Angelina Jolie Dominates Nicki Minaj the Anal Whor

Nicki Minaj entered her hotel room and quickly undressed, ready for a warm relaxing shower after her long flight. She knew she had to clean herself well because of how dirty she planned to get later...

With her tight, fit, yet exceptionally curvy caramel body now completely naked, she entered the steamy shower and began to shave her pretty pussy and sexy legs. She had to completely smooth for tonight. The water slid down her curves and dripped on the floor after she was done cleansing her sinfully fun physique. She toweled off and sat down in front of the mirror to fix her hair and makeup. Her shoulder length, hot pink hair(same style as in her anaconda video) looked gorgeous as she began to doll herself up with slutty makeup. Eyeshadow, mascara, big pink lips-her slutty face looked perfect. With her hair and makeup done, Nicki entered the bedroom and began to lay out tonight's sultry outfit.

Her naked body glistening as she stood over her ensemble. She pulled the pink lace thong up between her legs until it barely covered her smooth cunt and the thin thong was swallowed by her massive juicy brown buttocks. Next she put on her lace pink and black bra to hold in and push up her D cup titties. It could barely contain her jugs as they spilled out of it enticingly. Nicki then put on her pink and black plaid schoolgirl skirt. No way in hell that little skirt could even begin to cover her plump booty. She followed this by rolling her white thigh high stockings up her smooth and seductive legs. The final pieces of her slutty outfit were a pair of hot pink 5in platform heels. Nicki is a short slut so these heels gave her a bit of height and made her already buxom backside bounce up with even more lift. Her look was complete and exactly what she wanted-schoolgirl cumslut. Just then a knock at the door and her fresh thong panties started to moisten...

Nicki opens the door, the smell of delicious perfume fills her nostrils as in walks the tall slender yet curvaceous silhouette of none other than Angelina Jolie. Her tall stilettos clack on the hardwood floor as she gives her bag to Nicki and checks out the view from the suites window.

"Good evening Ms. J. I am dressed and ready for you." Nicki says, her voice trembling with anticipation.

"I can see that sweetheart." Jolie replies as she takes off her long leather trench coat, revealing the delicious surprise beneath. Angelina Jolie stands there at the foot of the bed, clad in black strap up 5in stilettos, thigh high black stockings with lace fringe connected to her black thing by black garter belts. Her large succulent breasts heaving out of her barely there black bra. Her makeup is flawless Nicki notices, as Angie waves her gorgeous brunette hair over her shoulder. Angelina truly looks like a dominatrix whore who is ready for some naughty business...

"Open my bag, slavegirl." Angie commands as she licks her perfect set of dick sucking lips. Angie's pussy starts to slicken as she watches Nicki remove tonight's toys and equipment from the bag.

"Oh my god! I love it!" Nicki exclaims as she pulls out a fat pink buttplug from the bag. It has a diamond on the back so when it's up her tight juicy buttcunt that's all one can see.

"Get on the bed and assume the position you little whore. Let's see if that booty likes it as much as your eyes do." Commanded Jolie. Nicki climbed onto the bed and arched her back while on her knees. She always knows that "the position" means doggy style. With a phat ass like hers, how could she not? Her ass bounced out of her skirt revealing the floss thin thong fabric barely visible between her juicy round chocolate cheeks. Angie opened her perfect lips and slowly sucked the buttplug into her mouth with a loud wet moan. She squatted behind nick's behind and started groping and spanking those round cheeks watching them jiggle while she sucked the buttplug like a short fat cock.

"Mmmmm how bad do you want this you little slave cunt?" Angie moaned in Nicki's ear after she pulled the dripping wet plug out of her mouth.

"Oh Mrs. J I want it so bad! My bootypussy is soaking wet already, please put it in please oh please!" Nicki said like the eager schoolgirl cumslut she is. Angie spread the fat black ass cheeks apart revealing the pink thong and puckered little bootyhole. Angie pulled the thong to the side with her teeth, soaking in the pungent scent of Nicki's tight rectum. With a long slow lick from her flat tongue, Angie made sure that Nicki's asscunt was tasty and wet.

"Mmmmmmmm delicious as always, bitch." Angie said while digging her tongue into the puckered bowels of Minaj's tight juicy back door. Nicki squealed and her pussy began to drip while Angie's tongue drove her and her butthole wild. Angie's tongue moved in and out of her shitter professionally as though it was a small wet cock licking it's way deep into the rear. Moving from Nicki's pussy to her asshole with long slow licks, Angie lubed the backdoor well with her dripping wet mouth. With her butthole nice and saturated, nicki begged for the plug and with a loud smack on her right ass cheek, Angie obliged. Wasting no time, Jolie pushed the plug past the tight puckered opening and felt Nicki's butthole swallow it in stretching very well.

"Ooooohhh my god! Oh my god mistress I love it it stretches my booty sooo good! Mmmmmm" nicki moaned as her pussy juices leaked down her legs and stockings. Angie have Nicki's fat left ass cheek a kiss, leaving behind some lipstick and said "we have to keep this asshole nice and used we can't let it get so tight again my slutty little princess. We have to keep it ready for fat veiny cocks at all time whore." Angie gave the pussy another lick as she jiggled the big brown ass cheeks and got up from the bed.

"Now that your hole is getting ready, are you hungry?" Jolie asked as she crawled in front of the doggy style minaj and spread her legs open, placing her sopping wet cunt a mere foot away from the pink lips of Nicki's drooling mouth. "Eat. NOW." Angie said while snapping her fingers and pointing to her moist flower. Nicki wasted no time. "Yes ma'am!" She shouted as she ripped the black thong to the side exposing Jolie's slippery lips. Nicki's tongue worked it's way inside the cunt deep, juices streaming down her face.

"Mmmm go on slave bitch. Eat mommy's cunt like the bitch you are. Remember what mistress taught you you filthy fuck whore." Angie said before gasping as Nicki's skilled tongue and lips made it's way to her throbbing pink clitty.

"Mmmmmm miss Angie your cunt is delicious I-" nicki was cut off by Angie grabbing the top of her pink haired head and shoving her face down into the pussy. "Shut your fucking mouth and EAT you goddamn whore. I didn't come here to here you talk I came here to squirt and have that ass." Angie commanded. Nicki rubbed her dripping pussy while feasting on Angie's. Angie moaned and squirmed and removed her bra letting her large tits with perky hard nipples spring free.

"Fuck fuck fuck oh god eat it you black cunt eat it oh my god don't stop!"

"Squirt in my mouth Mrs. J!" Nicki screamed while sucking clit and fondling Angie's bit white tits. "I'm going to cum open bitch! Fuuuuckkk cummmming!!!" Angie screamed loud enough for the neighbors to here as she squirted her sticky mess all over Minaj's face and mouth. Nicki didn't stop licking sucking and eating away, savoring the nasty kinky mess her mistress showered her in.

"Mmmmm thank you miss Angie omg I'm so wet!" Exclaimed nicki who had a puddle of juices under her cunt on the bed. Angie gave her wet face a sensual slow kiss, their tongues entwined as nicki savored Angie's perfect mouth.

"Thank you sweetie. I think that hole is ready now." Angie exclaimed. She stood from the bed, her tits bouncing as her juices dripped down her long legs and stockings. Minaj still in her arched back doggy position curious what's next. From her back, Angie removed a large object and Nicki's eyes grew, her mouth dropped.

"Oh my god I've never seen one so that...going in my booty?" Asked nicki with a surprised/shocked/nervous voice.

"Yes my nigger slut it is. This big black strapon cock is going to pound that hole better than you've ever had it. 10 inches of mistress dick ready to have that ass working. Remove your plug and place it in your mouth bitch." Said Angie. Nicki pulled the buttplug out with a loud wet pop as her gaping hole released it. She immediately placed it in her mouth, her lips wrapping around it. She moaned and slurped on it, savoring her booty juices as Angie lubed the strapon around her waist and positioned behind her. Angie took her wet thong off and placed it around Nicki's head, pussy side over her mouth keeping the buttplug in Nicki's mouth and giving her a nice sniff of the pussy juice soaked panties. Angie bent over and slid her tongue into Nicki's gaping butthole for one more taste before penetration.

"Open wide whore." Angie said not giving nicki any time before pushing the fat head of the black strapon into her tight wet anus. Nicki's muffled moan and scream were music to Angie's ears as the dildo made it's way deeper into the rectum. Nicki's eyes rolled back as she sucked the buttplug harder, clearly loving the deep penetration of her asshole. Angie picked up the pace, thrusting harder and deeper now.

"Mmmm take that big black cock babygirl. You're going to have plenty of giant dick we need to keep this butthole in shape. You want it deeper bitch?" Angie asked with a loud slap to Nicki's ass cheek. All nicki could do was moan a muffled yes ma'am as she thrust her fat ass back onto the fat mistress cock. Angie plunged deeper with each push, opening he juicy butthole. She stopped and let nicki twerk her fat ass on the cock as she rode it. Thrusting backward onto the cock and jiggling her big succulent ass, Nicki was loving the anal fucking as evident by how much her pussy was dripping. Nicki shouted and the plug fell out of her wet mouth as she screamed "I'm cumming Angie I'm cumming god fuck my fat ass!!!". Nicki soaked the bed with her squirting as the anal pleasure was too much. She shook and spasmed while squirting as Angie furiously fucked the fat ass deep and hard. After her orgasming subsided, Angie pulled the used cock from Nicki's butthole and let nicki lick it clean.

"You did well tonight whore. Not bad at all. That ass does need some work though. We will have to practice our anal play all weekend." Said Angie.

"Thank you mistress, I've never had my butt fucked so fucking good. Since I did so well can I ask for a reward, Mrs. J?" Asked nicki. "Ask away black bitch." Said Angie. "Can I please eat your beautiful white ass?" Begged Minaj.

Angie smiled her devilishly naughty smile. She pushed nicki down on her back and climbed on top in a 69 position and then sat back, her asshole inches away from Nicki's lips. "You better eat it good. And don't pull your tongue out of my ass until I'm squirting on you you fucking bitch." Angie commanded before shoving her hole onto Nicki's mouth and grinding away. Nicki was an anal whore now and with Angie's help, would be one of the worlds greatest anal cumsluts.

The end.

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that was fuckin incredible. I love her ass, and the idea that is could be a nasty anal slut has me so hard and dripping.