My neighbors, the old swingers and their whore

I had been pumping my cock in her for almost an hour. I wasn't sure how many times she had actually cum herself, but she kept convulsing from time to time so I knew to keep pounding her. She was probably almost 65, while I was in my late 30's. She kept telling me how much she loved getting pounded and it's been a long time. All I knew is that, for an older lady, she had a tight and wet pussy that didn't mind my 9 inches impaling her.

And her husband, he was another story.

He was easily 5 years older. He sat in the corner and tugged on his meat the entire time. Although he had a nice cock, it never really got fully erect. But it didn't stop him from enjoying the hooker he rented to suck his cock while I pounded his wife. The nubile slut was petite and slender and not much over 20. Her dark hair was old school, long and straight.

We were missionary the entire time. But it was fitting, I love to watch tits fly as I fuck. Her 46DD looked great while I rocked her gently, then hard, then rhythmically. She had those really nice nipple right on the pancake size aureole's. She was thin minus the giant tits and that one roll just below her belly. Her cherub face rounded her out and definitely put her in the fuckable category. I had no problem keeping it going.

I looked over that the husband that was getting his ass licked and reamed while he stroked. This slut knew her work. She had him hard from time to time and was really working his asshole. I admire a good prostitute, one that is committed like this.

He announced he was finally ready to blow. The silver haired bastard stood up and moved over to his wife that I was now full on pounding. She was wailing and even crying a little. I could definitely tell how she was cumming now. He jerked his cock over her giant flying tits while his cum shot everywhere. The whore positioned herself on the other side of her tits and caught plenty of sperm. While some fell on my chest, his wife's face, tits and even pussy. He had a massive load and it was nothing short of impressive. I think some cum even hit my cock and I was pushing his cum into his wife.

Then I pulled out and left my cock on her stomach. I was trying to keep from cumming yet. The hooker started licking my shaft while the husband started doing the pinch drain. He lowered his cock onto mine and squeezed plenty onto my cock head while he said, give this to my wife. I slid my cum covered cock back into his wife. He kissed her passionately, while the whore explored her body with her tongue while she looked for more sperm.

Then I started cumming. Her legs were high and spread wide as I began to twitch. As I was loosing my balls inside of her, the whore put her face right on her mound of pubes and begged for some. I emptied it all inside her and I withdrew, she started sucking and cleaning.

While the old couple kissed and cuddled, the whore went to work on me. She laid me back and worked on my cock, cleaning and lapping and shining. She lifted my legs and went to work on my ass. Lord did she know what she was doing. My cock never really got soft as she licked and massaged my ass. My just stayed hard as the old man and his wife started sharing my cock. He was better than she was. An old military man that knew his way around a cock.

It was all too much when the slut started in on my prostate. What the fuck! I couldn't help it and had almost no control. My cum didn't shoot out of me, it streamed. Like a slow fountain. I was watching the wife finally get her taste of cum. And it simply kept flowing as this whore didn't want to stop finger fucking my asshole. She moved in over the wife as she cleaned and shined my cock again.

I love my new neighbors... I'm not planning on moving again.
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2 months ago
very good
5 months ago
nice story, short and clear, but very clever wrotten.... congrats
5 months ago
very good story, but soever I see you like a one new man slut when you like fingering of your prostate
so mean you are fucker and you have been fucked welllll as any other whore.... lol and cheers dear whore!
7 months ago
soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot
7 months ago
What an amazing story, I would love too do that someday.
7 months ago
Great story. I could neighbors like yours.