A Night At The Metro (2) Sally

Note: This story takes place a little while after A Night At The Metro(2) Norma


I got home, jumped into the shower and went back to enjoying my weekend.
Memories of Norma fresh in my mind I went online for a while, visited a few sites, Xhamster first, all the time I kept looking at my jacket, thinking about the card in the pocket.
I went over, took it out and phoned Sally.
“Hi there. Remember me?” I asked.
“Of course.” She said. “Thought you’d call later.” I sould tell by her voice she was smiling.
“Sorry. Would you like me to call back?”
“No. Please, no. Was hoping you’ve want to come over.”
“Would love to.” I said. “Been up long?”
“Long enough. How soon can you be over?”
“About ten minutes.”
“I’ll put the kettle on.” She said with a chuckle. “Although I think tea is the last thing on your mind.”
She hung up, I threw on my jacket, got in the car and drove off to Sally.
When I got there I stood at her door, looked over my shoulder at Norma’s house, tugged my T-shirt (a slight nervous twitch I have) and rang Sally’s door.
She opened the door and leaned against the frame in a semi-classic seductive pose. The blouse and jeans hugged her ample frame.
Smiling from ear to ear I looked her up and down.
I had always wanted to get together with a larger woman, had always dreamed of sl**ping with a BBW and now here was my chance.
We went inside, and though to the lounge. We sat down and chatted. Small talk stuff, just to get to know each other better.
I kept looking around the room. Shelves filled with sci-fi books, Star Trek and Star Wars memorabilia on each wall and almost every surface.
I’m about the shag a geek. I thought. All of a sudden I had this image of me saying The f***e Will Be With You, just as I came.
She went to make us a cuppa and I gave her another look all over.
Large back, superbly big arse, chunky thighs, a body that I couldn’t wait to hold and squeeze.
She came back and sat down.
I put my arm around her, ran my finger down the side of her face and kissed her gently. I stroked her hair with my other hand as I slid my hand from her face down to her breasts.
I waited to see if she reacted.
She did, by taking her hand and sliding it up my thigh onto my crotch.
“There was part of me….” She whispered. “….that you were going to come around after you’d been with Norma.”
“I did think about it, but figured you’d be best to sl**p off the hangover.”
“Thanks honey.” She chuckled. “You ever been with a fat girl?”
“You’re in for a treat.” She said as she went back to kissing me, she bit my lower lip a little and pulled on it. Don’t ask me why but I find that very sexy.
She stood up in front of me and unfastened the first two buttons on her blouse, showing her cleavage. Looking me right in my eyes she ran her hands over her body and smiled. “You like this?” she asked.
“Oh yeah.”
“Want more?”
She un-did the rest and let the blouse slide off her arms to the floor revealing a black bra with red dots. She turned around and stroked her arse.
“I caught you looking at my backside when I stood up. You like my back side?”
“Yeah.” I was starting to feel a little warmer, getting a little turned on.
She rubbed her large butt cheeks, and gave them a little slap.
“Want to see more?” she said as she stepped out of her shoes.
Still with her back to me she pulled down her figure hugging jeans to reveal her soft looking arse covered by black and red spots panties, almost looking like a thong.
I reached forward and stroked her cheeks. I took the chance to slap her arse, just to see what she would do.
“Again.” She said.
So I slapped her back side again. I took off my T-shirt and unbuttoned my jeans.
“Once again.”
I slapped her bottom again, harder than before.
“That’s your three free slaps, you pay for the rest.”
“How can I pay?”
“Stand up and show me what you’ve got.”
As she turned around I timed it so I dropped my jeans and took a good look at her. My eyes hovered on her bra and panties, at the little bow on each, like she was a present for me to open.
She looked down at the growing bulge in my pants and smiled. “Drop them too.” She said with a dirty smile.
I gladly did so, freeing my hardening erection.
She reached down and took hold. “Mmmm…..” she said. She gave my cock a little tug. “Follow me.”
She let go and walked out the room.
We went through to her room.
I took her arm, turned her around and kissed her again.
As we kissed she took hold of my penis and massaged is gently. She sat on the edge of the bed and kept on sliding her hand up and down.
“Looking forward to screwing a woman double your age?” she said.
I couldn’t think of what to say, all I could do was nod.
“Want to see my big tits?”
Again I could only nod.
“Have to wait. I want to taste you first.” She said as she took my penis into her mouth and started to gently suck and bob her head.
She hummed her approval as she sucked. Gentle at first then harder and harder. It was hard to resist giving little thrusts into her mouth, as I stroked her hair.
She sucked hard and slid her mouth off my cock, making a loud popping sound, that sent a little shudder though me.
She went back to giving me a little hand job. “ You know…..” she said. “I’m Bisexual.”
I nodded.
“Been with many guys and with many girls. Old, young, fat, thin, black, white. I love tits and I love cock. I love, love, love your cock.” She said sliding it back into her mouth to suck more.
After a while she lay back on the bed, propped up on her elbows.
I kneeled down and pushed her panties to one side. I was happily surprised to see that she was smooth shaven down around her pussy, with just a little triangle above it, like an arrow pointing where to go.
I looked up and wanted to look at her face but was met by her large belly.
I gave her pussy lips a little rub with my finger before sliding a finger into her, playing with her clit with one hand and rubbing her belly with the other.
“So good.” She said over and over again.
I parted her lips and began licking and sucking, making her jump and jerk around.
Even with her thighs tight around my ears I could hear her saying “Oh god.” And “More.” Over and over again. So I kept on doing what I was doing.
She opened up her legs and tugged on my hair. “Up, up here.”
I stood up and looked at her. She was breathing heavy.
I got onto the bed next to her..
She then stood up and pulled off her panties, waving her arse at me. I leant forward and gave it a hard slap, harder than I did in the lounge.
“Mmmm…..” She said as she turned around and got onto the bed next to me, Without warning she sank her head down again and sucked on my cock harder than before. I felt if she sucked any harder it was going to come off.
“Oh wow, wow, wow.” I said a little surprised. As she sucked I ran my hands down her back and unfastened her bra to free her boobs. She slid off her bra while I rested my hand on her head, pushing and pulling, giving her a nice rhythm.
“Needed another taste.” She said. “Now… I have a good idea….” She said, putting my cock in between her large tits and treating me to a tit wank and a half. Each time she thrust down the head of my cock popped out from between her grand breasts and she gave it a suck, a lick and a kiss.
“God, I want you.” I said almost breathlessly.
“By all means Honey.” She said.
I gestured for her to roll over. I stood up and told her to get on all fours. Standing behind her I put my hands of her hips and tugged her to move back.
I opened her legs a little more and pushed my cock into her waiting pussy.
“Oh yes please. Been waiting so long….” She said as I pushed harder and harder. Squeazing her hips, kneeding her huge backside like dough.
Thrusting and pushing, loving the feeling of her fat, soft body as it pushed up against me as I thrust back.
I pulled out and rolled her onto her back. I took and ankle in each hand and pushed back into her and screwed her on her back. Thrusting faster and faster, hearing Sally’s heavy breathing and panting, her muffled screams as she tried not to call out too loud so the neighbours wouldn’t hear her.
We kept going until seat ran down our bodies.
“You going to come baby?” she said panting. “You gonna come?”
I could feel it building and building.
I nodded and she told me to pull out and come up to her face.
She took my cock in her mouth and sucked harder and harder until I couldn’t hold back any more. I think she could tell I was about to come too.
“Onto my face. Treat me like a porno.” She said.
I’d often wanted to shoot over some one’s face, never understood why they did in the porn films, and now I got the chance to.
She gave my cock a few more sucks before frantically tossing me off. “Come on honey. Shoot it in my face. I want it all over. Cum over my honey, please shoot on my face. Treat me dirty….”
I didn’t have to hear any more. I arched my back and felt the surge as I shot everything I had into her face and down her throat.
As I stood there, the last spurts shooting out onto her, she wiped her face and licked her fingers. “mmmmmm…… Nice.” She said breathless.
“Nice isn’t the word…..” I replied.
“Well, you know where I am. And I would love you to come here again. Would you want to come here again?”
“Oh yes…”
“I have so many dirty ideas for us. Just say the words.”
I asked her what dirty ideas she had.
She told me.
I knew I’d come back again.

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3 years ago
very good but was that the end of the night??
3 years ago
No one like it?