a purr, I pull your head closer to my breast, arching my back. You move to my right nipple and tease it to a protruding peak before moving further down my body.

As if you suddenly remember it, you reach for the spaghetti sauce, still warm in the bowl. You ladle some sauce out and drizzle it between my breasts, dripping it down my body in a straight line, overflowing my belly button, dripping along my abdomen and then lower. I feel lightheaded and whimper softly as I anticipate your tongue teasing me along that line. My clit is pounding with an insistent rhythm, demanding satisfaction. Setting the sauce off to the side, you begin to remove your clothes. I watch intently through half closed eyelids as you strip off your shirt and throw it off to the side of the table. You lean over and pull your pants and briefs off, your cock springing straight up, completely erect. "Omg. I want you so badly" I whisper, reaching between my legs, unable to keep from touching my pounding clit. "Mmmm ... no, not yet baby" you murmur, pulling my hands away and pinning them up over my head with one hand. "I want you to feel amazing, better than ever before", you say as you begin to kiss me passionately, your tongue plunging inside my mouth and teasing my tongue.

Mmmm and what a kiss.... our breath intermingling as you slowly explore my mouth, deep searching kisses, your tongue sliding in deeper and then out, mimicking what is to come. Your tongue thrusts in, then retreats, gliding in an intimate rhythm. I capture your thrusting tongue, holding on to it with gentle suction then gently suck your lower lip before sliding my tongue along your mouth.

Breaking off the kiss, you trail gentle kisses along my jaw to my ear, stopping to nibble my earlobe and draw it into your mouth seductively before slowly beginning to lick the sauce from between my breasts. Looking up at my face, you slide your tongue up to one nipple, tease it, suck it and gently rake it between your teeth as you roll my other nipple with your fingers. Slowly, you switch nipples and repeat the process on the other side. I shudder and close my eyes, concentrating on your movements as you slide your tongue back between my breasts, and your tongue begins its journey, licking my skin clean as you move lower and lower along my body at a maddeningly slow speed. When you reach my belly button and begin sucking the sauce out, I can't stand the agonizing wait any longer. I feel like I'm on fire, in a frenzy, combusting from the inside out as my clit is pounding out of control. "Oh my God baby", I moan. But when I reach down to urge your head lower, you stop licking and you lift my hands back over my head, laying totally naked on the table, hands overhead, a signal of giving my body completely to you, agreeing to allow you to do whatever you desire to do.

My pussy is aching to feel you inside me. Every nerve ending feels like a taut rubber band as I'm f***ed to wait for your mouth to reach the core of my sex. I've never needed to touch or be touched so badly in my entire life. It's all I can do to lie there and not begin masturbating... This is the way it's supposed to be.. thought robbing, mind numbing, breath-stealing... and just as I decide that I might cum without even touching myself, you finally reach my mound. Mmmmm I think... I'm finally going to know what it feels like to have a tongue inside me. I feel almost crazed with desire for you, but just as you lean in towards me, you suddenly move over to the foot of the table, leaning over my legs.

Startled, I open my eyes and start to raise up on my elbows to see what you're doing. But when you see my movements, you stop and wait for me to lower myself back down and wait patiently. "My pace" you whisper. "The anticipation and foreplay will make your orgasm so much more explosive", you promise. "You'll see.. and you might even thank me later" you say with a sexy smile. Oh, how I normally love that smile, but right now all I can think about is the heat you've ignited between my legs, the pounding I'm feeling, my desperation to feel you inside me, my need for release. "Oh baby please.. I need to cum so badly" I plead. "And you will", you reply with that same sexy smile.

Immediately you lift my legs up over your shoulders as you move in towards my core. I feel your breath on my swollen pussy lips and all I'm aware of is my anticipation as you slowly lower your head down until... mmmm suddenly I feel an electric jolt at that first touch of your tongue, lapping along my slit... "OMG baby" I shudder, my pelvis undulating beneath your head u*********sly. You slide your hands under my hips to steady them as you find my clit with your tongue... sucking it into your mouth as I gasp.... you suck and tongue my clit as you slip first one, then two fingers inside me. I'm beside myself... so sensitive to every movement of your tongue and fingers, my hips lurching upward despite your hands trying to steady them.... my whimpers start off quietly.. urging you to quicken the pace.. then I'm gasping and bucking and urging you deeper, my whimpers more like groans.

My body is is feeling things that are beyond my control... you hold my reactions in your hands like a puppet master... I'm incapable of focusing on anything except how amazing I feel and how desperately I need you...The intensity builds higher and higher, my breath is increasingly more labored and my moans louder, as you slurp and suck and lick and pleasure me tirelessly until I'm driven breathtakingly over the top, my body bucking f***efully as I scream with complete and utter release, the jolts and spasms of pure pleasure blocking out all other thought.

I don't know how much time passes, but through my haze of semi-consciousness, I realize that you're standing over me, your hard magnificent cock dripping precum that's coated your cockhead. You lean over to kiss me as i reach down between us... Mmmm I love the slippery feel of your cum-coated cock. I urge you to sit back in a chair as I move to kneel in front of you. Sliding my hands along the chair along your legs, my nipples resting on your legs, your cock is standing at attention, pointing straight up at me. I lean forward to touch my tongue to the tip, tasting the precum flowing freely from you. I hear your sharp intake of breath as I run my tongue around the top of your head and slide just the mushroom cap inside my mouth, teasing it with my lips as I rub my lips along the ridge, I slide you in and out of my mouth, over and over, tasting you... I flit my tongue into the little divet, knowing how sensitive you are there. I focus the attention of my tongue on the divet, looking up at you as my lips and tongue tease it, massage it, pleasure it. Over and over I rub that area and suck on just the head, teasing you, making you frantic to go deeper. You throw your head back, fighting for control, wanting to make it last and not squirt cum all over me .. yet.

I slide my tongue along the lower ridge of your cock, going the full length of your rod, down to your full balls. "Mmm .. you know how I love your balls, baby. You look ready to make a sticky mess," I whisper huskily as I push your cock flat along your stomach and slide a ball inside my mouth, feeling how hard and full they are. I massage it inside my mouth, licking sucking, teasing, pulling it gently away from your body, before moving to the other one. I lick in between them before sliding my tongue back up to your tip and finally sliding you inside my mouth deep. I begin sliding you in and out, slowly at first, as i fondle and cup your balls in my hand. Sliding you in and out, and in and out... then working on just the tip again, my tongue working into the hole, before sliding back in deep. Your breath is becoming more and more ragged, your eyes close as you get closer and closer to the point of no return. I can tell you're fighting a losing battle and you need to cum badly.. "Where do you want to cum today, baby" I ask. You answer with a pull of my hand, "straddle me".

I lift my leg up over your body, purposely dragging my tits over your face as I hover over you to line up our pleasure centers. Reaching down to hold you... I slide my fingers one more time down the length of your shaft to your balls, palming them as I slip a finger in between them... before sliding your wet head over my pussy lips, still covered in my cum... our juices mixing as I rub you back and forth along my slit. I position you at the entrance to my love canal and slowly lower my body onto yours, impaling myself with your hard manhood. "Oh baby... I've been wanting to feel this all day", I moan as I feel you enter me, sliding along my inner walls, filling me up in a perfect fit.... I nearly purr as you slide straight up, running your cock along my still sensitive swollen clit. You begin slowly thrusting up inside me, as I ride you, slowly at first, up and down, gently wiggling a little at the base.... then picking up speed gradually as the tension builds, until I'm riding you hard. "Ohh yes... don't... stop... so good.. oh baby", I gasp.

You reach out to hold my hips, guiding the rhythn, syncing our movements in our common goal... I lean in for a kiss.... as our bodies near the brink... the sounds of our love ringing in my ears.. the sloshy wet sounds of our juices as your cock thrusts in and the sucking sounds as you pull out.. the slapping skin as our lovemaking becomes more and more frantic and primal. I can't think of anything but the overwhelmingly burning need to feel you explode inside me.. our breath is more like ragged gasps.. i hear moaning sounds but I'm not even sure who is making them. We're like one person as the thrusting reaches a feverish pace and I reach the peak just as I feel you tensing up... with a sharp exhale I feel your eruption as you spew hot sticky cum deep inside me, stream after stream of shooting cum ribbons deep inside me, I hold on tight for those thrusting jerky movements as you buck up into me. Leaning forward to kiss you breathlessly, I love feeling that heavy load of cum dripping back out... I break off the kiss and slip off of you, sinking to my knees and gripping you to coax that last bit of cum from your cock, milking it as my hands get more and more slippery with our cum. I rub the sweet fluid into your still sensitive shaft slipping my hands to your balls to coat them too, before rubbing it into my breasts... loving the slippery feel of it against my skin. i lean back against you, your arms around me holding me tight, our breath slowly returning to normal. I kiss your neck and then share a deep kiss of pure contentment.

"Wow... so amazing...", I murmur, looking into your eyes. Then, with a smile and a wink I add, "I think we're going to need a shower..."

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