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About Us
***Yes... ALL of the avatars/pictures/videos you see here are of various ladies Mann has been with from 1994 to the present.***


We're 'Mann' & 'Dirty Girl', and welcome to our profile.
A kind "Hello" to the old friends rejoining us, as well as to our new friends.

Our old profile, JustMann has been deleted except for a few public pix & videos, which we've reposted here.

We've done things a little differently this time around by not just adding anyone who sends a friend request. We're only adding people with their own ORIGINAL CONTENT. We've decided that we only want to reward others who contribute here and make xHamster the great site it is for free porn!

ALL of our posts are of our own amateur interracial sex content featuring Mann (a Black male) with several different White (and now Native American) females. Among them: an ex-wife, several ex-girlfriends, and his current lady. Most of our video and photo posts will be marked PRIVATE for viewing only by those on our friends list. We're also branding ALL of our video & photo uploads with our xHamster user info in an effort to deter THIEVES who steal our shit from here and re-post it elsewhere!

We've also set up Amateur_Interracial so that we'll no longer get invites from SINGLE MALES! We can't tell you how disheartening it was to login several times a day, and find 10, 20, or 30 friend invites, 90% of which were from single guys who had penis avatars, and no original content, aside from some more pictures of their DICKS!
To those lucky single guys who were added before the door was slammed shut, welcome!

With that said, here are The Lists...

Those to whom we will eagerly grant friendship in the spirit of sharing freely:

People with their OWN ORIGINAL CONTENT!

Those who may be denied initially, but asked to request again later:

New profiles (less than 60 days) with little to no content.

Those who will be denied friendship, and instantly blocked:

1) Blank avatars; Penis avatars; Male torso avatars!

2) Profiles whose content consists of pictures or videos of some guy's dick flying solo. This includes "tributes".
(Contrary to what you boys think no straight man wants to see your DICK, unless it's in close proximity to some female parts!)

3) Any man offering to help me fuck my lady.
Guys, it's rude to invite yourself anywhere.
When we want a 3rd we know where to find one.
(Hint: NOT at xHamster.)

4) Profiles with a long list of FAVORITES, but no original content, as well as those who just repost pictures they've STOLEN from other sites, or from other xHamster users.
(Any fool with a mouse can sit and click "Add To My Favorites" all day. Why don't you try spending some time creating, editing, and posting something OTHER than pictures of your DICK!)

5) Empty profiles with no user info/avatar/galleries;
Long time members (more than 60 days old) with a few pictures and even fewer comments; And those whose "About Us" section consists only of "Sydney University" disclaimers, or other bullshit warnings!
(You people can't SERIOUSLY believe that that shit is in any way legally binding!)

6) ANY Cross Dressing/Gay/Lesbian/She-male/Tranny shit!
If that's what you're into, that's cool...
But we're not!

We're really looking forward to sharing ORIGINAL AMATEUR CONTENT with you!
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23 hours ago
Thanks for the invite.
1 day ago
Very sexy profile!
7 days ago
Nice profile!!
15 days ago
Great vids and profile, not sure if you read my "Want to be my friend?" blog, but you qualify perfectly in what I look for, Please enjoy the rest of my friends only vids, Peace
18 days ago
Can we get a add please
18 days ago
Great vids and pics!
1 month ago
Can I get a add?
2 months ago
would love to be a friend.
4 months ago
4 months ago
Check me out and add me please. Thanks
5 months ago
Hot avatar.
6 months ago
my lady and i are looking for our first sexual experience with other couples...please add and respond
6 months ago
We're no longer accepting friend requests from single males.
6 months ago
Hi...would love an invite xxx
7 months ago
We're no longer accepting friend requests from single males, and especially those with penis avatars.
7 months ago
Damn ur a sexy cpl would u pls ad me as a friend pls
7 months ago
showing some love
8 months ago
love to see more amandafeet4u@yahoo.com
8 months ago
Hey how are you guys doing?
8 months ago
Hello from some fellow buckeyes here.
8 months ago
Thanks for adding us!
1 year ago
Thanks for the comment! ;)
1 year ago
I ready for your bbc. Hope you like this view ;)

1 year ago
great content
1 year ago
thanks for accepting...lovin your profile...xxx
1 year ago
thanks for the add. Please come over anytime and watch our videos. We would love to hear your comments
1 year ago
Thanks for the invite! Love your profile
1 year ago
Thanks for the comment
1 year ago
We have some new pics up stop over an check them out
1 year ago
thanks for ur comments n we love the pics n vids