A Special Girl - Prologue

A Special Girl - Prologue

By Alhana Escher

James was nervous. Alice would be arriving soon and he had a feeling that their relationship could be moving onto the next stage that night. He and Alice had been friends for years, and he had fancied her for most of them. He could still barely believe that they had been seeing each other for the last few months. He could still remember staring at her in school. She looked so sexy in her uniform. That blue pleated knee length skirt, white blouse and blue blazer. The way her socks came to just above her knees, leaving just a little of her legs on show before they disappeared under the hem of her skirt. He could remember laying in bed at night trying to picture what knickers she wore. Sometimes he’d imagine her wearing good girl white cotton panties, and sometime they were something more slutty, red or black silky things with plenty of lace that barely covered anything. A few time he did try to catch a glimpse. Only ever once was successful though.

It happened about 2 weeks before they had started dating. He had been walking into school one day and saw her in front of him. They had both been walking towards the steps into the main building and it was a pretty windy day so he hurried his pace to get closer behind her. He figured if he was lucky, there would be a big gust of wind that would give him that illusive view he had been so longing for. He caught up to her just in time. She was on the 4th of the five steps of the building just as he reached the bottom, and sure enough, in came a huge gush. He saw her skirt just beginning to lift and he froze. This couldn’t be happening. He hadn’t really thought it would, but a hormone flooded 15 year old boy could dream, couldn’t he?

Well here it was, actually happening. Her skirt was lifting higher and higher as she took that last step, showing more and more of those smooth creamy, silky thighs. Then, just as a flash of colour started to come into view between the top of those, oh so sexy legs. She suddenly put her hand back, catching her skirt and smoothing it back down, holding it there till the gust died down. She turned round to see if she had been seen and saw him standing there, staring up at her. She turned very red, very, very quickly. Did she know he had just got a peek at her pastel pink panties? What was she doing to say? She was always such a good girl, so prim and proper. Always so careful about how she sat and walked and dressed. He just knew she was going to shout at him. Call him a pervert for looking up her skirt. He would be humiliated, as by lunchtime it would be all round the school. But to his surprise she just gave him a little half smile as she turned and walked into school as though nothing had happened. But that had been so long ago now it seemed.

They had started to see each other a couple of weeks after that. He had been so surprised that she didn’t tell anyone what had happened on that ‘special’ morning that somehow he had found the courage to ask her out. He could still hardly believe she had said yes. But she had, and now they were boyfriend and girlfriend, and things were going great. They had started off just holding hands and kissing. Typical teenage stuff. But he had gradually got braver. He couldn’t resist touching her arse. It was so round and perfectly formed, and so very soft. It started off just over her skirts, but as the weeks passed and he grew braver and braver, he started going beneath the hem, or under the waistband. He could feel the thing he had so longed he could see, even if he couldn’t get to actually see them. He soon had found out she wore many different types of knickers. Cotton ones and silk ones and ones with lots of lace on them. Full cut, tanga’s, thong’s bikini panties, sometimes he wondered if she wore all these sexy feeling knickers just to tease him.

He had also begun to feel up her tits. Again, starting on top of her clothes, then under as he got braver, and she allowed him to. Once he had slid his hand up the front of her skirt while they were making out at the back of a cinema. She had stopped him and breathlessly whispered ‘Not yet’. He could tell she really wanted him to go further, but he didn’t want to push her to let him. He knew some of the boys in school had done that with the girls they went out with, and they were right pricks about it. He didn’t want to be like that. Was that what she was afraid of?

Once, a couple of weeks ago, she had really surprised him. They were at the cinema, like every Saturday, and just like every Saturday they were making out in the back row more than watching the film. It was an older film that had been on a few weeks already, so they knew it would be nearly an empty house. They had been in luck. There were only 3 others there that day. A couple of teenagers down in the front row making a lot of noise, and an older guy about half way back. Plenty of space and privacy. It was just perfect. He had been squeezing her small firm tits under her t-shirt, feeling her nipple becoming big and hard as she rubbed at his cock through his jeans. Then suddenly he felt her undo his fly and slip her hand inside. He gasped softly as her hand took a firm hold of his stiff member, only covered by the thin material of his boxers. He was in heaven. He had been dreaming of this for weeks, and now it was happening. She rubbed it a little more as they resumed kissing. He could feel her slowly working his incredibly hard cock out of his undies and the fly of his jeans. He just kissed her more vigorously and squeezed her tits harder, squeezing the nipple between his middle 2 fingers. Then suddenly she broke off the kiss, looked at him and smiled. She leaned forward, moving her face towards his cock, that was harder than he ever remembered it being before. He panicked and pulled her up and away from his cock. She stared at him with a look of pure shock.

“Are you sure?” He whispered to her. “You don’t have to do this if you don’t really want to you know. I won’t be mad at you.” He was relieved when her saw the smile return to those sultry lips with the slightly smeared baby pink lipstick on them. She placed a hand on his cheek softly and leaned in to kiss him gently on the lips.

“Let me do this,” she had whispered. “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. Since long before I caught you looking up my skirt at my panties.” He couldn’t hide the shock in his face. She had known, and not said anything about it. Did this mean she had liked him looking up her skirt at her most intimate garments? Surely she must be teasing him. She had always been too much of a good girl to like something like that. Surely.

A little giggle escaped her lips and she bent forward again. He felt her hot breath on his cock as she breathed in short pants. Then she kissed the tip poking out from the folds of his foreskin. He closed his eyes and tilted his head backward. He still didn’t quite believe this was happening. Even though he had been dreaming of it for such a long time now. Her lips parted as they slid over his sensitive cock head and down the shaft. He was so turned on, knowing that they could be caught at any time, and he didn’t care. He panted hard as she started sucking. It was the first time anything beside his own hand had touched his cock like this and it was driving him crazy. He didn’t last long. He could feel himself on the verge of cumming. He tried to pull her off. But she resisted.

“I’m gonna cum!” He whispered to her. But she kept on sucking, harder than before. He couldn’t hold back any more. He clamped both his hands over his mouth and let go. He couldn’t help moaning, and his cock throbbed, spitting load after load into her mouth. But the hands over his mouth muffled almost all of it. Eventually he stopped cumming and she let is softening cock slip from her lips. She moaned softly as she sat back up. Running the tip of her tongue between her lips.

“Thank you.” She whispered as she lent into kiss him once more. He could taste the saltiness of his cum on her lips and inside her mouth. But he didn’t mind. After all, she had just swallowed half a dozen mouthfuls of it. It was the least he could do to say thank you back. “That was so yummy.” She said, almost breathlessly. They watched the rest of the film then started to head out. The older guy passed them as they reached the door. He gave them both a strange look, more so to Alice. The way he looked at her was more leering and lustful. They had both started giggling and quickly left. It was obvious he had noticed what they had been getting up to back there. All the way home they laughed and joked about him. James had said he probably wanted to watch, but Alice said he was probably hoping she would do him next. But she assured James, that that was just for him.

That was 2 weeks ago now, but it was still fresh in his memory, like it had only happened yesterday. Today he had the house to himself as his parents were out for the night, so Alice was coming round so they could celebrate the end of their exams. He just knew that things were going to develop further today. Maybe he’d get to see her knickers, touch them, back and front. Maybe even see what she has underneath them. And if he is really, really lucky, be able to touch too and maybe repay her for her treat to him 2 weeks back.

He almost had a heart attack when the door bell rang as he been sat there dreaming of all the maybes. He jumped up and almost ran to the door. He paused a moment before opening it to compose himself. It didn’t help. The vision standing before him was almost straight out of his naughtiest wet dream. He couldn’t help but take in every single detail. Her long blond hair was done in high pigtails that hung onto her shoulders, and held in place with long pink ribbons. The eye lashes framing those beautiful big brown eyes of hers were coated in black mascara that made them seem twice as long. Her lips were glossy pink and had little sparkles in them. She had on a cute, but sexy, pink cotton summer dress that had thin shoulder straps that were just wider than her bra strap that was clearly visible beneath them. The neckline plunged into a shallow V shape giving the tantalising view of her modest cleavage. It hugged her waist due to a built in ribbon that was tied in a big bow, for now hidden behind her back. The hem fell half way down her thighs and was edged by a layer of white lace. Her legs were covered by sheer white nylon from the hem down to her feet, where she wore pink patent 3 inch heels with a thick ankle strap. In her hands, with their pink painted nails she clutched at a small white bag.

“Can I come in?” She giggled. “Or are you just going to stand there staring at me all night?”

“O-of course,” he replied snapping out of his trance. “Come in.” She stepped in and moved passed him. He closed the door behind her and as he turned she threw her arms around his neck, hugging him, and they kissed. Long, hard and passionately. He couldn’t help running his hands all over her. One going up her back, the other to her arse.

“I’ve been waiting for this all day.” She whispered to him between kisses.

“So have I.” He whispered back. It was funny. This was the first time they had really been alone together and they were still whispering as though they could be caught at any time. He moved round and started leading her into the living room while still kissing and feeling her up. He backed her up right into the room trying to find the sofa without stopping their kissing.

He found it, but not quite as he had planned. The back of his legs hit the arm of the sofa just as he pulled her further another step and lost his balance. He tried to hold onto her and steady himself at the same time, and failed miserably. He tipped back onto the seat, pulling her along to land on top of him. They both just burst out laughing. Things were definitely not going to plan. Still, they managed to overcome their mirth and giggle fits and arranged themselves more comfortably on the sofa. Her laying on her back on the inside and him on the edge on his side so he could lean over her as they started to kiss again.

He couldn’t help running his free hand over her legs as they kissed. He had felt nylon before. But never actually on a girls legs. Once, a while back, he had found a pair of his mothers old tights. He had figured that she had plenty and wouldn’t miss one pair. So he took them and hid them under his mattress. Later that night he had wrapped them round his cock as he wanked into them. Back then, to him, that had felt like heaven. But this was so much better. Now, here he was, running his hands over his girlfriends nylon clad legs. Alice had slipped a hand up his t-shirt as they kissed. Running her fingers through the fine hairs on his chest.

As James slowly made his way up her legs he was surprised to suddenly feel the material turn from nylon to lace. He had assumed she was wearing tights, but now he realised, with great joy, that they were stockings. He could feel his cock rapidly stiffening, and being that he was pushed right up to Alice in order to stay on the sofa, knew that she would be able to feel it too. But she didn’t seem to care, she just kept on kissing him and feeling his chest. So he continued and the lace quickly gave way to bare leg, with the exception of the thin lacy strap of her suspender belt. He stopped there for a moment. The last time his hand had been this far up the front of her skirt, she had stopped him. So he waited for her to stop him again. But she didn’t. If anything she was pulling him on to her even more.

“I love you Alice!” He whispered to her as he started to let his hand cover those last few inches.

“Oh, and I love you too.” she replied breathlessly as his hand made first contact with the silky material of her knickers. But he knew right away something wasn’t right. It took a few seconds for it to dawn on him, but when it did, his hand shot out from under her dress and he pushed away from her, falling backwards to the floor. When he looked up at Alice his face had gone deathly pale.

“You’re…” He started then took a big gulp of breath. “You’re a boy!” Alice sat bolt upright on the sofa and looked down at him, eyes already beginning to well with tears.

“No I’m not!” She sniffed. “I’m a girl.”

“Don’t lie!” He snapped at her. “I felt your cock and everything.”

“That’s because I’m a Special Girl!” She said, fighting back the tears. “Mummy told me so!”

End of Part One

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I love it!
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Wow Thanks Casndi
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this one DESERVES a Part 2 too good to good to go out like this.
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I love it. Part two!
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great story