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Alex Three: Popped

Notes for the beginning:

Weird, the original post doesn't seem to be showing up.... So here is a
repost! (Possibly because there seems to be 2 systems here, Blogs and Stories?
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I think the overall story would be called 'The Introduction Of
Alex', and I dont know why I started each two chapters under the Alex Number
header ....

So heres chapter 5 and 6....

Alex Three: Popped.
By Alex Shouse.

I'd been caught in a compromising position while House Sitting for a
friend. Now I was trapped by Mark, my friends Ex, with no way out...

Chapter Five - Path of Inevitability.

He reached past me and Flushed the toilet. There had been two purges, as he called
them. "I want you nice and clean for me." He had said. I sat there looking down, unable to
Make eye contact, hot cold at the same time with embarrassment. My dick was shriveled.
Where as the past few days it had gotten bigger and harder than I think it ever had,
now it was smaller than it ever had been.

Mark tossed the enema kit into the tub, then said "Clean yourself up and get
dressed. Take a Little time, do your makeup. I'll be in the living room." as he walked
Out of the bathroom.

Out in the bedroom my clothes were gone, and in their place, layed out on the
bed was a black cupless corset, a pair of boys brief style panties, shear black
garter hose with a thin strip of blue across the top of the stockings, and lastly a
pair of Victorianl ankle boots.

I was stunned. Not just by the fact that my own clothes (and phone, wallet, etc)
were missing, but had been replaced by this. This selection that was NOT from Karen's
closet because I had a pretty good inventory of its contents in my mind. What did that
mean? Had he bought this especially for me? or had it been left over? had it been
somebody else's entirely?

I sat on the bed and picked up the hose first, pulling it across my fingertips; so
soft and smooth, tingling my fingertips. Shear black with fitted toe and heel, and a thin weave
of blue up the back seam and across the stocking tops. I slowly worked them on, then took a
minute to make sure the garter straps were straight - easy to do in the mirror wall. I
traced one of the seams with my fingers from where it began at the ankle, to where it
ended at the back edge just below my ass cheek, stretching my leg out and up, watching
myself in the mirror. My once completely limp cock got a little hard as I did that. The
image in the mirror, the feeling of the rough but also smooth material beneath my finger
Tips and against my skin...

The corset was next, Like the one hanging in the bathroom awaiting my attention,
this one too was a simple one with a hidden zipper and for-show clasps up the front.
Following the same motif, this one had blue pannels across the rib section and Blue
laces up each side. The Blue material was ultra smooth like satin, and the black at the
underwire and along the bottom edge was a rougher lacy material. I slid it on, pulled
the sides together then slowly zipped it up, adjusting my self upward again managed
to make smallish a cup tits, but here the effect was more dramatic, without the breast
cups there were two small orbs of bouncy flesh with small pink nipples poked out to
the world.

The bottom of the corset came down and slightly overlapped the top of the Garter belt
section of the hose, and the effect was an almost seamless merging of the two; tits, black
half rings, blue on black across the middle, to black lacey edge, to shear garter straps, to
Blue topped stockings, with white flesh, short dark blond pubic hair and a limp cock.

I looked at myself there in the mirror again. Turned, looked at the back, turned again. Posed.
Put my hand at my neck and slowly drew it down to my tit, brushed the fingers across the nipple,
then circled it, making it harder. My cock got a bit fuller now, hanging between my legs slightly to
the left, the tip brushing the blue material of the stocking tops when I moved.

My face was the only thing that ruined it.

I hadn't seen them before, but under the Corset was a medium sized bright Blue Butt
Plug and a small tube of KY Jelly! Those I recognized from the sex toy box I'd gotten the
Vide and Dildo from ... what had it been only 2 days ago? I drizzled the lube over the
plug, turning it under the flow to make sure it was covered good. I put one foot up on
the bed, and pressed it against my ass hole. It wasn't a large plug, the wide section being
maybe an inch or so straight from side to side. I turned it, and pushed it slowly inward then
let it slide out, then pushed it back again, a little further each time, and bit by bit pushed
it in until the large base was inside of me, opening up the second sphincter ring.

The panties were similar to tighty whities, except there was no fly opening in the
front and there was blue lacing up each side that ended in a small bow at the top. I stepped
into them then wiggled them upwards, making my cock bounce and rub against the stocking tops more.
I layed my cock straight up against my stomach, snug between my pubic area and the panties. These
to merged with the corset so it looked like the blue lacing ran straight from my armpit to the
bottoms of my hips on each side. Again I admired the effect in the Mirror, ran my hands down my
ass, I liked how it gave a little lift and pulled everything tight back there.

Shoes were never a 'thing' of mine. There were some things I liked, certain styles,
but it mostly seemed to be a visual thing, how this looked with that, something on the
periphery of my fetishism. I couldn't walk in some of the high heels my s****rs
or mother had - and part of that was because neither of the three of them were quite
my size. And nothing else they had really 'did' anything for me. But these... I was
tingling now with excitement as I carefully sat on the bed - causing the plug to shift
slightly and send a twitch up my back and along my cock.

They were leather, the heels were about an inch and a half or so, the toes not
quite pointed but rounded off. there was lacing up the fronts - Blue again,
but in reality they had concealed zips up the inner sides, and ended maybe 2 or three inches
past my ankle. Extending outward from the zipper around the ankle was a thicker reinf***ed
strip into which were five small metal loops. One directly on each side of the zipper, one front,
side and back. They were colored Black so they were only really visible up close. And they did
fit. They fit perfectly. Was there some kind of magic chart somewhere where you could take the
size from a male shoe and convert it to the perfectly fitting female conversion? I knew vaguely the
sizes wernt the same, a size nine male wasn't a size nine female. Either Mark had such a chart or
he was VERY good at this sort of thing. I hadn't recalled anything along this train of train of
thought in all Karen's gush fests about him...

I cautiously stood up, holding the end post of the bed for support as I got used to
the shoes. For such small heals it changed my center of gravity enough that just standing
I was arching my back noticeably. That would take some getting used to. There was also a
slight strain up the back of my calves, and I started to get the feeling maybe I should
have stretched first. That sort of weird feeling when your running just before your shins
start screaming at you. I took a step, wobbled a bit, then another, letting go of the bedpost,
no support now. A few more steps across the floor, wobbly little tap taps against the hard wood
floor as I made it to the makeup table without tripping. watching myself in the mirror.

The black and the blue really went together amazingly. God I was getting harder now, My
panties were going to be soaked, and I wasn't even finished yet!

I quickly did some basic makeup, adding a soft transition from black to blue eyeshadow, and
wet look blue lipstick from the little rack of about 20 different shades. I had watched one or two
videos on the Internet to learn how to do it ages ago, I guess it was passable, but I was
always afraid I'd tipp over into parody drag queen. It never looked exactly right to me, and
this time was no different, I didn't think I had the makeup chops to pull it off quite well, But
I did look different. Not myself, which was enough, as I stood before the mirror again, hardening
more as I looked at myself, took in the full picture.

From out in the living room the TV snapped on, the volume a bit too loud, and it startled me
back to reality. This wasn't a night in with just myself, some toys and an oversexed imagination.
I had actually dressed like this for somebody else. The fear and the thrill came back again to the
pit of my stomach. But what was I to do?

I knew what was in store for me. After taking a deep breath, I left the bedroom, making tap
tap noises on the hardwood floor as I went.

Chapter Six - The Look On Her Face.

The coffee table and the small rug it was on had been pushed out of the way making
a large open space between the sofa and the big screen tv. Standing in that space was Mark, totally
naked, rubbing his semi-erect cock watching the Porn on the TV. He was built pretty good, not outside
my 'fantasy type', maybe less muscular, more a sort of ‘does manual labor for a living’ kind of muscle
build with a thin layer of padding over it. No definition. I thought he would be hairier than he was,
instead a light dusting of dark hair across his chest and down his belly to his cock was neatly

Behind him was a video camera on a tripod, but the camera seemed to be locked pointing down
to the floor. Oh no, I thought, He wanted evidence?!?

On the TV a a petite blond woman in a cheerleader costume was being fucked by four guys. I
recognized it as one of the Bound Gangbang movies.

Mark noticed me standing there, and leered at me, running his eyes over me and stroking
himself a little more actively. Then he stopped touching his cock and got the TV remote from the
coffee table and fast forwarded the video. "Do you like the clothes I picked out for you, Slut?"

"yes," I said without thinking, instantly.

He stopped the video, now the girl was on her knees and the four men were around her, jerking
their huge porn cocks and calling her names. "I like this one." he said.

He watched for a moment, the first guy stepped forward and grabbed the girls head, shoving his
cock deep into her mouth, holding the back of her head with his other hand, making her gag loudly
and her eyes go wide. Mark tossed the Remote onto the sofa and moved twords me, grabbing my wrist
and pulling me hard, "Get on your knees, bitch."

I fell to me knees, causing me a bit of pain, but I didn't have time to really acknowledge
it before he grabbed both my wrists, transferring them to one hand, where he clenched them and
pulled them against his chest, tilting me forward. With his other hand he aimed his semierect
cock at my mouth and gravity sort of did the rest. He wasn't completely hard, so with my lips
around the very base of his cock, it wasn't at the back of my throat. His now free hand went
to the back of my head where he wormed his fingers into my short hair. His musky, not quite
clean but not quite dirty scent filled my nose as his hand held my head there.

From my position I could see the TV if I looked to the side, The blond was really being worked
by that big cock now, I couldn't tell exactly how long it was but I could see her throat bulge out
when he was in all the way, tears were streaking down the girls face. My cock got even harder, but
I couldn't touch it since Mark had both my wrists in a vice like grip.

"Oh thats good." Mark said. I automatically had started sucking and swirling my tongue around
his cock! "Suck that cock good. Just like that."

In my mouth I could feel it getting harder, expanding along the length of my tongue, sliding
along it as he got harder. Pretty soon it would hit my gag reflex. I found that if I moved my
hips slightly as I sucked him, I got the thrill of my cock, pressed tightly against me, shifting, and
a slight tickle from the butt plug.

Pretty soon he was completely hard and was alternating shallow and deep thrusts that pushed into
my throat, past my tonsils. I was a little surprised at how quickly I got my gag reflex under control
and had almost no problem taking him all the way back, there was only the slight feeling of pressure
in my throat. I wasn't even haven't too much trouble breathing as it became pretty easy with the
rhythm he kept. And by the way his cock changed in my mouth, by the way it pulsed, or the way his
hips moved I got a pretty quick handle on when he was going to change the tempo of his thrusts.

"Oh yeah, you fucking little slut, take that cock." He said as he thrust deep, once, then twice,
and finally a third time where he stayed there for a time, causing me to hold my breath. Too
long, I started to panic, trying to pull my hands free, pushing back against his hand at the
back of my head, until he pulled right out with a loud pop that left me grasping for air.
He let my wrists go and I collapsed forward to the floor, breathing. All I could see was the blond
on the tv pulling a train as one cock was shoved into her mouth, worked a few strokes, then
Was replaced by another that did the same thing, a circle mouth fuck.

One of my hands had moved straight to my own cock, rubbing it through the material of the

Mark knelt beside me, his rock hard cock, shinny with precum and my spit pointed right at me.
He grabbed the wrist of the hand I had been rubbing myself with and slid a leather cuff over it
and velcro'ed it closed. Confused, I looked at it as he did the same to the other wrist. A simple
leather wrist cuff with a black metal loop similar to the shoes. Part of a set, I realized, somewhere
in my confused brain, My cock crying out for more rubbing, which I quickly went back to almost
Immediately after my hand was free.

My mouth was slick with his precum and all I could think about was its bulk filling my mouth,
so Unbidden I moved forward and took it into my mouth again as he knelt there, now I was on all
fours sucking his cock. Well, all threes I guess, swirling my tongue around the head and working
it in and out of my mouth.

He laughed, fastening something around around my waist, again with Velcro, then just knelt
there as I worked him, making him even harder, concentrating around the underside of the head.
After a moment he stood up, taking me with him by the mouth, then he pulled his cock away again, and
pushed me backward until I was on my back, me knees still bent at the knees. He moved forward, half
Kneeling over me now, quickly fastened both my wrists, one to each side, of the belt he had put around
my waist. Now I was on my back with my hands fastened to my waist. He stepped back and pushed
my knees until my legs were out and I was ‘spread eagled’ on the floor.

He stood there, looking down at me, stroking himself, that small cruel smile on his face. A thick
Dollop of precum fell from the head of his cock to the floor, making my mouth feel empty and dry.

I was squirming on the floor, trying to reach my cock, as he got the video camera and positioned
it So it was looking down at my head, positioned between its tripod legs, and I got an inkling of what
This was about, but in my squirming I had found I could really get the plug wiggling, and thats all
That seemed to matter then.

He fiddled with camera, all the time his hard cock bouncing as he moved, until he had it
Set up properly and a small red light by the lens flicked on. He twisted the fold out screen so He
could see it as he knelt down between my legs, taking a heal in each hand pulled them up, then
Forward, raising my ass slightly off the floor, then backwards so they rested at his shoulders, while
He tugged my panties down to my thighs, finally freeing my cock so it snapped straight up, leaving
a sticky strands of precum between it and my stomach.

"Oh your such a wet little slut, aren't you." He pushed my legs forward and completely removed
the panties, then snapped them like a wet towel at my cock. I flinched and tried to turn away but he
grabbed the belt at my waist and hauled me back into place.

Looking down I could see his cock pointing straight ahead, just past my own cock pointing
straight up And oozing precum. He grabbed a small tube of lube from somewhere behind him and
squirted it onto his cock, then stroked it. With his other hand went between my legs and he wiggled
the butt plug hard, then started to pull it out, then pushed it back, then again.. He did this a
couple of times, teasing my ass, causing my cock to begin twitching and waving. Finally he yanked
it out with a pop and tossed it aside, Then his hands were back on each heel of my shoes, pushing
forward again, angling my ass up and Slightly spreading my legs.

His cock against my ass felt hot. It was bigger than the butt plug so there was still some
stretching that needed to be done and I was suddenly afraid he would just thrust forward into me, but
he stopped with his cockhead against my ass hole.

" Look into the camera," he said. I felt his cock twitch, tickling my asshole. I could see a
small, hazy reflection of my face in the lens above me. "Yeah, just like that. Your first time."

He moved forward a bit, entering me slightly, the heat shot up my back, making my cock
twitched. He backed out, then moved forward again, all the while holding my heels. There was
a sense of pressure, then slight pain, as slowly he worked his way inside me, eventually entering
me completely and driving forward until he was all the way inside, sending a wave of pain up
my body, making my back arch and my hips move slightly. Tears were coming now, sliding down
my cheeks to my ears, I let out a small sharp noise, a gasp and a cry in one. Burning heat and

He stayed there, not moving, and I could feel the length of him inside me, through the cloud of
pain. It was very different from the plastic that had been the only other thing up there before.
Dildos and vibrators. It was incredibly warm and felt large, and slick.

"Squeeze me."

After a moment of not complying, still lost in the pain, he took a hand from a heel and slapped
my cock, "I said Squeeze Me, bitch!"

So I did, and surprised myself when it lessened pain, or changed the sensation enough so it
wasn't as bad.

"Yeah thats good. Again." I did it again, and he started pulling out, and that old familiar
feeling of taking a shit set in, but then he pushed forward again, and there was another faint stab
of pain, and Then he was slowly fucking me. In, out, in, out. slapping into me and sending a wave
of movement up my body to my head. The pain quickly turned to that strange kind of prostate pleasure.
In and Out, in and out, in and out. Soon I was moaning and gasping as he took me, my hands strugling
to be free, to jerk myself, to squeeze my nipples, to finger my mouth. Breathing heavy as he thrust
deep into me, his cock seemed to be getting bigger inside my ass, heat coming from it in the waves
of his thrusting.

He was breathing heavy too now, a thin sheen of sweat across his forehead and chest. After maybe
about 15 minutes of his thrusting, increasing in speed, something happened. My nipples were rock hard
and were tingling with the bouncing of his thrusting. I began twitching down my back and around my
Cock, Muscle spasms shifted through me as he sped up, tickling my ball sack with his shortcut pubic
hair as he went deep. Again and again, my cock waving in tune with my tits, until I moaned
Uncontrollably, and my back arched sharply, pressing me back against him even more, and I came. Thick
spurts shooting up and landing in ropes across my exposed tits and face, into my open mouth As I
tried to gasp and breath and moan all at the same time, squirming, and twitching. He let go of my
heels and Hugged my thighs, keeping me there against him as he continued thrusting, faster now,
grunting, grunting, thrusting, faster, faster, slamming into me hard, until he tensed and exhaled
loudly, as though he had been Holding his breath, and I felt the first spurt inside me, hot like
lava. Another Thrust and another spurt, then again. Heat flowing out of him into me, up my body,
tingling, spasming.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. My brain flashing off and on. My hands struggling to be free,
to stroke my cock. My own cum in my mouth coating the tongue and my throat, I wanted more. I wanted
so much more.

When his breathing was slower and more even, He slid out of me with a wet liquid sound, and
stood up, A thin stream of cum still connected us. He fiddled with the camera, "Did you like that,
Alex?" he asked, his voice a little breathless and strained.

I couldn't form coherent words, my legs shaking now, as I struggled to get my hands Free, still
blasted out on my orgasm, my last glimpse in the tiny reflection, my eye makeup streaked down my
cheeks, cum on my chin and cheek and left tit and a bit on my neck.

He moved the camera away, shutting it off. He was limp now, his cock shiny with lube and cum.
"Well that was better than I thought it would be. Don't go nowhere." He headed toward the bedroom
and I heard the bathroom door close.

So again I was curled up on the floor covered in cum, dressed like a slut. I still couldn't move
my arms and my cock was still hard, even though I had just cum. I wanted to stroke it and come
again, adding more to the hot streaks on my chest and my face and between my ass cheeks sticking
to the floor, but no matter how I tried to twist I couldn't get to it.

I remmembered; Long ago, when I first started my ... playing? ... I would put on a pair of
pantyhose and lay on my stomach and bounce my hips until I came, So I rolled onto my stomach and
started bouncing, grinding, working my hips, my cock sliding between my stomach and the hard wood
floor, lubricated with my own thick cum. It was difficult with my arms at my side, but I finally
managed to find the right way.

The heat from my ass now took on a slight chill as I spread my legs and air brushed across the
wetness between my cheeks. I was coming again, weaker this time, but still a hefty amount compared
to usual. The hot liquid spurted upward, making everything from my cock to my face a sticky mess
that made sticky noises as I rubbed into the floor, licking the cum from my lips and the wood as
One last vibration shook through me and finally I just lay there, dazed, hot cum sticking me to
the floor.

End Of Alex Three.

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1 year ago
Alex, part 4 now where Karen comes home early and catches the 2 of you.
2 years ago
very nice