Part 5 It Finally Happens

Part 5 It Finally Happens

“Hi Master what would you like me to do for you?” My Mistress said standing in the door way wearing the maids’ outfit, so that’s the one she picked. Wait a second did she say ‘Master’?
“What do you mean ‘Master’ I Thought I’m your slave and you my Mistress?” I said slightly confused.
“Not tonight your not, you are the master and I am your maid come to pleasure and serve you” she replied.

She walked towards me and then rubbed her hands down my bare chest to my growing cock, my “Slave” grabbed him and squeezed gently and said
“How does my master wish me to serve him?”

She turned around in front of me and bent over then began to grind her arse in to my groin. I grabbed on to my Slaves hips and pulled her towards me so my cock was trust right up to her pussy
“Hmmmm, master are you sure your Slave deserves such attention from you?” My new Slave said.
“I think I’m going to like this master thing” I said with a big smile on my face.
“I’m sure you Will! Master” My salve replied there was something about the way she said ‘Will’ almost as if she had plans to make this not last. I pulled her round to face me and kissed her long and passionately and then said
“Are you keeping secrets from me slave?”
“No Master” She replied. Very quickly
“You know it’s not wise to keep secrets or lie to your master, Slave” I said with a feeling of power in my voice.
“I would never lie to you master”
“I’m not sure I believe you, I think some punishment is in order, now bend over again I’m going to spank your arse”

I picked up a spank paddle which my slave so kindly brought along with her it was black with 3 little pink hearts on it, I gently rubbed her arse with the paddle before smacking softly at first with it on one cheek and then did the same to the other cheek I repeated this until her arse was nice and red.
“Now lay down on the bed and close your eyes” I said to her.
She did as commanded and laid down, I then took the blindfold and covered her eyes so she couldn’t see and then used the restraints for her wrists and ankle which were still there from our first night when she tied me down.

I got the toys I had procured from Ann Summers which my Mistress…… Sorry Slave did not know about. I laid everything on the bed next to my slave, and then climbed atop her I had removed the outfit I had on so I was completely naked again shame really I thought we’d get more use out of it oh well may be another time. My Helpless maid under me did look very sexy indeed and I couldn’t help but take a quick peek up her skirt of my slaves outfit to see what kind of knickers she was wearing underneath and to my surprise she wasn’t wearing any at all. Although I’ve seen her pussy more times than I can count what with all the photos she has sent me for pleasing her so well in the past (And some of them well lets just say I’ve stared at those long and hard in more ways than one) but at that point it never looked more beautiful and inviting.
It must have been the added thought that tonight I’m going fuck her harder than she has ever been fucked before she’ll need a week just to recover. That thought made me laugh.
“What’s the matter master?” My Slave asked
“Oh nothing Slave just a thought I was having” I told her
And why wouldn’t I get to fuck her tonight I’m the master and she my Slave, she can’t stop me. I had to control myself, don’t rush, there is plenty more to do before I dive right in.

I reach up to the straps on her outfit that held the top half of her maid suit up and undid it, I was then able to roll it down to expose her fantastic breasts I couldn’t stop myself and had to have one of those nipples in my mouth. I lent down and started to suck a nibble at her left breast then all of a sudden her body twitched under me and she said
“hmmm what was that? A nipple clamp?” My Slave must of felt when I clipped the first to her right nipple.
“Well your half right Slave” I said and she twitched again as I attached the other one.
“What do you mean half right master?”
I only laughed my reply, reached over and pressed a button on each of the nipple clamps and BZZZZZZZZZ.

They were happily vibrating away when my Slave said
“Oh WOW now these are amazing” And I then turned them off.
“What did you do that for SLAVE???” My slave said so quickly she had forgotten that I was the master now.
“Err and what do you mean calling me slave, you must remember your place Slave” I said.
“Sorry, I was just court up in the moment. It will not happen again. Master!”
“Let us hope it doesn’t or I will have to severely punish you”

I decided now would be the time to get the main toy out the very expensive Rampant Rabbit Vibrator this thing looked like it had more controls and settings that an airplane hehe I turned the nipple clamps back on and then turn the vibrator on and started to gentle rub it on her clit as it buzzed away. By now she was spasming uncontrollably but just as my Slave was about to cum I pulled the vibe away from here and left her with just the nipple clamps going this held here close to orgasm much longer but without releasing her I then touched her with the vibe which made her twitch and moan loudly and then removed it again. Then I placed the tip of the vibe at the entrance to her open pussy and slowly eased in a couple of centimetres and quickly pulled out all the time my Slave was so close to a powerful orgasm but was always being denied just before it could happen. Again I placed the vibrator right at the entrance to her pussy only this time I pushed it right inside of her and turned on all the best features of it, The clit teaser was buzzing away the head of the Dildo was rotating and Buzzing inside of her. This was finally too much and my Slave had an amazing orgasm, moaning loud enough to wake the whole street. But even after she had orgasmed I didn’t remove the toys from her I only moved them inside of her more to make her orgasm again and again.
“Please master, I beg you, I can’t take any more” She finally begged.
“Ok Slave as you asked so nicely” I replied

I slowly removed the vibrator and unclipped the nipple clamps, but just as the vibe was centimetres away from being completely out I quickly pushed it back in to give her one final Mini Orgasm before really removing it. I then lend over and took a long slow lick of her pussy to taste her lovely juices it was so sweet I could of licked all day I’m just not sure her pussy could of taken it and I had something bigger and harder I wanted to get in there once she had rested a little.

I kissed my way up her body when I got to her nipples I kissed each gently to sooth them after having those clips on for so long not that she minded. I continued to move up to her lips and kissed her, at which point I edged my hard cock up against her sore pussy and rubbed him up and down.
“Please master my pussy needs time to rest” She begged
“HAHA don’t worry slave when I enter you I want to make sure your going to enjoy EVERY second of it” I said. I removed her blindfold and looked her in the eyes.
“That was amazing master”
“I’m glad you enjoyed it Slave”
“I did, now would my master like me to repay the favour?”
“Hmm that sounds like a good plan while your pussy rests for the main event you can pleasure your master”
“You will have to remove these restraints”
I did as she asked and released her we then switched positions I laid on the bed with my Slave on top of me.

“Close your eyes lay back and enjoy master” she said and I did. She started sucking on my cock slowly and gently so as not to make me cum anytime soon, she moved around me while sucking so to get a better angle I guess to be honest I didn’t care it just felt to good. I was building up nice and slowly to an orgasm when suddenly she stopped and got off me.
“Why did you stop Slave? I didn’t give you permission too” I said
“Do I need to punish you for disobeying your masters’ commands?” I said before she could reply.
“HAHA, it would appear ‘master’ that you’re no longer in a position to make demands or punish me any more” she said in reply.
I tried to get off the bed but realised I couldn’t she had tied my wrists and ankles down just like I had done with her.

“I think you’ve had long enough being my master, now its times for your Mistress to reclaim her rightful place” She said with a seductive smile.
From that point on I would be more her slave than ever before because now I knew that what ever I could do my Mistress would always beat me. I also felt annoyed with myself not because I was now slave again but because I had not fucked her brains out earlier when I had the chance, now it was all up to her if I would be given the honour or not.
“Now don’t move slave” She laughed “As if you could, I’m going to have a little look to see what other surprises you had planned for me” she said and picked up the Ann Summers bag of all the stuff I had bought.
“Hmm some Chocolate body spread, planning on getting a little messy was you?” she asked.
“Yes Mistress, But I did intend to clean you all up” I said
“Well we’ll have to have a look at doing that I think, what else do we have here, what is this? ‘Build you own dildo’?”
“Yes Mistress, I got that for you, what it does is we can make a rubber mould of my cock so that when I have to leave you can fuck yourself with my dick to remind yourself of me” I smiled
“I really like the sound of that we will defiantly be doing that later. Hehe” She had finished going through the bag and said.
“Well we had better begin, and if you’re a good slave I might still let you fuck me as you had obviously planned”.

My Mistress picked up the chocolate body sauce and poured some on me from my chest down to my cock she then grabbed here own breast and rubbed them in the chocolate which smeared it all over me and her gorgeous tits then she climbed on top of me and rubbed my chocolate covered cock all over her pussy and inner thighs while she was doing this she lent down to me and said
“Clean this chocolate off my tits slave” and I did. I licked and sucked her huge chocolate tits.

Just before I had got the last of it off she lend back and said
“That’s enough slave you’ve had more than enough time to get it all off” she turned herself around and moved herself up me so her pussy was right above my face.
“Now lets see if you can do a better job cleaning this” She said and then lowered herself slowly down on to me and once again I was getting to taste her wonderful pussy. I had tasted it more times this past couple of days than any normal man could dream off in a live time, it’s a good job I’m no normal man and every time I see her pussy I go at it like a man starved only this time to top it all off it was a chocolate covered pussy and I couldn’t of asked for anything better.

I licked and sucked her pussy like a man possessed no area was left unexplored by my tongue suddenly I heard my Mistress say above me
“That’s it that’s the cock I want to have fuck me”
Yes I thought to myself its finally going to happen.
“Every time I want to remember this weekend” she continued. I was a little confused and then I realised what she meant ‘the build your own dildo kit’ I had bought for her. She picked up the kit while still sitting on my face. And started to read the instructions, then she began applying the moulding clay to the base of my cock and balls all the while she was sucking on the end of my cock nice and slowly, I slowed the licking of her pussy.
“Don’t you even dare stop pleasuring me slave, or I will make a mould of you penis un-erect and then show EVERY one you and I know telling them all that that is as big as it got for me HAHA!” She said.
I redoubled my efforts and continued to pleasure her pussy the best I could “That’s more like it slave” My Mistress Said.
Once the mould was covering my full length my Mistress lent back and while I still licked at her wet pussy she fingered her own clit it wasn’t long before she orgasmed again right on to my face and eager mouth. I sucked up her juices which thanks to the chocolate spread tasted faintly of chocolate. Now that I’ve tried chocolate and pussy together I don’t think even the best chocolate on its own will ever taste as good.

After the allotted time she removed the cast off my cock and poured in the rubber mix which was provided within the kit.
“Now then slave while we wait for that to dry I suppose we should test out the real thing” My Mistress said and then climbed back on top of me, facing me this time with her open pussy directly above my eager erection. I was lost for words, the world seemed to be going in slow motion as I watched my Mistress lower herself on to me and then slowly take my full length inside of her after a short moment she began to slowly raise herself up again I watched in fear thinking my Mistress would allow him to slip out of her but to my happiness and pleasure she didn’t, Just as she had gotten to the tip she lowered herself back down again slightly faster than before but still slowly. Again she raised herself and lowered always picking up a little extra speed each time. The pleasure was incredible I could feel her pussy tightening around my swollen cock and masturbating me inside of her.

I had lost count of the amount of times she had bounced up and down with me inside of her. I could feel myself ready to explode due to the number of times my Mistress had taken me to the edge and not let me finish I could tell this was going to be a big one and I would flood her insides, because we were fucking without protection I thought it only right I told her
“I’m going to cum Mistress” I said between grasped breath, she only gave me an angelic grin and continued to grind herself up and down faster.

I could barely hold it any longer she must of felt that inside of her because just at the last second before I exploded she grabbed my cock pulled me out of her and lent back so I shot my load all up her body there was some much sperm it was all up her maids outfit, all over and between her breasts some even made it on to her face. She collected some up with her hands and sucked her fingers clean of my spunk. She laid down on top of me face to face and kissed me her tongue darted in to my mouth and mine to hers, I could still taste my cum on her tongue I had never tasted sperm before, It was not an unpleasant taste but also not one I would rush out to try again.

My Mistress released my wrists and ankles and then poured two glasses of wine we had gotten for dinner we lay together in bed drinking the wine and chatting.
“That was incredible slave” she said to me
“Thank you Mistress, I’m glad you are happy” I replied
“The amount of sperm you shot all over me, you must have really needed that”
“Oh yes Mistress, This has been a fantastic night and what a way to end it”
“HEHE, oh the nights not over yet, I’ve fucked you now you get to fuck me and because you have came already I expect this to last for HOURS!”

Before I could even argue (Not that I would have) she grabbed hold of my cock and gently masturbated me back to life. Once it was nice and hard again she said
“Now fuck me hard like you promised me you would”

I rolled off the bed and walked to the end so I stood with her feet right in front of my and looked up my Mistress body she was still wearing the maids outfit with the fishnet stockings and she looked amazing with my sperm all over it. I grabbed her feet and pulled her to the edge of the bed so that her arse hung off by just a couple of inches still holding the backs of her feet I spread her legs nice and wide which made her pussy gape open ready to receive my hard eager cock, Slowly I pushed myself in to her open pussy, nice and slowly I came out again and then quickly I trust myself in to her faster and faster I pounded her pussy with my cock all the while she was playing with her tits rolling the nipple between finger and thumb. Her pussy was tightening around my cock when suddenly she moaned her orgasm loudly still I pounded it her pussy hard. My Mistress was right I wasn’t even close too Cumming yet.

She was still shacking from her orgasm when I rolled her over on the her front so her feet touched the floor and again I entered her making her orgasm again each time I trust inside of her.
“Is this how you wanted to be fucked Mistress?” I asked
“Oh yes slave fuck your Mistress harder” she replied
And with that I did, I pounded her pussy harder and faster with every stroke
“I’m cumin slave!!” She screamed

I reached down and grabbed hold of her breast and with my cock still inside of her I stood her up and quickly pushed her to the nearest wall slammed her against it and continued to fuck her really hard, every time I trust inside of her we banged on the wall. The neighbours must really not be to happy about this but then again who cares at this moment my Mistress and her slave were the only people in this world and what a great world it is.

“Don’t you dare stop fucking me slave, I want you inside me forever” she said while having another orgasm.
“And why would I ever want to stop doing what I love” I replied
As she was having another orgasm all strength in her legs just gave way and I was holding her up against the wall but still I fucked her again and again with every thrust she had a mini orgasm. After sometime of fucking her against the wall I laid her down on the floor on her back, she was still twitching from her orgasm when I picked up her legs and placed them across my back so her knees where next to my head. I entered her again slowly
“And does my Mistress wish me to continue fucking you hard?” I asked
“Yes fuck me hard slave” She replied
“Well if that is what my Mistress commands”
And again I continued fucking her pussy hard and fast, because of the position we was in I was able to go really deep inside of her with every trust. My Mistress was having orgasm after orgasm every time I trust deep inside of her and to tell the truth I was getting close myself.
“Mistress I’m going to cum soon where would you like my cum now” I said with a smile.
She dug her heels in to my back and held on to me real tight
“Don’t you dare pull out of me I want you’re cum deep inside of me slave”
Not that I could of pulled out even if I wanted to My Mistress had me pinned all I could do was continue to fuck her pussy nice and deep, again and again I trust my cock deep in to her tight pussy. I could feel the muscles in her pussy grip my cock tighter she must have been getting close to orgasm as well I held on as long as I could
“I’m going to cum Mistress deep inside of you like you asked” I said
“I’m Cumming too slave” She replied
And I trust one last time before shooting my load deep inside of her pussy just as my Mistress screamed her orgasm.

We lay together on the floor both of us completely spent and exhausted. Her pussy was still twitching and with my cock still inside of her every time she did it made me shot just a little more cum inside. Even for my second load of the night it must have been a big one because I could feel it seeping out of her pussy.

Neither of us had the energy to move far we only rolled on to our sides so that I was not on top of her any more, with my cock still inside her we both feel asl**p on the floor wrapped in each others embrace.
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