Part II: Virgin Peeks and Sniffs Cousin Panties (

Part II Virgin Peeks: Panties, IR Fantasies BB
Part Two
Time passed after that incident, but I still couldn't get myself to fully commit to getting off with that image of my cousin and her dark Asian pussy. I had to find other things to help me get off.

Being a virgin just eats at your brain at that age, and the porn made it worse; immediate gratification and loads of naughty, kinky stuff around. I haven't even kissed girl yet. I really enjoyed a lot of "desperation" and "first-time" stories for obvious reasons. But because of the incident with my cousin she kept creeping into my fantasies. I kept thinking of my cousin, wondering if she's had a big cock in her tiny Asian twat yet, rubbing against the grooves inside her wet cunt, getting stretched to the limit. I couldn't help injecting her into the images I was watching. I started a lot of interracial pornography, the fact that she was getting married definitely fed into my fantasies about my cousins. I used to just imagine a big black cock spreading my cousin's dark cunt to its limits. My fascination and agony did not end there.

Her wedding night was something to remember. It was a beautiful afternoon ceremony, and she looked so beautiful and chaste in her satin white dress. All I could think of though, was how good a big black cock would fuck her in her wedding whites, how much her tiny little Asian twat would cream all over a huge black pole, being stretched out and bottoming out. During the reception, I gave her a real big hug, appropriate for the moment I thought, and I felt, REALLY felt the warmth of my cousin's now married body. I savored her sweet scent.

Then came the last minute proposal: my cousin wanted me to water her plants and feed her fish while she was in her honeymoon (she hadn't moved into her now-husband's home yet). I said yes immediately, my voice almost breaking. I was going to have some fun!

I got to her place right after the wedding,I told them I just wanted to use their computer to look at something for a minute (I had no internet at the dorm) and to get the hang of things with their aquarium (it was pretty complex). I then saw them off as they rode in the shuttle. I would spend the night, and have my friend pick me up, as I didn't have a car.

I immediately started looking through her drawers, trying to find a big dildo... especially hoping it was a huge black one that she rode on, dreaming of a huge black man to bound her tiny Asian cunt to oblivion, perhaps while watching an IR porno, or an erotic hot-wife story. I thought about how hot it would be if they were both virgins, and she had been dreaming of nothing but big black cock inside her, to be her first one, but instead she was going to get a white cock... and finally, she relents, and on a Jamaican beach, she would lose her husband and find a young stud with the "big bamboo." Her legs way up in the air, oh those perfect white legs, with a black man between them, shoving his huge cock in and out of her married, virgin cunt, her sweet lips making funny shapes, and her throat making strange, guttural noises. She starts trembling violently, the pleasure greater than she expected, and she cums again and again because a black man's huge rod had been pounding, stretching and bottoming out in her tiny married Asian hole, pumping his seed deep inside her unprotected married cunt, before her husband even sees her naked...

That fantasy had me in knots. Believe it or not, that whole scene is just 3 or four seconds in my mind, and I'm feeling the same things writing that as I did when I was inside my cousins apartment: an intense feeling deep inside me, and a tingling in my loins. My clothes providing enough stimulation despite my hand's absence, and it creates a tingling feeling in my balls, on the one hand pleasurable, but oh so slightly painful, my body telling my mind to go "get some" right now! But there wasn't anyone here. Just me and my thoughts, and my cousin's bed, which I felt up and looked over inch by inch, for any evidence of sexual juices flowing. Then I went to the bathroom.

There they were... satin like her wedding dress and relatively fresh off her crotch. My god why did she take them off? My hands started trembling I knew what I wanted to do so badly... and slowly, and tentatively, I began to put it up against my face. Omg this is so wrong!!! But I inched it towards my face, closer and closer, holding my breath. Am I really going to sniff my sweet newly married cousin's panties?

Then I had an idea... I was going to let it build, it hurts so goood, but I will not do it yet, even when I have a piece of fabric that was clinging to her pussy just minutes before. I couldn't wait to smell it. I booted up the PC, and I immediately went to this site, and started searching for IR porn with Asian women and Black men. My goodness... I had found it: an Amateur video of an Asian hot wife with a black bull!!!

It was so erotic, the production values were nil, but it was real, raw, and incredibly intimate. I put my cousin right on that scene... My cousin's lips kissing the handsome black man who wasn't her husband. Her husband was actually the one filming it, excited as I was, cock so hard, balls so fucking blue with anticipation of something exciting. It was so sweet, so loving, the taboo nature of the scene was apparent to all, and it enhanced every moment of it.

my balls really hurt so bad...

Her hands untie his sweats, revealing a huge black rod, her first from the looks of it. Oh my, so naughty! My cousin's hands tremble as she reaches for his huge black dong with her small, soft hands, her white skin in complete contrast with the deep black of her lover. Her eyes can't stop looking at his cock, yet she still remembers to make eye contact as she caresses the huge ebony member with her ivory hands. So slow... so sensual, I'm about to cummm...

I start sniffing on the panties, trying to the smell of her sweet musky feminine scent, a scent I have yet to smell, or taste, and I start fumbling around, trying to find the crotch area of the panties, the side that was in contact with my cousin's Asian pussy. I wanted to know what a girl smelled like so baaad...

My cousin keeps caressing his now turgid black cock, her wedding and engagement rings shining from the dim light... that must have cost her hubby quite a penny, and now its on her ring finger as her hand lewdly plays with a black man's cock. Her thin lips wrap around the huge head... just barely it looks like she loves it, my sweet cousin, playing with a black man's cock head, savoring its salty taste. Deeper and deeper it went inside her mouth, halfway down, then back up again, 3/4 of the way down... so close to taking it ALL in! My cousin is such a dirty slut, she's gonna end up swallowing a ton of thick , ropey, African sperm. I can just see it now... he is struggling, my cousin's mouth making the black rod so fucking wet, glistening, lubricating him... We are both so close, my god my cousin is beautiful, she looks lovingly at her lover... so desperate for a taste. I'd do anything to get a taste of her sweet wet dark little Asian cunt.The black man starts kissing her stomach, her hips, and finally her inner thighs, his nose so close to that glorious scent as I was.... I NEED to cum so badly, oh my god...

He starts kissing my cousin's still panted crotch...
I start licking my cousin's panties up, trying to get her taste on my warm wet tongue... I'm so hard right now, my cock just about to burst, so sensitive, as I twist and pull on my foreskin, sliding it against my head waiting for release from this sweet sweet agony.

The black bull takes her panties all the way off, my cousin's dark cunt for all to see, tiny and so wet, sticky with her cum, and he sniffs it, just drives his face onto the wet pussy, and he starts to inhale, and he takes one big lick of her twat, slow and broad, tasting every inch of her, lapping her sweet girl-cum right off her soft dark lips...

I am on the brink already, not even 10mins in the movie, I let go of my sensitive, hot, hard cock, my foreskin itching to be rubbed against the head, my whole cock wanting to be touched, to be sucked and to fuck... I couldn't fathom how good a warm wet pussy could feel like. I didn't even know how a woman's soft little hands would feel like rubbing my cock.

What I was doing was just so kinky and perverted, my head and my heart were pulsing a thousand times a minute. I felt very light headed, and I was tingling from my head to my toe.

Since I stopped stroking and rubbing my hard cock, my two hands were now free, I turn my cousin's white satin panties inside out, and I see the "different" looking area in the area in contact with her pussy... I can just picture the fabric clinging to her cunt lips just as I saw them clinging that fateful day in my bathroom.

My stomach started getting even more butterflies: slightly "sickie" but feels sooo good! I play the movie again...

I just love the sweet, casual banter between the sweet Asian wife and the big black man... ahh if only I could see my cousin do this for real, hear her voice talk so lovingly toward her big black bull, with his huge black cock... and just like that she was in my fantasy again. I even get a picture of her in front of me, wearing workout clothes, clinging so tightly against her petite frame, with her pretty almond shaped eyes looking straight at me...

and now my cousin's exposed pussy was getting even more stimulation from the big black man, his mouth licking every crevice and every fold of her pussy lips, taking it into his mouth, sucking it and the juices. My cousin and her black lover moan in pleasure...

My balls really hurt, I need to cum so bad, and I drive my face into my cousin's panties, her musky scent filling my nostrils. I was absolutely taken aback by it, I've never smelled pussy before, I was so desperate for a sniff, and now finally I'm smelling what my cousin's pussy smells like... and I immediately put the crotch of her panties in my mouth, to moisten them, to reconstitute her long dried up juices off the silky satin fabric. The taste was incredible! I couldn't believe what I was freaking doing, tasting my beautiful cousin's juices straight off her panties...

The black man starts working up her soft stomach, and up to her tiny white little itty bitty Asian titties. He starts rubbing the length of his big black cock parallel to her juicy cunt lips, rubbing her turgid little clit as I keep sucking my cousin's tasty little panties, my cock yearning to be touched by anyone while I commit this perverse act. My tongue and mouth is flooded by the taste of my cousin's vagina, I take more and more of her panty's crotch into my hungry, desperate mouth...

I really did imagine and put my cousin right in that scene... with me constantly looking at her picture, and back at the sexy porno scene...
I keep folding my foreskin against my cock-head, as my cousin's little tiny pussy gets slowly parted by his huge black snake, getting it inside her Asian twat, centimeter by centimeter, then an inch, and another inc, until he was bottomed out inside her tight hole, and the pleasure on her face was incredible, as her thin lips trembled, her eyes wide shut, feeling her little Asian pussy get absolutely stretched like never before... and it was all so slow... the big black stud hadn't even begun to truly fuck my gorgeous cousin... he slowly begins to pull out, then slide back in, and in and out and in and out... faster and faster his huge black dick slipped in and out of view, as my cousin's tiny Asian twat begins to take every inch of him in stride, delighting in the pain and the distinct pleasure of being gaped open like a true little slut, a married Asian one at that... and she was my cousin, it's all so wrong and amazing, and I couldn't take it anymore, I feel an electricity I have never felt before while jacking off, the setting made the difference, the image of my cousin being fucked silly by a huge black stud, being pounded into a delirious and submissive puddle of pleasure, my sweet darling cousin,

"aghhhhh...." It was the hardest I ever came, and I splatter my cum all over the keyboard, but luckily I had my cousin's satin panties there to catch and deflect some of it away from the HD screen... my cum all over her panties, how I wish she would take my virginity, be an understanding lover, I wanted her to experience the shameful and intensely pleasurable act of fucking... my god, I wish I was inside her at that moment, and I've never, and I mean NEVER felt an orgasm as strong as that... even to this day.

It was a distinct pair of underwear, so I had to put it back on the floor, and I regrettably cleaned the cum off, with plain water, and dried it out. I wished I could keep it with me, to feel the silk on my face anytime I wanted.
I should visit her house more often.

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