The continued adventures of Allison the cumsissy

The Continued adventures of Allison the cumsissy
This is a continuation of the same sissy slut’s story from my two previous works about Allison the sissy schoolgirl and her black daddy.

After the week long fuckfest, Allison the sixteen year old sissy schoolgirl boybitch had with her black daddy neighbor, she realized she was meant to a be a sissy cumwhore and decided to shop for as many sissy items as she could afford as soon as she could discreetly do so. As luck would have it, the following weekend her parents informed her that they would be going out of town yet again to visit his mother’s aunt for the weekend. “A whole weekend to myself?” Allison thought as she sat in class Friday afternoon. Her sissy boyclit began to rise in her panties that she was wearing under her male clothes. Allison’s teacher, a tall dark black Adonis, Mr. Johnson, stood an imposing 6’5 and was at least 230lbs solid muscle. He was a married, former athlete who didn’t quite make the pros so he became a schoolteacher. Allison had always thought he was hot as fuck but never thought he was a pervert like herself. Little did she know…

Allison went home after class to see her parents had already left town. She collected her savings and excitedly left for an adventure to a local sex shop. She managed to find all sorts of stockings, panties, heels, makeup, butt plugs, lube and other sissy items she fell in love with. As she was trying on stockings she heard a man in the dressing stall next to her cough and thought nothing of it. She loved her knew slutty items and left the dressing room with them in her hands in order to purchase them. As she walked out she bumped into the man from the stall next over and spilled her cumwhore purchases all over the ground. As she apologized and went down to pick them off the floor, the large man bent down to help. Their eyes met in shock..

“Mr. Johnson! Oh uh..” she said as her face reddened.

“Oh Mark!” The large black teacher said in astonishment.

There was a pause and awkward laughter as he helped her with her things. “Imagine running into you here ha ha..” he said. “Um yeah imagine that ha…” Allison replied as she picked up her things. “Are these for a girlfriend, Mark? Lucky gal.” “Um yes sir, they are for um…Allison my uh…girlfriend.” Allison knew he was a bad liar and Mr. Johnson could see that. Allison’s eyes stayed pinned downward when she the ENORMOUS bulge in Mr. Johnson’s crotch region twitch. “Well uh I imagine your parents are out of town then haha” Johnson said trying to break the awkward silence. “Um yes sir they are.” “Well so is my old lady so just me tonight…” Allison didn’t know why Johnson was mentioning this but she replied “Yeah me too lonely night haha” before realizing this screwed up her lie. Johnson smiled. “Well if you would like to come over and get some help with the project then I am making dinner later. Bring Allison if you would like…”Johnson said with a smile as he handed his phone number and address to Allison on a piece of paper. “y-yes sir, I’ll-er WE will be there..” Allison stammered as she paid for her sissy items and left. Her clitty was leaking the whole way home thinking of his bulge.

She arrived home and showered and shaved, making herself as smooth as any real girl. She had no idea what to wear for Mr. Johnson or if she should at all. What if she showed up and he wasn’t implying he wanted to fuck Mark while he was dressed as a whore? She decided to try anyway-she needed black cock and her neighbor wasn’t home to pound her anuspussy. She slipped on a paid or black stockings with pink bowties on the top of them, just under her curvy bubble butt cheeks. This was followed by a pink thong with lace black trim she slid over her smooth package and butthole. Then she slipped on her skintight, black mini-dress that when worn with her pink bra underneath actually gave her bare chest some tiny cleavage. Her dirty blonde shoulder length hair she styled and teased until it looked good and slutty. She followed by applying her new slut makeup heavily. Pink lipgloss, dark eyeshadow, a little blush and she looked like a pornstar ready for a gangbang scene. She packed up some male clothes, a few other outfits, and lube with her toys as well, then ventured towards Johnson’s place ready for some extra credit.

As she knocked she became nervous, despite the fact that her cock was starting to make a tent in her panties/dress. Mr. Johnson answered the door in nothing but boxers and his timberlands. His large dark body towering over her petite 5’6 pale white 123lbs frame. “Well hello. You must be Allison. I see mark will not be joining us tonight?” He said with a smile as he sipped a drink and led her into the house. Her 5in platform, hot pink heels clicked on his hardwood floor as they made their way to his large couch. “No sir, Mark couldn’t make it. I’m hoping that I can still help him receive some…extra credit on this…large project.” “Oh it is a very LARGE project, Allison.” Mr. Johnson quipped. “And it will take some really dedicated work to help his grade…” Johnson sat next to her and put his arm around her with his other hand on her thigh, almost touching her sissycock that was pointing straight up in a minidress tent. “Oh I am willing to do ANYTHING, sir. “Allison said as Johnson lifted her up and placed her petite white butt and body on his lap, his hands running up under her dress and over her asscheeks. Johnson f***ed his tongue down her pink lipped mouth and groped, kneaded her asscheeks, as the two moaned and grinded.

"OH Mr. Johnson! I've wanted this for so long.." Allison moaned in his ear as her rear-end grinded on his bulging crotch. "I stare at your bubble ass everyday in class Allison. I've seen a peak of your panties before and wanted your tight white cunt" Johnson roared back as his tongue invaded her mouth and lips pressed against her neck. "Have you ever had a man you little white whore?" Johnson asked as he bent her over the couch and lifted her dress up over her bubble butt. "Yes sir I had my cherry popped last week by a black daddy" Allison moaned as she arched her back and felt the hard sting of Johnson's hand on her buttcheek. "MMMMMMMMmmmm good slut." Johnson said as his finger explored under Allison's lace thong and into her pucker. "OOOhhhhh Mr. Johnson!" she cried. "Call me daddy, babygirl. I'm your big black daddy tonight" Johnson replied as he dropped his boxers and shook them off his leg. Allison's eyes lit up when she saw the size. "I'm starting to think all black guys being fucking huge is not just a stereotype!" "Mmmm well show me how you can handle a big black cock like this hunny."

Allison dropped to her knees after taking her dress off. On her knees in stockings, thong, heels, a bra and makeup she began to stroke the fat black cock, as thick as her arm! "Can I taste it daddy?" she asked looking up into her eyes, batting her eyelashes and inching her tongue closer to the precum leaking tip of his fat circumsized dark member. "Babygirl its yours tonight, use it how you want my slutty little princess." Allison's tongue explored the cockhead rolling over the top, under the tip, and licking the yummy slit. She lifted the cock up and started one long lick at the base of the shaft all the way up the dark 10incher. She locked eyes with her black daddy as she began to deepthroat. One inch. Three. Then five. Nearly eight fat inches were in her throat before she gagged and let a glob of saliva run down the base, over his hairy balls, and splatter on the floor below. "Oh shit you are good little white bitch. I'd think you been sucking dick for years!" Johnson said as his hands found the back of her head and he slowly face fucked her pretty pink mouth. Allison let out a muffled giggle as she continued to slobber his thick meat. Her hands cradled and rubbed his fat balls as her mouth sucked hungrily at his thickness. Suddenly she felt a pulsing sensation in the shaft as it grew more and became harder than ever in her mouth. Johnson roared as he erupted his man-goo into her awaiting mouth. "FUCK! suck that cum baby swallow that shit!" he said with a thrust as his semen overflowed her mouth. Swallowing as much as she can wasn't enough as what seemed like a gallon of hot batter spewed into her lips. Johnson caught the rest from her mouth and chin in his hand. He pulled her panties aside letting her hard white cock free and began to stroke it with his cum as lube. GULP GULP GULP. Allison finished the load and popped up to kiss her daddy. "MMMMmmm that was the best tasting load I've had yet sir." she said with a kiss. Johnson replied "MMmmmm baby you want some more loads tonight? well you gonna get some." He picked her up as she giggled and carried her to the bedroom where he threw her on all fours and pulled her thong to the side before letting his tongue dive into her buttpuss.

Licking feverishly and spitting on the soaking wet hole, Johnson expertly ate her asscunt out until saliva ran down her legs and stockings. He grabbed a bottle of lube from the nightstand and squirted his harder than ever black rod. "BEG" he commanded. "Oh please daddy please fuck me raw with that hot fat nigger daddy dick!" she screamed. "What did you call me whore?" he snapped. "nigger daddy.." Allison thought she had offended her teacher. "Keep calling me that you white fuckslut!" he yelled as he smacked her spit covered buttcheeks and started to enter her tight anus. "Fuck me nigger daddy FUCK ME!" she screamed over and over as his inches invaded her colon. "yeah whore I like that you gonna get bred and fucked like a bitch!" Johnson yelled as he bottomed out in her tightness. Lube dripped off this cock and her butthole as he slowly began working in and out of her. Her clit was about to explode it was so hard as her prostate was being rubbed by a massive nigger cock. At that moment the two perverted lovers were so into the moment they did not hear Johnson's wife enter the home and head towards their bedroom.

Allison gasped as Mrs. Johnson entered. Allison had been caught on all fours, dressed like a whore, taking a black cock bareback up her asshole and was so in shock she couldn't speak or move. Mrs. Johnson stood there looked at her husband and said, "Robert, why didn't you tell me we were having company?" Johnson replied, "Sorry hunny it was a last minute thing, take off that dress and hop up here baby." Allison couldn't believe what was going on, a married black man was slowly pounding her bottom while his wife was about to join them...

Mrs. Johnson was white, 5'7, 140lbs, and gorgeous. 34D titties, shoulder length red hair, blue eyes, and legs to die for. She stripped her work clothes off revealing stockings, garter, and a bra to hold in her giant tits. When she popped the bra off her large tits bounced free and she climbed on the bed presenting her nipples to Allison to suck. "Whats your name little whore?" she asked. "Allison" Allison replied while still taking a fat black cock up her butt. "MMMMMM cute...suck my titties slut and you better make my hubby's cock feel good." with that Mrs. Johnson grabbed Allison's head and shoved it into her breasts. Allison sucked her nipples and reveled in the fact this was her first time sucking titties and loved it. "MMMM shes good hunny" Mrs. Johnson moaned. "You aint gotta tell me baby, this ass is hot and tight!" Johnson said as he continued to slowly stick his inches in Allison's cunt. "She has the cutest clitty I have ever seen!" Mrs. Johnson shouted while stroking Allison's cum filled cock. "She got some sucking skills hunny but not as good as you yet. Show her how a woman suck dick." Johnson said. Mrs. Johnson laid underneath Allison and began sucking her cock hard and fast while grabbing Allison's face and pulling it down to her wet pussy. Allison hadn't eaten pussy before but dove right in, loving the wetness smearing her makeup. "I want to see this slut fuck your pussy hunny." Johnson said pulling his cock out before shoving all the inches back into Allison's wet asshole. "MMMM do you want to fuck mommy's pussy while daddy breeds your butt baby?" Mrs. Johnson asked. "Oh fuck yes mommy I want your pussy and I want daddy's nigger cock to cum in my asspussy!" Allison screamed as Johnson bottomed out in her bottom. Mrs. Johnson got in missionary position under Allison and quickly inserted her pantyclad cock into her pussy. It was hot, dripping wet, and slightly stretched out from the pounding Mr. Johnson probably gives her with his massive member.

"Oh my god!" Allison shouted as her black daddy's thrusts into her ass thrusted Allison's cock deep into Mrs. Johnson's wet cunt. "Yeah fuck me baby! fuck her asshole Robert fuck her pussy good!" Mrs. Johnson shouted. "I'm gonna blow in this white asspussy hunny!" Johnson shouted. "Cum in my pussy nigger daddy I want your nigger cum! IM CUMMMINGGG!" Allison screamed as she began to squirt into mommy's pussy. At the same time Johnson grunted and roared as his fat black member erupted into her butthole, immediately overflowing it with his gallon sized load. Allison's massive cumshot was hot, deep, and shooting into Mrs. Johnson's pussy as she rubbed her clit furiously and moaned as she herself was cumming all over Allison's clitty cock. The three panting lovers collapsed on one another cuddling in a pool of wet pussy and ass juice along with loads of hot sticky cum all over themselves and the bed. "MMMM Robert can she stay the night?." Mrs. Johnson asked. "I don't know hunny, her sissy clothes are kind of ruined" Johnson laughed. Allison got up, her body and lingerie soaked with cum and pussy juice, and opened her bag, showing off her new outfits, lubes, and toys. "Stay the night? why not the weekend?" she said with a sticky smeared makeup smile. Her new loves smiled as Mr. Johnson's wet, limp, nigger cock began to slowly rise again...
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1 year ago
Just amazing....lucky Allison
1 year ago
1 year ago
your one of the best writers you get me so turned on, hopefully one day i can write half as good as you x
1 year ago
Ummmn ! Yes Allison lick and suck Mrs.Johnson's pussy clean then spin around and lick and suck Mr. Johnson's cock clean
1 year ago
Allison needs to drink EVERYTHING that comes out of Mr. Johnson's cock...
2 years ago
2 years ago
Being a chumslut whore sounds like fun. Good storey. Hop e its not the last.
2 years ago
Mmmmmm, what a fantasy....