Alex Two: The Next Time.

Part Two of ??? (there is another series I'll start too, Hopefully its not too
repetitive and my fetishes aren't showing too strongly. heh. That is sort of a
prequel to this, I guess. I had forgotten about it till just now when I found it in a
misnamed folder.)

Alex Two: The Next Time.
By Alex Shouse.

Chapter Three - Hard Work.

I had stayed there for awhile long after he had left. Long enough for my own cum to start drying
where it had spattered. The inside of my mouth felt thick and coated, with a slight acidic aftertaste,
And my jaw was a little stiff from the gag. My throat felt odd. Not sore, just sort of ... i dunno, I was
thinking it felt WIDER... I did some quick cleanup then collapsed onto her bed and ended up sl**ping better
than I had in a long time, only to be woken up by the distant sound of my phone alarm coming from
the living room. And of course, I was late for work...

Work the next day was weird. Uncomfortable. I kept thinking people were staring at me
or pointing and laughing. I was still a bit in shock I think. Still processing. I kept having
Inopportune Boners all morning, and its a pain climbing ladders with a hard-on. Luckily
I usually wear over-sized baggy shirts so at least it hid well.

I moved through the first part of my shift keeping myself to myself, avoiding people when
I could. Really just trying not to think, getting lost in the physical labor.

It was during my 30 minute break that things just got too much.

The others on the crew either went out for lunch or were sitting outside smoking, while
I sat alone in the break-room trying to get a handle on all the thoughts running through my head,and
u*********sly rubbing my self under the table. I had shoved a napkin down my pants so
I didn't get a wet spot.

I didn't know Mark well at all. He was the one Karen had chosen over me - in my probably deluded mind.
So he wasn't a friend, and I avoided him. I sometimes hung out with Karen and some others
from the job, and he would be there. Once or twice I was The Third or Fifth wheel, once Karen set me up
with a friend and we double dated. I knew he was in construction, and once upon a time Karen would talk
about him for hours on end, but she hated his guts now - and I had a vague feeling he may have been
abusive to her at the end, but there were things she didn't talk to me about, and I never pressed.

And now? What now.

The pictures! I had almost forgotten about that. I could hear the fake camera click of his phone
in my head. he'd taken Four! What would I do if those got around. What would I say? To my mom?
my s****rs? The people at work? Jeezus how would Karen feel seeing me laying in a puddle of spunk
wearing her underwear?

God for all I knew those pictures were already plastered all over the internet, or had already been
e-mailed to Karen, or ...

I checked my phone, no messages.

Now the fear set in. Could I say he f***ed me? He had his own key. What did the images show?
me laying there, open mouth gag, coverd in cum wearing lingerie. He would be reflected in the mirror...

That would be better, wouldn't it? People would understand, I'd still be a freak but a better kind of
freak maybe?

And he did, really. Didn't he? I hadn't had a choice, right? Would anybody believe him?

I checked my phone again, nothing.

A steady tap-tapping noise brought me back to the empty half lit break room as Jean entered, tap
taping on a set of black high heels. Jean was administration so she could dress nicer than the guys who
busted down trucks, sweating their asses off, and being generally unseen in the back. She was a nice
person though, so we didn't pull any of that class bullshit with her. She usually joined us on breaks,
either on food trips or smoking. She was also damned hot - which may have played a part in things. Not
going to lie, I'd thought about it, in my weird confusing brain space. More than once. With a whole lot
of variations.

Jean is tall. very tall, I think at least 6 feet, and razor thin, but not anorexic (you can't
see Bone definition, just nice curves). Blond hair, green-grey eyes. Nice ass, medium sized tits
that work with the whole collection nicely. She was wearing a red dress, one of those kinds thats like
a robe and just secured into a sash at the waist - how much f***e would it take to 'accidentally'
slip and pull that open? The material was semi-shear, especially in the areas it stretched, so I
could see she was wearing a black camisole under it. She was also wearing the most amazing pantyhose
I had ever seen; Black, with an intricate pattern of vines running up and down, along with a thick
seem right up the back. I almost came right there, and made a VERY concise effort to keep
my hands on the table, fiddling with the package of napkins I'd grabbed from a drawer.

"Hey Alex, what's up?" She said as she stopped at the counter with the sink in it then sighed at the
empty Coffee maker.

"not much," I kind of mumbled, trying not to stare at anything other than here eyes.

She spun slightly, sending the skirt swirling and upwards a bit, as she headed to the wall of the
snack machines. Those thighs, snuggled tight in that nylon, a brief glimpse. I could follow those lines
with my finger tips. pathways. My own things got a little itchy.

Half way to the machines she stopped, turned and frowned at me, "Are you ok?".

"Yeah , I'm just ... a little weird today."

She pursed her lips, those perfect bow shaped lips. Wrapped around a cock, the hard sharp line
between pure red and flesh sliding spit slick. "If you have to you can take the rest of the shift
off. Most of the stock has been stored. The next shipment in isn't till Monday I think, shouldn't be to bad
getting the rest put away."

My mouth got dry. I think most of my moisture was leaking out the head of my cock. "No its ok,
theres only about 3 hours left anyways. And I can use the money."

She nodded, "OK, just let me know if you change your mind." she said as she got a diet coke from the
machine and tip tapped out.

I couldn't go back to rubbing myself now, I was right on the edge, I'd come in a slight breeze at
this point. Carefully I stood up, trying not to think about how that hose would feel under my finger
tips, on my legs, and quick footed it out in to corridor and took a sharp left into the bathrooms.
Right to the back, the Handicapped stall. Worlds fastest Pants unzipp’erer: Me.

Christ, I was so hard, How had I managed to keep this pressed between my stomach and pants whiteout
being in pain? My cock was bouncing in tune with my heart beat, once freed, one soaking wet,
sticky napkin on the end of it. And after a second that slowly pealed away with stringy precum and
fell into the toilet. So Close.

I took a breath, thought of something else random, the time I fell off my bike and ripped open my
calve when I was 12, but it slid into the image of me naked on a sick day home from school. The house to
myself until my s****rs got home, pulling on a pair pantyhose I'd gotten from their room. No, no, something
else, anything else! but then there was broken images of the first shemale video I had seen with the
shemale fucking the guy up his ass. Me again, later, with the lubbed up handle of a Craftsman screwdriver
rubbing against my asshole, spreading the Vaseline around.

What was happening? I'd lost control of my body.

The springy squeak of the bathroom door startled me enough so I almost fell over. Then a voice, "Man,
you ok in there? its been like 15 minutes dude."

Wyatt. You can see down the corridor to the break room from the small administration section that
leads into the loading dock, usually the big double doors are opened during hot days so the people that
smoke shoot the shit there on breaks.

"Yeah, stomach is a little upset." I held my cock tight, feeling it pulse. a huge drop of precum fell from
The tip and plopped into the toilet loudly.

There was a zipper noise that sent a white hot instant of panic through me, but then I heard the
splattering noise of Wyatt using the urinal. "Been there, done that, man. Luckily its pretty slow from
here on out. We can pretty much slow ass it till out-time."

Even through this, my cock was rock hard, and it wasn't going down anytime soon. I started stroking it
Lightly, not trying to prolong it any longer now, trying not to make any squelchy noises from the precum lube.
All I could see in my mind now was the images of me in the full length wall mirror, dried cum splotches everywhere,
some not so dried. My makeup completely destroyed; lipstick smeared into almost a clown grin around the
straps from the gag at the corner of my mouth. Eye makeup streaked down the sides of my face and cheeks.
Cock poking out of the mess at attention pointing halfway to the ceiling. Slut Slut Slut.

My hips were moving with the motion of my hand. My hard nipples were rubbing against the soft
material of my shirt as it shifted from the motion.

"You gonna be online later?" Wyatt asked. His stream puttered out, then stopped for a second then
a last little jet, then the urinal flushed. Again the zipper sound as he zipped up sent a little
tingle through me, right down my spine to the tip of my cock, and it felt like it grew another inch
In my hand.

"Um, maybe yeah, not sure. The X-Box has been acting up, I think I need to clean it before it red-

"Cool. Ping me if you wanna kill zombies." He said as he left.

I stroked faster once the door clicked shut, and came quickly. Long blasts coating the toilet, the
wall behind it, the floor. I tried to stifle any noises I may have made but I don't think It worked.
Grunting a****l noises in sync with the eruptions that felt like they were being sucked right out of
me by a high powered machine, pulling my hips forward and tightening my ass cheeks with every
Spurt, all while trying to breath.

After the last spasm I shuddered someplace between my hips and shoulders, and lent forward against
the wall over the toilet on my free hand. My cock became semi-hard and stayed there as I got a good look
at the mess. It seemed excessive. Peter North amounts. And it managed to go everywhere. I'm usually
not much of either a projector or a producer, but I'd got some upward distance onto the section of the
wall where it changes from tile to drywall. I licked a thick white line off my knuckles. It tasted slight different
than usual, but I couldn't really say what it was.

It took another 10 minutes or so to clean it up and make doubly sure there was nothing left. I guess
the noises I made Had been heard (Jeane's desk is at the end of the corridor, but the ladies bathroom is
between the mens and there) Because for the rest of the shift people sort of avoided me, and I got a
few "Hope you feel better's".

Chapter Four - Home again, Home Again.

I grabbed Lunch at the mall down the street on the way home, sitting in the food court watching all
the business people on their lunch breaks. Oddly enough, with all the hot young women in their smart
business attire, and the variety of clad legs and snatches of under things, and the well built guys in
tight trousers, my cock behaved. Maybe it had just had enough now, it was that pleasant state between
rock hard and shy and retracted.

Mulling over things in my mind, thinking in circles was doing me no good. I wasted a few hours
wandering the mall. Amused myself with ideas of going into Victoria's Secret and buying something, but I
never had the guts to do that, I always chickened out. I was sure they'd know the story about 'my
girlfriend' was bogus and they'd just laugh at me. I was an online only slut for that kind of variety.
Other than what I could pick up from the supermarket or d**g store nestled in with a bunch of other
‘Normal’ stuff. Or what I could steel from my s****rs or mother.

It was about 4 in the afternoon when I got Home. My home that is. Almost immediately my mother and my
s****r started fighting. I wondered if they had just waited for me to get home.

I was confused about going back to Karen's place. That had been an experience I had fantasized about
in various forms since I first discovered I liked dressing in womens underthings and found porn. Or the
other way around. The difference was with Fantasies, you can stop them whenever and theres never any
surprises. There’s always control. Always safety. I had toyed with the idea of fulfilling some of the
Fantasies, had come close, but had never followed through. There were one or two Craig's List people
Who could attest to that. But even that would have had some control. It would have been my choice
To do that.

The fighting outside my room was getting to me. They never let up. I don’t think they even
Knew what they were fighting about anymore because I didn't have a clue. My mind was racing,
And the endless argument was giving me a headache, so in the end I decided to go back to Karen's just for
Some quiet. I could hide if I had to. Maybe. Keep the lights off and hide.

Maybe a quick shower though. Usually after work I feel dusty because of the trucks, so I kept all
The lights off and went straight to the bedroom, striped off my clothes and heading for a nice hot

I had quickly dealt with the mess last night and everything was as I left it: The stockings were
still in the bathroom sink soaking, the corset I had hooked over the bathroom towel rack and not
done much with - I'd need to go online and find out exactly how to clean it, as I wasn't sure what the
material was. The gag, dildo and vibe were beside the sink. Seeing everything again made me tingle a
little, and again I flashed on that mirror image, but the fear came again and I quickly got
under the steaming water and started lathering up with the lilac scented soap.

Pretty soon I was lost in the kind of mindlessness you can only get in a shower, the kind that
lets you badly sing pop songs and lather your hair into rabbit ears. I was feeling pretty good when
I turned the knob from hot to cold for a second or two before shutting the water off completely,
and at first didn't register the shadow across the sliding glass doors.

And there he was again, just standing there in the bathroom as I slid the glass door back. I must
have looked an idiot, probably standing there frozen with eyes wide, water dripping of my body, because
he laughed sort of quietly, and in the instant my brain was formulating what to do he stepped towards me,
grabbing the back of my head and pulling me out of the shower. If there hadn't been a bathmat there, I
probably would have slipped and broke my skull open.

He twisted me around and and pushed me to the floor so I was kneeling in one quick motion, and then
he was squatting beside me, but he continued pushing until my head was on the small rug around the front
of the toilet. There was something red in his other hand, but I couldn't see it. I struggled for a minute but he
had the advantage of weight above me, and my squirming want doing anything but hurting me, so I stopped
and just knelt there with my knees up to my chest, and my head on a mismatched orange rug.

He sighed loudly. All I could see from this position was his boots. He shuffled back
a bit, knelt on one knee and brought his face down to my ear, "Hello Baby." He said, in a quiet, even
voice. "Been thinking about you all day." He sighed again, his hot breath whispered past my ear and neck.
"About your sweet sweet mouth. Oh that was so good, you little cock slut. So. Good."

My mouth had gone dry, and my heart was beating so I could hear it in my ears. At this angle he
had all the power. I think if he knelt forward on top of me he could have easily crippled or even killed me.

"It was hard baby. Really, really hard, today, at work. Trying to get things done when all I could think
about was being inside your mouth and you sucking the cum right out of my cock." The fingers at the
back of my head went a little slack and he started moving them into my hair, patting me. "It was a bad
day, I couldn't get anything done." He laughed that quiet laugh again, almost a snicker, He layed the red
thing in his other hand behind him and his free hand came into view and began rubbing his crotch. "But
I'm gonna have a good night, baby. I'm gonna have such a good night."

"Please," I said, shaking now, partially from being still dripping wet and cold. "Please. I ....
I don't ... want to."

"Shhhhh, baby. shhhh. Remember what I said? Remember the pictures?"

"I'll say you broke in and f***ed me." It came out fast, a sliver of courage springing up.

"Oh baby, do you think they will believe you?"


He was quiet a minute, then said "You might be right, maybe they will believe you. My criminal record
is pretty thin, but ... maybe." He pulled away from my ear and was quiet again. "But still, what will
everybody think of you? Hmmm."

"All your friends, your f****y. They’ll pity you. They'll avoid you. I'm sure you'll get therapy.
Oh lots of therapy. But everybody will look at you and know what happened. They'll look and see the
pictures." He was quiet again for a moment.

His hand stopped rubbing his crotch and he pulled his phone from his pocket, one of
those hot shit high end ones with a large display. He thumbed the lock screen off, and pressed the
contact button and the screen filled with all the same contacts in my phone, with a few I didn't
Recognize sprinkled between them. The same contacts from my phone, the one still in my jeans. In the
Bedroom. On the bed. My Mother and s****rs. My boss and the guys at work. A few uncles and aunts,
my grandmother...

"Everybody. Will. Know. And it wont matter that it was 'done to you', but only that 'you did it'."

Oh god, he was right. I'd never be able to look them in the eyes, they'd always see me laying
there in a puddle of jizz dressed like a slut with a hard on.

I must have started sobbing because his face moved close to my ear again and he whispered "Shhh.
They don't ever have to know, baby. Nobody ever has to know." He was patting my head again. "It can
be our little secret." He licked my cheek. "Isn’t that what you want, Baby? A little secret?"

There was nothing else now. I could run away from it all, never contact anybody again,
start over far far away. I had maybe a couple of grand saved up, If I kept a low profile it might work.
But there were probably a hundred ways he could find me, if he wanted to. There was nothing else.
I nodded as well as i could.

"Good girl." he whispered. "Now you stay exactly like that, you hear me?"

I nodded again.

He picked up the red object with one hand, and circled my waist with the other, and in one quick
movement spun me around so I was facing back toward the tub and away from the toilet. I started to move
sit up but he f***ed me back down again hard. He drew his hand back from my head down my back, splaying
the fingers wide and making a zig zag pattern down my back to my right ass cheek, which he slapped hard.
"I said STAY like that." There was a plastic snap, then some cold liquid dripped between my ass cheeks, startling
me enough so I started to scootch forward but he grabbed my hair and f***ed me back and down again.
The smell of Baby oil, then the snap came again as he closed the bottle.

Something hard and plastic was brushed through my ass crack, back and forth three or four times, and
then he pulled one of my cheeks apart and I felt the hard plastic slip right past my ass hole and up inside me
with only a slight sting. He slaped my ass again, and stood up. There was another plastic sound, a
series of quick clicks,

I shifted my head so I could look up at him and still be in the same position with my head on the
floor. He smiled down at me, one hand squeezing the red 'hot water bottle', and the other squeezing and
rubbing his cock through his jeans. I shuddered as the warm liquid started filling me up.

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1 year ago
agree with "sissygirl" just wait until Alex"s friend Karen finds her clothes messed up. Or a photo sent to her.
2 years ago
oh is this little boi going to be turned into a real sissy girly boi.

can't wait for more
2 years ago
wow, some weird censoring going on. Makes it a bit hard to read. I didnt notice that in the the first upload....