Fun with my cousin

I was visiting f****y with my parents, we were staying with an aunt and uncle for a few days because we lived very far away. They had a daughter, Catherine, who was the same age as me. And she was hot, long brown hair, blue eyes, cute face, nice tits and an ass to die for. So anyway my parents and her parents were sitting in the kitchen one night drinking, so we decided to go and watch a DVD. We went to her living room; it was only a small one with only one sofa, so I sat down while she put the DVD in, her t-shirt pulled up a little as she bent down revealing a thong. The first thing I thought when I saw it was “Holy fuck!” then just “Alex, she’s your fucking cousin man.”

Catherine sat down pretty close to me, and we started to watch the movie, it was quite late and before I knew it she had fallen asl**p with her head on my shoulder. I didn’t think much of it and I dozed of myself, I don’t think I was sl**ping for that long because when I woke up I the movie was still playing, but Catherine had put her arms round me and looked like she was a lot comfier, I moved about a little and she woke up, moved one of her arms, but kept the other round me, sat up and moved a bit closer to me and laid her head on my shoulder again. Then she sort of whispered to me, “So, Alex, what do you think of me?” She still sounded sl**py, “What do you mean?” I replied. “Umm... well do you think I’m hot?” I didn’t really want so say I did so I just said, “But you’re my cousin.” All she said to that was, “You’re my cousin too, and I think you’re hot” as she lifted her head up a bit and hugged me a bit more, “Well, yeah, kind of” I finally admitted. Just then her mum shouted to us that everyone else was going to bed and for us not to stay up too late.

“Well, saying as we’re the only two up at the moment...” she suggested as she kissed me on the cheek and giggled a little. “I’m not too sure, Catherine, we’re cousins” “C’mon Alex, that only makes it more fun.” I couldn’t argue with that, in hindsight I’m not sure why I tried to argue with her first suggestion. She sat up so she was facing me and without saying anything started kissing me almost instantly starting with her tongue. We made out for what felt like forever, when she did stop she was really grinning. “Want to go down to my room?” she suggested. I was about to say that we might get found out but then I remembered that her room and the room that I was staying in were next to each other and on the other end of the house. Her house was quite big but mostly on one floor so everything was spread out. I quickly agreed, and we turned the TV off and she led me down to her room, in the dark the house was like a maze, I had no idea where we were going.

We got into her room, she closed her door and curtains then turned to me, put her hands on my hips and slowly moved them up and under my shirt while kissing me, she rubbed my chest for a bit. I tried to do the same but found myself stopping as I reached her bra. She stopped kissing me, the only reason I could think of was I had gone too far, but she just took my shirt off, stood there for a second or two and asked, “Well, are you going to take mine off too?” I snapped back into it and proceeded to take hers off, revealing her pink bra. I gazed in amazement at her chest for a second before she started kissing me again this time she pushed me onto her bed and landed on top of me, then stopped again, unbuttoned my jeans then stood up and unbuttoned her own and slowly took them off, I did the same. Whatever way she had grabbed her jeans to take them off, her thong had gone too, by this time I already had a raging hard on and seeing her beautiful pussy just made me ever harder. Once her jeans were off she moved onto her bra just before she removed it she looked down at my boxers and just said, “Go on then.” I quickly took them off; then just admired Catherine in all her naked glory, lovely tits with smallish nipples, and a great shaved pussy.

She sat down beside me and just said, “If you finger me I’ll return the favour” while giggling, she took my hand and set it on her belly and started to push it down to her soaking wet pussy, I started rubbing and she started to jerk me off, we turned to each other at pretty much the same time and started kissing. I’d had a few hand-jobs before but this one felt a million times better, weather it was because it was from my cousin, because she was smoking hot, or most likely both. We kept going until she made a “mmm mmm” sound and stopped kissing me, and with her other hand grabbed the one I had in her pussy, and started to furiously rub it in circles, her other hand slowed down but by this time I was going to cum. About five seconds after I came she fell back on the bed and moved her legs about frantically, only able to say “fuck fuck fuck.” I fell back too and we lust lay there for about five minutes until she finally said something “Oh my god Alex, that was fucking awesome, we need to do that some other time.” With that we got cleaned up, I gathered up my clothes, kissed her goodnight and then went back into my room.

The next day just before dinner Catherine and I were able to spend some time alone, as we were sent to the shop to buy a few things, just before we got to the shop she stopped and whispered “Wanna get some condoms too?” The instant she said it, I started to blush, she just giggled a bit and grinned at me. After I’d bought the condoms and we were walking back to the house there is an awkward silence, so I decide to ask, “Why’d you want me to buy condoms?” She just giggles and says, “Why do you think?” and kisses me on the cheek.

After dinner some more of my f****y came over, cousin’s I didn’t even know, so me and Catherine didn’t have any time alone until about 1am, when everyone went to bed. Catherine just said to me “My room in five minutes.” So I went to the toilet and dropped a few things off in my room and went up to her door, I could feel my heart going crazy, the only thing that was going through my mind was “My cousin wants me to fuck her” after what felt like ages, I knocked the door and went in. The first thing I saw when I went in was her standing there in a bra and thong. I already had a semi before I went in, but the instant I laid eyes on her I was hard as a rock.

Catherine walked up to me and started kissing me, and pushed me around and over to her bed, and then over on to it, as she landed on top of me. She stopped kissing and said, “You remember the condoms” I just nodded and said “Um hmm” She stood up and said as she giggled, “Good, but I want to try something first, so strip off.” So I striped down to my boxers, as they were tight boxers that I’d worn today, my hard dick was obvious through them. Catherine looked down at them and started to bite her lip, reached her hands up to the waistline of the boxers and ripped them down to about my knees and then told me to take them off, when I did and threw them on the floor, she picked them up and muttered “I wonder…” She then put them on the bed and took her thong off, I was thinking that this is it, but she then put my boxers on, they were a surprisingly good fit on her, if a bit baggy. I don’t know why but she looked twice as hot with my boxers on than with her thong.

Catherine looked at me and asked, “How do I look?” “Good” I replied, and then she took off her bra and pushed me over so I was lying on the bed, she got on top of me, and started kissing me again and then stopped to ask me if I would do something for her, I agreed, so she told me to lick her nipples, I had no objections, they were pretty much perfect so I started with one hand on her back behind her tits and the other on her ass, after what felt like an hour, she told me to stop, got up and told me to get a condom, which I did, as I put it on she took my boxers off, which I noticed had a wet patch on them. When I got the condom on she told me to lie down on the bed again and then she knelt over me one leg either side, and sat down on my belly just above my dick, I instantly felt the warm wetness of her pussy on me, I just lay there as she moved back and up picked up my dick, which I then held for her as she lowered herself onto it.

As the tip of my dick went inside her she took a sharp gasp of air and continued to let it go in further, it felt great, and she was pretty damn tight too. She kept going, letting out the odd short gasp until she was at the base of my dick, at that point she bent down and kissed me and then looked right into my eyes, for a bit then back down to kissing me, then she started to move up and down, only a little at first, but then more and more but still only a few inches. When she stopped kissing me to catch her breath, I grabbed her ass and started moving it for her, as I did I could hear her trying not to moan as her head was right beside my ear I kept going, her breathing and moaning kept getting heavier, I kept going right before I was about to cum. When I stopped moving her ass for her she was moving it by herself, then I came with the f***e of a thousand suns, and she kept going until I felt her convulse on me, moan and gasp. We just lay there like that for a few minutes catching our breath before anyone said anything.

When I had caught my breath I finally said “That was fucking awesome.” Catherine just said “Yeah” as she moved up so her face was above mine, she was really red and still out of breath, then she kissed me and just rolled off me. I got up and took the condom off, asked her where I should put it, she said flush it, so I had to make the journey to the bathroom naked, with a used condom. While I knew that we everyone else was asl**p and at the other end of the house, I kept feeling as if at any moment someone would see me, but I was just being paranoid, when I got back to Catherine’s room she was still lying on her bed, and still red, I noticed that her pussy was still soaked. She gestured for me to lie down beside her, when I did she rolled over and started hugging me I did the same we must have lay there cuddling and talking for about an hour before I gathered my stuff up and went back into my room.

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2 years ago
i had sex with 2 of my cousins
2 years ago
LOLL Mfreki, you said exactly what i was thinking

great story though
2 years ago
great story.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Hot Story!!
2 years ago
Jst awesome
2 years ago
Great story!