Part 4 The Next Morning

Part 4 The Next Morning

I woke the next morning after an incredibly eventful first day. After coming home from the restaurant and the park my Mistress had again not permitted me to fuck her yet and all I was allowed to do was fuck her till orgasm with her vibrator and then lick her clean. I had to repeat this so many times I lost count not that I cared it was still amazing and once she had finally orgasmed enough she took me in her mouth and sucked me to orgasm so I came in her mouth and she swallowed every drop again. All in all it was a great first night I only hoped that very soon it would be her pussy I was filling with my cock and not her mouth.

I looked around still half asl**p it was about 10:45 we had spelt in quite late we must have been really tired but then after the night we had can you blame us. I stared at my beautiful, Naked Mistress laying still fast asl**p the covers must of come off us at some point during the night and I was able to admire all of my Mistress, My eyes lingered on her stunning cleavage a perfect handful I though and I couldn’t help myself and reached over and took one breast in hand and gently squeezed rolling her nipple between finger and thumb her nipples slowly became erect as was I, I leaned over to her and started to suck her other nipple softly biting it to.
“Good Morning Slave” My Mistress said and I stopped to look up at her
“Who said you could stop, I think this is a lovely way to be woken. Better than any alarm clock” She continued.

And she laid back to enjoy the attention I was giving her splendid breasts. I continued sucking and squeezing her nipples. I must have poked her with my erect cock because my Mistress looked down and said.
“Well now that’s what I call Morning glory, and what do you plan on doing with that thing?” Before I could even answer.
“Maybe if you’re a good slave today I’ll let you put that inside of my pussy, is that what my slave wants?”
While still sucking her nipple I nodded as best I could. She laughed and said “come on then slave lets get ready to go out your going to take me shopping. But I need a shower first and I want you to scrub those hard to reach places”

It was a small shower but there was room enough for us both but we had to stand VERY close to each other, I turned the shower on and picked up the soap and flannel then started to rub all over her body paying very close attention to her breasts, arse and pussy. Once she was satisfied with the cleaning job I did she started to clean me and spent a great deal of time around my large erect cock she even lent down and sucked me for a while only to come back up and say.
“I have to make sure he really is clean for what I have planned for him” and then we kissed.

We got dressed and made our way to the shopping centre as this was going to be the first full day we could be together I was really looking forward to everything my Mistress had planned. Once we were in the centre we walked and talked just like any normal couple, Hand in Hand laughing and joking. My Mistress went in to a number of stores tried on lots of clothes even coming out to ask my opinion of how she looked in them.

When she was in changing to try on yet another outfit she liked the look of I heard her call to me saying.
“Can you come in here and help me with this”
I walked in to the changing area she was using and I was instantly blown away by the sight in front of me, there my Mistress stood completely naked with her legs spread she leaned over to me and whispered
“Get your cock out I want to see how it fits IN me”
So I unzipped my trousers and she reached in and pulled him out, he was already growing in her hand but she wanked me for a couple of strokes to get me fully erect, Once my cock was rock hard she guided me towards her open pussy and slid me inside of here slowly. When I was fully in I had to control myself so I didn’t just shot my load right then and there inside of her but I knew if I did she would punish me and maybe never let me inside her again.

She then looked at us both locked together in the mirror and said “hmm look at that a perfect fit”
After which she pushed me out and told me to leave and wait outside for her to dress.

I waited patiently outside feeling completely aroused and incredibly horny, finally my Mistress came out and said “Right then slave, there is one more store I want to go and then we will go home and I think your going to like this last shop” We walked together for some time until she said
“Here we are” Right outside Ann Summers.
My Cock started to grow at the prospect of my Mistress in some sexy lingerie or outfit just for me. As we walked in together the selection was amazing I always did love Ann Summers and every outfit I saw just made me imagine what my Mistress would look like dressed in it and then how I would rip it off her and fuck her all night and day.

My Mistress told me to choose five of my favourite for her to wear she would then pick just one of them five but I would not be allowed to know which one till tonight. So I walked around slowly with my Mistress carefully picking my five
The first I choose was the maids outfit not sure why but that one always did get me going. Second choose was a very sexy black lace see-through full length dress that was split right up the side awesome, Third it was a black PVC Dominatrix type corset with skirt, Forth choice was a pink and black lace lingerie with frilly tutu with crotch less panties, and then fifth and final was the police women outfit which I said would be fitting because she can act the demanding police woman and order me around.

“Hmm the five you have picked are good, this will not be an easy decision to make” My Mistress said
“I’m glad you like all my chooses” I replied
“I certainly do, well while I go and try these all on so I can make my decision you will just have to have a look around and see if there is anything else here you think might please me, Plus you will need to get a pair of stockings and other extras you feel will look good with all this” And she walked away to the changing rooms.

I then quickly went round the store picking all the items I had seen earlier I knew she would love, the best Rampant Rabbit Vibrator they had to offer Some black fishnet stocking to go with the outfit, a sexy outfit for myself which I knew my Mistress would love tearing off me, Some massage oil and some chocolate body sauce so I could pour it on her make a mess and then lick her clean (plus hopefully for her to do the same to me) and then finally a couple of other items I wanted to surprise her with later. I had just finished paying when my Mistress walked out with a huge grin on her face.
“I have made my decision and I’m sure you’re going to love it” she said.

I paid for the outfit my Mistress had chosen we headed back to the car in relative silence every now and then we looked at each other and smiled we both knew what tonight would entail each more than the other. She knew the secret she had chosen for me and I knew the secret I had gotten for her.

When we made it back to the house it was already quite late so my Mistress told me to make dinner.
“As part of your punishment and my pleasure, slave, you must cook for me naked. So I can enjoy the view and then enjoy the food, also you must stay that way for the rest of the night, you won’t be needing them any way” She said.
“Yes Mistress” I said, then took all my clothes off and began to prepare dinner. We sat next to each while we eat and from time to time she reached down with her hand and wanked me under the table never so much to make me cum but close and then stopped. Once we had finished eating I stood to clear the table
“Wait slave” My Mistress commanded. She turned her chair to face me and said
“As much as I liked that dinner, slave, I’m thinking this inside of me will taste much better” and she grabbed my cock and sucked me in to her eager mouth it was the best blowjob I had ever had and she is incredibly skilled at what she was doing. Just as I was about to cum in her mouth she stopped and said
“Now remember that feeling while I go and get dressed for the occasion” and with that said she walked off and locked herself in the room to get changed.

I knew I wouldn’t have much time to get in to my outfit for her and clean the table so I did everything as quickly as I could, I had just finished it all in time when my Mistress came back wearing one of the five I had chosen she looked….. Well words could not describe how amazing she looked at that very moment.
“Your not naked any more slave, you have disobeyed my order, but because I like your initiative and your get up I will let you off a punishment this time. So what do you think of your choice then slave?” She said
“Mistress, I could never of imagined you would of looked this good, It is a thousand times better on you then when I saw it in the shop all because of the perfection you make it Mistress” I said, with great difficulty in getting my words out as I was still in awe at the view in front of me.

I only hoped that tonight my Mistress would let me fuck her and not make me wait again I’m not sure if I could stand another night with this goddess of beauty laying next to me and not be able to have me way with her.

Only time and my Mistress will tell
So will the slaves dream come true or will he be punished to wait one more night only my Mistress can decide.

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