Janey learning how to squirt

I've always wanted to try and write a story, so here goes. This is a true story about a girl I was going out with and how we discovered that she was a squirter. Hope you enjoy.

Janey was a natural redhead, perky 34c's, a nice big sexy bubble butt and a gorgeous tight little pussy! She was a hairdresser so was a very bubbly and fun girl, with a sex drive that matched my own.
She had been with a few guys before and had a mediocre sex life with them, mostly with them fumbling around and leaving her a little unfulfilled. When we met we just had a chemistry, we just clicked. We noticed it while taking a stroll along the edge of a lake late at night which quickly turned into me eating her perfectly kept, pink, wet, pussy as she lay on a bench with her skirt pulled up and her lace red thong hanging around her ankle. She was totally smooth except for a small patch of red hair just above her clit, which I absolutely loved!
After she moaned in pleasure from wave after wave of orgasm as I licked and sucked at her dripping wet pussy and throbbing clit, she sat on the bench, whipped out my hard cock and sucked away at it quickly incase somebody saw us, she licked and sucked at my dick until I came in her mouth for her to swallow with delight.
I knew at this point, she was going to be fun.
After a little while and a lot of sex, one night, I was fingering Janey's pussy as she stood in the kitchen, I pounded at her pussy with 2 fingers, getting faster and faster while sucking on her perky nipple. She grabbed me by the hair while she was grinding her clit against the palm of my hand as my fingers rubbed away inside her, hitting her g spot every time until her legs began to shake and she moaned like I had never heard her before, I felt the warmth of her pussy juices running over my hand and dripping on the floor. As I pulled my fingers out, an all mighty gush of cum shot from her pussy while she squirmed and collapsed onto the extremely wet tiled floor. This is the moment Janey realised she could squirt!
"Wow! I've never done that before!" She said through her quivering voice on the floor.
"I've got to fuck you now after that, that was so damn sexy!" I confessed.
"I need a minute, my legs are shaking like crazy! Let me suck on your cock first!"
I undid my jeans and pulled them down with my boxers exposing my rock hard cock for her.
"Mmmmm that's what I want." She said as she got up on her knees reaching for my dick.
She stroked the head of my cock, rubbing my precum all over it before running her tongue around my hole. She licked my shaft up and down and sucked me hard and slow, stroking and cupping my balls as she pleasured me with her mouth. After a while of her licking and sucking my throbbing dick, she stood up still holding my dick and lead me towards the bedroom. We didn't even make it up the stairs, once that big bubble butt was in my face, swaying from side to side as she took each step, it was too much. I grabbed her by the hips, she leant forward placing her hands on the step and pushing her ass out to me to eat her dripping wet sweet pussy. I licked from her clit to her asshole, running my tongue around and over her hole then back to her pussy as deep as my tongue would reach, lapping up her juices. She moaned as she was grinding her pussy into my face.
"Fuck me, make me squirt all over your cock"
I pushed her down onto the stairs and spread her legs, I position myself between them and slid the whole length of my dick deep inside her tight pussy.
"Oh yes, that's what I want!"
I squeezed her big ass as I fucked her harder and faster as she moaned with pleasure.
She gripped the carpeted step with her long nails, I continued to fuck away as her tight pussy, her wet lips wrapped around the thickness of my cock, sliding between them, in and out for a good while right there, on the stairs. Eventually, I pulled Janey up by her hair, "go get on the bed" I demanded in her ear. She pulled herself up and hurriedly scarpered up the stairs towards my bed giving me the perfect view of her bouncing ass and puffy slit.
When I walked into the room she was lay in the middle of my bed, her legs spread, one hand was carefully pinching her hard nipple on her her perky tit, the other hand with 2 fingers rapidly hammering away inside herself.
"Fuck me and make me squirt again" she demanded. I climbed on the bed and pulled her fingers out of her pussy and manoeuvred them towards her mouth for her to suck her fingers clean of her juices. As she sucked them clean, I parted her lips with the tip of my dick, rubbing the head of my cock up and down between her lips. Spreading her wetness all over her now dripping pussy with my cock, rubbing her clit with it before pushing it deep inside her and then completely out again, then back in, and out over and over again.
She placed her legs up on my shoulders, taking my dick even deeper inside. With her knees now pressed up against her tits, I hold her feet in position as I watch my dick, now glistening from her wetness, sliding between her lips before pulling out and rubbing my nicely lubed up dick against her asshole. I rubbed her clit as I slowly push my dick against her tight hole, slowly etching inside her ass, with every inch she moaned and relaxed, allowing her ass to take me deeper and deeper. I fucked her ass slowly while she moaned with pleasure from every movement, she slid two fingers into her absolutely soaked pussy. Not long and I could feel her asshole clenching and releasing around my cock, feeling her fingers fucking her pussy from inside. She let out a loud moan and rubbed her clit frantically while she squirted her warm juices all over herself and me. I pushed her legs up further, fucking her hard in her ass thanks to her pussy juices lubing her tight hole up. I fucked her ass harder and faster before pushing my length inside her and holding it there as I pumped my warm cum deep inside her ass and collapsed on top of her.
We lay there trying to catch our breaths, her legs twitching as we lay on the soaked bed, us both covered in her cum. After this, Janey could pretty much squirt from anything, oral, masturbating, anal and always while she was ontop and her squirt just hot bigger and more powerful every time.

This was just one of my fun moments with Janey, maybe if people like my story, I will post some more of my experiences with her and others.

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9 months ago
Interested to see where you go from here :)