Part 3 Late Night

Part 3 Late Night

My Mistress rubbed the end of my cock all over her pussy up and down she was getting nice and wet I could feel the juices running down my length, she stopped just as I was at the entrance to her pussy and started to slowly slid me in to her. I could feel her tight pussy clamping around me, it was as if now she’d got me she wouldn’t let me go ever. I was in heaven it had been so long since I’d felt this amazing feeling of a pussy around me and I wanted it so badly I tried to push myself up as she was coming down to get in to her as much as I could. Slowly she slid herself down on to me when I was finally about half way in her she stopped and looked me in my eyes, my joy must have been evident on my face because My Mistress laughed and said
“Looks like your enjoying that to much to be allowed Slave” and she got off me as quick as that. She untied my wrists and ankles so I was free from my bondage
“Get me dressed Slave we are going out” she said
“Where are we going Mistress?” I asked
“Your taking me out for diner Slave all this excitement has made me hungry, Now are you going to do as your told or do I have to Punish you?”
“No Mistress, What would you like to wear?”
“Hmm good question Slave” And then she went rummaging through her clothes till she found the outfit she wanted.
“This one will look nice on me now undress then dress me in this Slave”
My Mistress just stood there while I took her sexy Lingerie off so she was as naked as I was, while I dressed her from time to time she grabbed hold of my erection and pulled me towards her, she then lent down and took me in her mouth just for a second and then told me to continue.

Once I was finished she stood staring at herself in the mirror after a moment she turned and looked at me and said “This looks terrible Slave, Do you think this is the sort of thing your Mistress should be dressed in?”
“But Mistress I think you look beautiful” I said
“And that is why you the slave and I’m the Mistress, Now dress me again in this while I think of a Punishment for you”

As I started to take her clothes off she stopped me and said “wait as a part of your Punishment I want you to pleasure me with one of your hands while you dress me with your other”

And so I did as was instructed of me I slid a hand in to her underwear and started to rub her clit will I removed her clothes, this was no easy task but I did it.

By now her underwear was soaking wet I was just about to remove them when she told me to leave then on, and I started to dress her still with my hand in her knickers fingering her pussy my Mistress was moaning quietly to herself.

Once she was dressed she told me I could remove my hand and lick it if I liked which I did greedily, she then turned her attention to me
“So, Slave what shall you be wearing? Or shall I make you go out like that” she laughed.
“If that is what my Mistress commands” I said, she stopped laughing instantly and looked right at me.
“Are you serious slave” she asked.
“If that is what my Mistress wishes then how can a slave refuse? I just thought you’d want me all to yourself is all” I said with a cheeky grin on my face.
“That is a very good point slave, I will have to keep the idea in mind though. But for today you will be fully dressed……. Wait lets make it a little more fun, you will not wear underwear so it is easier for me to gain access to him when ever I want”

She then picked up my jeans and t-shirt and walked towards me, got down on her knees right in front of me and then placed my jeans on the floor for me to step in to them as I did she opened her mouth and took my still erect cock and started to suck me while she pulled up my trousers.

Without taking her mouth off me she past up my t-shirt which I can only assume she wanted me to put on so she could continue to suck me faster and faster, it was incredible but just as I was about to cum in her mouth she stopped and said
“Right lets go” with a big grin on her face.

Just as we sat down in the car my Mistress said “we are going to play a little game, at every red light you have to finger fuck me to orgasm before the lights turn green and for every one you do not succeed I will make your punishment worse” She then undone and lowered the lower portion of her outfit to make for easier entry for my hand.

We set off and right away there was a set of traffic lights, I quickly reached other and placed my hand on her already wet pussy and started to rub quickly trying my best to bring her to orgasm but luck was not on my side and within only a few seconds the light was green and we was moving again “Not a good start slave that’s one”.

When you normally have to wait for lights to change they seem to take forever, now that I wanted them to stay on red they changed almost right away or at least seemed too. By the time we had reached the restaurant I had lost count of the number of traffic lights we had past, My Mistress hadn’t.

“Well Slave a poor show indeed that made seven failed one where you did succeed and one you was very close, and I’m feeling generous so I’ll give you two passed, but still seven failed for your punishment will have to be severe now” she said.

We made our way in to the restaurant it was a nice place nothing to fancy it was quite crowded with people, they sat us in a nice quiet corner were not to many people could see us. We ordered a nice bottle of wine and then the waitress left us to decide on what food to order after a couple of minutes my Mistress told me what food to order for her and said she had to go to the toilet for a surprise for me.

Just as the waitress was taking out order and opening the bottle of wine My Mistress returned, the waitress turned to leave us and still within ear shot I’m sure, my Mistress said “Here you are slave I have a gift for you” and she handed me a VERY wet pair of Knickers soaked in her juices.
“I quickly fingered myself to orgasm once more just for you slave” She said and then took a sip of her wine “Also I would like you to go in to the toilet and put them on and wear them for the rest of the evening… BUT I do not give you permission to play with yourself while you are in there, is that understood. Slave!”
“Yes Mistress” I said, and I got up and made my way to the toilet. I came back a couple of minutes later and a lot more uncomfortable the knickers I was now wearing was a thong which was right up my arse and they were still wet with pussy juice.

For the rest of the evening we sat and chatted just like any ordinary couple would, from time to time she would use her foot to rub my cock to erection which just made things worse a thong was not designed to hold a dick at the best of times but she knew that and that’s why she did it. My Mistress also commanded me to do the same with her to play with her pussy with my toe and I did happily, I could feel her wetness as I ran my big toe up and down her. Ever now and then I would catch her just in the right spot and a little moan would escape her lips we traded places playing with each other under the table all the time we was there, one time the waitress walked up to our table to see how our dinner was while my Mistress had her foot right on my cock and just as I was about to answer the waitress she pushed more suddenly in to my cock and I found it very difficult to answer. So My Mistress answered for me.
“Don’t be rude, yes the dinner was lovely” She said and then Turned right back to me and gave me that cheeky grin of hers and said
“We will have to do this again some time very soon”

With that we paid and left, on the drive home my Mistress said
“Lets go for a late night walk in a park that’s near by”

We arrived at the park, parked up the car got out and my Mistress took me by the hand and led me to a nice secluded area surrounded by trees once there she said
“Take off your clothes, I want to see you in my Knickers”
And that’s exactly what I did, so I stood there in the middle of a public park wearing only a pair of my Mistresses Knickers. She then picked up all my clothes and started to walk away.
“Wait where are you going Mistress?” I asked
“Follow me and find out slave” she said with a smile.
She walked me right out in to the open where any one could see us if they happened by, when we where at a nice patch of grass she laid down and spread her legs nice and wide for me.
“Come on slave finger fuck me while you lick me clean” My Mistress said

I got down on all fours and started licking her pussy like a man who had been starved then I slowly rubbed my thumb up and down her clit, she was moaning loudly now and I didn’t even care if any one saw use, all that mattered right now was making sure my Mistress was very happy. I licked and licked, I then rammed two fingers right up he pussy and started to finger fuck her fast while I still sucked on her lovely Clit it wasn’t long before my Mistress orgasmed right in to my mouth and I just licked and sucked her even more to get as much of this pussy juice on my tongue as possible. Once my Mistress had, had her powerful orgasm she got up and led me back to the car still wearing only her Knickers.

As soon as we had sat down in the car Mistress reached over and started to rub my Cock wanking me off.
“Well slave lets get back, I think it’s about time you put this thing in me” My Mistress said.
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