The Ex. No Heat. A Fucking Good Time.

First and foremost. The Ex wanted me to tell you all this, “You’re all a bunch of fucking sluts who just want to fuck my pussy. From one slut to another…I’m a fucking good time.”

And I must admit. She’s a fucking good time. And I mean that in she’s a slut. A hug big lesbian slut who never wants to settle down and only wants to be a slut for the rest of her life (for now). She is the most kinkiest bitch I’ve ever met. Just plain fucking filthy.

Last night when she came over, she was all bubbly and happy. An obvious sign that she was horny. We were talking about my heat and when it was going to get fixed and I told her that it would be sometime today.

The slut ripped off her shit in the fucking living room and said that she wanted to suck on my nipples. She loves to twist her nipples while sucking on mine. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen her have an orgasm just from doing that.

I picked her up and set her on my kitchen table. Biting her lip and I told her that you Tumblr sluts had a little surprise for her.

Took her to my room. Showed her your suggestions. The slut got so hot she started rubbing her pussy through her skirt.

I grabbed her hand away from herself and pushed her back to the bed.

“Take off your fucking skirt.”

“Why? You gonna fuck me? You gonna do all those dirty things those pervs want?”

“I’m gonna do what ever the fuck I want. Cause you’re my slutty little girl aren’t you?”

I was in a button down shirt and still had my pants on. She didn’t know I was wearing my strap.

“I just really want to get fucked tonight, Lex.”

“Then I guess your slutty ass better get to begging for it huh?”

“I guess so..”

She took off her skirt and moved back against the headboard. I sat down in my chair at my desk and took off my shirt.

“God I bet you’re already wearing your cock aren’t you? Gonna fuck me with it? You know I love that dick up my ass.”

“God you’re such a fucking slut aren’t you?”

“Just for that pussy and cock baby…”

Next thing I knew she was rubbing her pussy and begging for me to let her at least suck on the cock. I went to her and let her pull down my pants just enough so she could pull my girl cock out and suck it. God I swear she was so on the fucking edge. She was slurping it up like a whore. Then I grabbed her hair and started fucking her face.

I pulled away from her and she tried to follow the fucking cock. I pushed her back and grabbed the lube from the nightstand and put some on her asshole. I licked her ass and stuck just the tip of my finger inside.

Then I made her beg for it.

“God. Lex. Please just fucking do it already. Fuck my ass. I need it.”

“What do you need?”

“Your cock. God I need your fucking cock in my ass now.”

“You’re such a fucking slut you know that?”

“Yes, baby I know. Now fuck my ass please. I’m so close to wetting your sheets.”

I plunged my cock all the way in with one thrust. I spanked her ass while I was plowing into her. Called her a filthy slut. Her ass was such an amazing shade of red by the time I was done.

She came about five or six minutes into me fucking her. I grabbed onto her tits from the back. Twisted her nipples and made her come again five minutes later.

I pulled out of her ass. Turned her around and made her clean my cock. She sucked it so fucking hard. Then I pushed her back and fucked her dripping pussy.

“Yes baby! Please fuck my pussy so good with your cock! Fuck it!”

I pulled out of her ten minutes later right before both of us came again. I took off the strap and straddled her face. She ate me out until I came and covered her face with a tad bit of squirting.

I ate her pussy out after I came. Sucked her pussy lips. Fucked her with my tongue while my finger was up her ass. When I bit on her clit she came with a scream and legit wet my bed she was squirting so much.

I came up and smacked her lightly across the face. We both started laughing. We made out for a little bit. Her little naughty hands though…

Next thing I know our pussies are rubbing against each others….

Now when The Ex comes….she fucking comes. Her pussy was dripping all over the damn place. Of course that set me off again. Tribbing turns me on so fucking much I squirted all over her.

Which made her move her pussy even faster and harder…

Which led to both of us squirting again about ten minutes later…

We pretty much passed out after that…she sucked some of my squirt off of her fingers and licked up whatever she could off her and my body. I love it when she does that.

It’s like a slut bath. She loves it so much I don’t even have to tell her to “clean me up”.

She does it automatically.

Because she’s my slutty ex and she knows what I like.
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wow...just. fucking wow...