Part 1 The Mistress

Firstly before you read this i would like to say that all of this story is a fictional piece, there is going to be 7 parts to the story I will upload them as soon as My Mistress (Who the stories are for) Has read them and given me permission to post them all.
Also I know my writing style isn't great so if you don't like it just stop reading.

Part 1 The Mistress

So this night has been planned now for weeks, my slave is finally coming to visit and be my personal slave for 3 days straight and what a 3 days he has promised me.

Just the thought of the things I’m going to have him do to me is making me all excited already. I reach across to the bedside table were I left my favourite Vibrator the last time I used it, this will be the 4th time I will be bringing myself off while I wait for my slave to arrive. Which reminds me that slave needs some severe punishment for making me wait, yes I know he couldn’t get the day off work to be here sooner but that’s beside the point.

As I think about it now it’s been a long time since I’ve had to punish him, hmmmm I have to say my slave really has impressed me lately and I must admit he is by far my favourite slave I have, Not that I would ever tell him that hehe.

Uhh that vibe is really hitting the spot. I rub it up and down my clit just imagining it is my slaves tongue hmmmm
“It won’t be long now” I say to myself as I orgasm.

“KNOCK KNOCK” Came from the door.

It’s about time my slave got here but he can wait like he’s made me wait that slave needs to learn respect for his Mistress.

I walk to the door of my room and stop. Hmm I almost forgot about the vibrator in my hand well this could work well as a Minor punishment. I call out hoping my slave can hear me
“Slave I hope your watching this”
Knowing for a fact my slave is now watching me through the peephole in the door. I undo the tie that is holding my bathrobe together, underneath I am wearing a very sexy black and red lingerie set that has matching crotchless panties and doesn’t leave much to the imagination which I bought just for my slave. With one hand I’m pulling and playing with one of my nipples making it point out hard and erect, While my other hand is running the vibrator slowly down between my breasts as it buzzes away nicely hmmm down and down the vibe goes but just as I got to my pussy I stop and look up at the door.
“Slave, now you understand one thing. If you ever make me wait this long again this will be as close as you ever get to me” I say with an evil grin on my face.
“Now beg me to let you in slave”

After only a seconds wait I hear a voice from the other side of the door.
“Please mistress let me in I’m begging you, I will never make you wait for me ever again” My slave said.

Still with my evil grin, a hand pulling my nipple and the vibe right by my pussy without taking my eyes off the peephole I ram the vibrator right up inside myself which causes me to moan just a little. I hear a slight knock at the door which makes me giggle a little because I know it is my slave trying to get as close to the door as possible.

I remove the vibrator VERY slowly and bring it to my lips and have a lick.
“It would appear you have some cleaning to do slave, now get in here the door’s open” I say laughing to myself.

I turn my back to the door and walk away back in to the bedroom as I hear the door open I know my slave is looking a bit shameful now haha he didn’t even think to try the door but then again even if he had I would of punished him for just walking in on his mistress.

Laying myself down on the bed I spread my legs to make sure that when my slave comes in he will get a view he’ll remember for years to come.

My slave walks in and just stares at my body finally he says.
“You are stunning, Mistress, You are even better now I get to see you in person”

He always did now how to make me smile. “Well then slave, …….S..T..R..I..P!!!!!! And make sure you do it sexy”
I reach over and turn on some music and my slave starts to dance (Not very well I might add but it’s nice enough) he then starts to take his clothes off.

When he has only his trousers and what’s under them to go I command him to stop. I hadn’t even noticed that while all this was going on I was slowly rubbing my pussy, Hmm it is strange the power this slave has over me, I some times wonder if I’m the slave and he’s my master. I get up off the bed and walk to my half naked slave, I rub my hands all over his naked chest and over his tattoos they look even better than when I first saw them on Camera the first time we talked.

“So slave have you done as I have commanded you?” I ask him
“Yes Mistress I have” He says
“Well then, I thought you said you wouldn’t keep your Mistress waiting ever again, now take your trousers off to let me see if you can follow simple commands, and do it slowly, Slave” I put some venom in the way I said ‘Slave’ just so he knew who had the power around here.

I walked around my slave still rubbing my hand on his shoulders as he removed his trousers slowly as commanded, Good Slave. Once the trousers were off there he stood completely naked.
“Very nice slave, Now have you truly done as I have ask of you I wonder?”
“Of course I have Mistress” He said
Hehe again he knows how to make me smile, He has always been such an eager to please slave, I like that.
I lay back down on the bed “Well it appears you’ve earned this slave.”
As I slowly spread my legs wide once more for my slave to see.

Looks like this weekend is going to be fun…………………..

To be continued.
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